Joe Godsy Division
R Bar 16 2 .889 284 153
Spike Hill 13 4 .765 281 166
Reel2Reel 7 11 .389 179 265
Crown Vic 86ers 6 11 .353 189 266
Turkey's Nest 14 4 .778 284 173
Brooklyn Bowl 13 5 .722 214 155
Clemerica 6 12 .333 206 248
Gibson 1 17 .056 156 309
Joe Fashion Division
Good Co 14 4 .778 312 185
Black Betty 11 7 .611 215 196
Soft Spot 7 10 .412 200 208
Pete's 7 10 .412 171 199
3 Kings 10 8 .556 267 213
AT United 9 9 .500 211 177
Loggers 6 12 .333 202 277
Turkey's Teachers 2 16 .111 145 326


Labor Day Weekend - Aug 31

Last Week's Results

Week 18 - Aug 24
Clemerica13 @ Gibson 11
Brooklyn Bowl24 @ Turkey's Nest 14
Pete's10 @ Turkey's Teachers 9
Good Co6 @ Black Betty 10
Turkey's Teachers11 @ Loggers 33
3 Kings12 @ AT United 3
Crown Vic 86ers9 @ Reel2Reel 17
R Bar12 @ Spike Hill 10

Week 18- RECAP

August 26th, 2014

This Sunday marked the end of the regular season play (for some), capped with a kick ass party for the now former Candyman, Matt Abbott. 11am Fields #1 & #2: Battleship Bowl vs. Gibson’s Nest (Stryker) That’s right I’m combining these two 11am-ers into one recap due to lack of highlights from all teams involved. Also it’s been a long Read More>>

Week 18- PREVIEW

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 12.25.14 PM
August 21st, 2014

Before we begin, I’d like to officially invite you to WSL’s favorite bloke, Candyman Matt Abbott’s, fabulous retirement party! Sadly he’ll be leaving our community to head west, so say your goodbyes to him this Sunday at Rye Restaurant’s ‘Bar Below’ – 247 S. 1st St, from 5pm until wicked late. Now before you start whining that walking Read More>>

Week 17- RECAP

August 19th, 2014

If you love Dick Cakes, then you’ll loooooove our recaps! 11am Field #1: Soft Spot vs. Good Company (Stryker) I watched a bit of this game from under the tree on field 1 and it looked really weird.  It seemed as though the game was just one continuous play with both teams throwing the ball Read More>>

Week 17- PREVIEW

Cheer Up, Sad Sam!
August 14th, 2014

If you’re not too busy RSVPing to the WSL Golf Outing (poll closes Sunday night), then you have nothing better to do than peruse this week’s previews! 11am Field #1: Black Betty vs. Pete’s Candy Store (Stache) Damn!  Someone give those kids from the Candy Store a break!  Three straight 1-run losses?  That’s just cruel.  The Read More>>

Week 16- RECAP

August 12th, 2014

On the dry, dusty fields of McCarren Park, Sunday was a melting pot of (more) injuries, Sumo Bumpers and Twisters- or God’s way of saying “Kickball’s not a sport- get the fuck out!“ 11am Field #1: Gibson vs. Turkey’s Nest (WSL Superfan) No one could have predicted, that without Dream Date ™ and Heartthrob ® Dan Shafer to Read More>>

Week 16- PREVIEW

August 7th, 2014

 The time has come for all teams to return to their respective groups to finish out regular season play. Some teams will feel a welcome return, while others will try not have their standings sink any lower. Yes, I’m talking to you.   11am Field #1: Gibson vs. Turkey’s Nest (WSL Superfan) The Gibson looks Read More>>

Week 15- RECAP

August 5th, 2014

This Sunday featured 3 teams playing one game, 2 birthdays, and 0 upsets. Oh, and Godsy telling Graham, “I’m gonna tickle you till you piss yourself.” Sundays, amirite? 11am Field #1: AT United vs. Soft Spot (WSL Superfan) With both teams having 7-7 records, this was bound to be a great game. Like really great. Read More>>

Week 15- PREVIEW

breeze crop
July 31st, 2014

This Sunday marks the home stretch of regular season play and the beginning of August, so if you haven’t hooked up with that cute girl on your team yet…she’s just not into you, dude. August is apparently also “National Admit You’re Happy Month”. We’re not really sure how happy anyone will be if it actually Read More>>

Week 14- RECAP

July 29th, 2014

Week 14?! End of July already? How’d that happen? Time flies when you’re hitting bombs and getting bombed,  so enjoy our write-ups for a day filled with intrigue and injury.         11am Field #1: Gibson vs. RBar (WSL SUPERFAN) R Bar trailed 2-0 until the 2nd inning when they scored 5 runs Read More>>

Week 14- PREVIEW

July 24th, 2014

Some crazy squalls may be on the horizon this Sunday…weather and softball related.       11am Field #1: Gibson vs. R Bar (SUPERFAN) First on the docket is an epic showdown between a resurgent Gibson squad and the never say die league leading R Bar bums, who are coming off an big win against Read More>>