Joe Godsy Division
Parkview Scorpions 11 1 .917 196 82
McCarren Hotel Titans 7 5 .583 135 112
St. Anselm 6 5 .545 131 95
Turkey's Nest AT 4 8 .333 106 116
Parkview Suzies 10 1 .909 111 81
The Bedford Yetis 6 6 .500 119 173
Pete's Candy Store 5 7 .417 129 132
Turkey's Nest 1 11 .083 57 168
Joe Fashion Division
Gibson 9 3 .750 151 97
Roebling Sports Club 7 5 .583 145 116
Clems 5 6 .455 110 110
The Gutter 86ers 1 10 .091 75 179
Kilo Bravo 8 3 .727 133 76
Echo Bravo 8 3 .727 137 75
Loggers 4 8 .333 107 127
Carmine's Bombers 1 11 .083 82 185


Week 13 - Jul 10
11:00 Carmine's Bombers @ St. Anselm 1
Echo Bravo @ Parkview Scorpions 2
1:00 Turkey's Nest AT @ Kilo Bravo 1
Loggers @ McCarren Hotel Titans 2
3:00 The Gutter 86ers @ Turkey's Nest 1
Gibson @ Parkview Suzies 2
5:00 Clems @ Pete's Candy Store 1
Roebling Sports Club @ The Bedford Yetis 2

Last Week's Results

Week 12 - Jun 26
The Bedford Yetis19 @ The Gutter 86ers 13
Pete's Candy Store16 @ Roebling Sports Club 6
Turkey's Nest9 @ Gibson 10
Parkview Scorpions21 @ Carmine's Bombers 5
McCarren Hotel Titans10 @ Echo Bravo 11
Kilo Bravo15 @ St. Anselm 14
Parkview Suzies14 @ Clems 13
Turkey's Nest AT4 @ Loggers 9

Week 12- PREVIEW

Fri, Jun 26, 2015

Forecast for Sunday- FABULOUS.



Gibson @ 3 Kings ()

For a game featuring 2 teams going in equal and opposite directions this season, this one sure seems like it’s high stakes? Oh yeah, that’s because the Gibbys annihilated 3Ks last season to earn their first win since the Carter administration. It was certainly one of the leading stories of the 2014 season and that wound has never quite healed for Coach Nick and the Kings.

After a torrid start to the 2015 WSL season, Three Kings lost a weird, rain-shortened game last weekend to Enid’s. It was their 1st loss since week 1, so they’ll be looking to get back on track Sunday. The Gibson also lost last weekend, in a 13-11 squeaker to the Yeti’s. That marked the 5th straight loss for the beloved Gibs, who are letting a respectable start to the year slip away.

Perhaps the Gibson can follow up that 2014 win and prove it was no fluke? I know the Kings are not ready to let that happen, although I am pretty sure we weren’t last season either. Check out the early action on Field 1 this Sunday to see for yourself!

Clemerica @ The Bedford (Shortz)

Kelly will be without his Amazing Race partner, Bobby to face off with their former paramours, The Bedford. And according to my source who I ran into at Fushimi last night, the Battleship will be without Markow, DBA and Ryan. Some Clemericans are going to see Hall & Oates this weekend in a last ditch effort to get some subs…and to take in the wonder that is Daryl Hall’s hair.

With any hopes of rescheduling thwarted, The Clemericans are gearing up for battle while the always deep Bedford are just gearing up for another day at the office…if by office work you mean unofficial HR contests, stellar defense, and the crushing of softball dreams.

This sounds like one racy match up. I won’t predict a winner since the cards are seemingly against the Clemericans and they’ve never won against the Bedford. But I will predict bikini tops will be busted out for this one…because it’ll be hot out.



AT United @ Roebling Sports Club (Shortz)

Vinnie’s Vuvuzela stash.

I’m missing this one too!?! It’s amazing how filled your social calendar can get when you’re not playing softball. Like there’s a whole world outside of the WSL or something. While I’ll be taking in some New York soccer, my non-social teammates will be playing the rowdiest bunch in the league, AT United.

With near identical standings, this will either be a close game, or the vuvuzelas (I guarantee Vinnie has more than one) will get under the skin of my can’t catch a break, Remys. Guys- to help you win this week, try raiding the ATU craft services and pretend I made you those delicious cookies from scratch…because I totally did (winky face).

It’s sad knowing that my ATU best friends PeteMo (nope – he’ll be at Lauck’s wedding), Nate (nope – he has no knee), fine- just Frank will be heartbroken. Stay strong buddy- my cats and I will be there in spirit.

Turkey’s Nest @ Crown Vic 86ers (Homer Wadsworth)

Last fall, Holland threw all the chips in the air and had his full overlord talents realized as the league went into its first draft. Managers were created out of thin air and Shafer had his dreams come true with a great first round pick and the sneaker selection of the millennium with James Bartholomew Quiggs. If it weren’t for MalVP’s suggestion, who knows where Nachos would’ve ended up? Probably in the same position. It was fall ball, after all, and no one was paying attention.

This summer is different. The protege faces off against the mentor in this weekends Nest vs Vics matchup and the story of the discovered guy fighting his discoverer, ala Rocky V where he fights that wack ass bully in the street in front of his kid, who’s either cheering Rocky to win or to just survive. It’s his Dad for chrissakes!

Aaaaanyway….I heard Shaf is back and has self medicated his broken digit, and Los Turkey’s had a good win against a tough Godsy-d up Impose crew. They’ll have their work cut out for them when they run into Shaf’s Boy as he spoils all the eggs in the Nest and ruins the reunion.



Enids @ Turkey’s Teachers (Homer Wadsworth)

This Sunday the Pinks face off against Turkey’s Teachers and the battle for greatest edumactors will commence, reminding me of every Facebook graduation post I’ve seen in the last 10 days. It used to be your uncle would tape your graduation and shelf it for 20 years and maybe you’d get a few snaps of yourself lookin’ all young with long hair in your gown and hat rockin’ a soul patch. Now everyone’s filming the cap toss, first and last day photos….its crazy! What’s the point of even sleeping if I can’t show it or if you can’t see me….what’s the point of doing anything?

Back to softball.

The Dom’inator’ has been loving his Lady Pinks these past few weeks and it seems since Jen-10 married ‘Other Wally’ Mike V, she’s been tearing it up, hitting for power and for pop. ‘New Teach’ Tommy Talty has been racing from his precious Jersey Shore to make these games and so far, has made more games than he’s missed!! Will Captain Calvesmaaaan be out on the mound tanning his precious parts and doing soccer moves with a softball?

Haz and Co are emptying their lockers and doing their best to get the best squad out there week after week. I’ve been seeing their team on the sidelines, chomping at the bit to get into more innings, play more games and beat more teams. They even play with a baseball sometimes! Crazy! Andres and Nunez showed some fight last weekend against the Battleship, but came up short and lost by a bunch.

Expect the Teachers to put a scare into the Pinks but still get dismissed early.

R Bar @ Berry Park ()


Congrats to the WSL’s favorite granddad and surrogate father, Winston “Pops” Muentes, on leading his beloved Yetis to victory last Sunday. It was his 1st win as the recently minted manager of the squad and a much-needed boost to the team morale. Berry Park now occupies 3rd place in the Godsy North, moving a game ahead of TNT…yet still a long way behind the lead pack of 3 Kings and The Bedford.

On the docket for the Yetis this week are ‘Dem Bums’ from R Bar. After an unofficial finish to a washed out contest last weekend, they’ll be looking to get back to their winning ways this week. An increasingly healthy Bubbs has a couple of post-injury games under his belt now and has seemingly returned to form at the plate. That probably spells bad news for the Yetis, although they have a very athletic outfield that can cover some ground.

If there’s one thing I have learned over the years in the WSL, it’s that there are no guarantees. The records may lopsided in divergent directions, but I expect a competitive game from these 2 squads…if they play…since the forecast calls for rain all weekend (again)…meh.



The Runaways @ Impose (Shortz)

Dropping a few balls wouldn’t kill you, Impose.

The battle of some more teams with former monikers is upon us. Impose may have won in last’s season’s interleague play, but this year…they have even more of a chance for victory with no Matt Abbott, no Max, no Megan, and possibly no Sam on the Runaway’s bench- yikes.

When I think of the Runs, I think about what a painful season it’s been for them; losing their players, their home base, and most of their games. Week after week, lugging your orange gear to our busted up field only to come away with measly single-digits scores and terrible farmer’s tans. The losses must really turn your stomachs.

So to Impose- could you throw them a bone? I mean, we get it; you are a silent but deadly team, with mild mannered yet professional players like Palma, Pete, Olin, and Christian Lee Roth. Now, I’m not saying ‘throw the game, then come back to The Gibson where delicious Chocolate Banana Bread will be awaiting you’, because legally, I can’t. But maybe just forego your Saturday bed check at 9pm so you show up a little less on your game. You’ll still get in the playoffs. This could be our little secret.

Loggers @ Black Betty (Homer Wadsworth)

Al predicts another good day in Loggertown.

Last September, the Loggers were the WSL’s Cinderella team and made it to the second round to face a Black Betty squad on their way to a 9th straight title game. The editorial staff threw around a lot of simpleminded literal jokes….Loggers Run Into Betty Buzzsaw…..Betty Roll Loggers……yawn……none of which were very appealing headlines to Tony and Co. The Loggers are out for revenge.

Black Betty welcomes the return of The Commish this weekend and went 2-0 in his absence while he was kickin it with Yoshitoshi ABe. Expect WSL vet and savasana minded JB$ to be on the hill this weekend for the boys and girls in Black with Sweet Lou, ‘the over 40 Gnu’.

For the Loggers, none other than Mrs. Tony Basile should be back representing on the bump with his perfect arc and cat like reflexes on the mound. (wrawww! -catsound) Congratulations, on the nuptials, Basiles!!!! The Loggers are coming off a big win against Roebling where great defense on some timely hitting led them to a big win and a nice wedding present for Tony plus wifey. We’ll see if KP have another a great day at 2B, (P.S. She would’ve had the play of the game last week if the stupid umpire knew what the fuck he was doing out there), and if  rookie pitcher Jay Mort’ician’ can convert every Betty hitter into a walking cadaver like he did with the Remys.

Come to the 5pm game and see WTF happens!


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