Joe Godsy Division
Parkview Scorpions 6 1 .857 115 48
McCarren Hotel Titans 6 1 .857 96 60
St. Anselm 3 3 .500 73 53
Turkey's Nest AT 2 5 .286 50 64
Parkview Suzies 5 1 .833 55 42
The Bedford Yetis 3 4 .429 62 99
Pete's Candy Store 2 5 .286 73 77
Turkey's Nest 0 7 .000 20 101
Joe Fashion Division
Gibson 6 1 .857 89 44
Roebling Sports Club 5 2 .714 111 70
Clems 3 3 .500 63 56
The Gutter 86ers 1 5 .167 36 89
Kilo Bravo 4 2 .667 55 37
Echo Bravo 4 2 .667 69 44
Loggers 2 5 .286 58 83
Carmine's Bombers 1 6 .143 44 102


Week 08 - May 22
11:00 Parkview Scorpions @ Gibson 1
Loggers @ The Bedford Yetis 2
1:00 Pete's Candy Store @ Echo Bravo 1
Turkey's Nest @ Kilo Bravo 2
3:00 Carmine's Bombers @ Parkview Suzies 1
Turkey's Nest AT @ Clems 2
5:00 McCarren Hotel Titans @ The Gutter 86ers 1
St. Anselm @ Roebling Sports Club 2

Last Week's Results

Week 07 - May 15
Pete's Candy Store14 @ Turkey's Nest AT 11
Echo Bravo10 @ Roebling Sports Club 5
Loggers11 @ The Gutter 86ers 6
Carmine's Bombers5 @ Clems 12
Parkview Suzies7 @ McCarren Hotel Titans 17
The Bedford Yetis2 @ Parkview Scorpions 26
Kilo Bravo8 @ Gibson 9
Turkey's Nest0 @ St. Anselm 11

Week 8 – PREVIEW

Fri, May 29, 2015

Unless you were cleaning out your parents’ house (like me) you probably had a relaxing weekend off full of BBQs and Memorial Day sales. Y’all rested? Good. Because week 8 is going to rip your heads off.


Field #1: Crown Vic 86ers @ The Bedford (Homer Wadsworth)

Whoa! So many days without having to write anything! I forgot what the hell we were doing and now it feels like it’s starting all over again. As we enter Week 8 (EIGHT?!?!?!? Jebus!) after a whole weekend off from softball, we enter into the mid-section part of the season.

The Commish’s dream of league wide parity is kind of coming true: there are no undefeated teams and the competition is pretty stiff week to week as any team can pull of a win with the right mix of defense, hits, and drinks.

The Bedford return to the diamond to face the 86’ers this week and both teams are feeling aaaight at this point, hoping to make this a statement game. CrownVic lost their last one to the purging and scourging 3Kings team, but kept them inexplicably hitless for 4 innings! When asked about how his team was looking at this point, Al ‘Eeeeleven’ B said his team is “Slammin’, yo. Watch out, yo, ferreal! CrownVic be rollin’ on people.” He’s right! MalVP left the left side to the newbies and they are takin’ care of bidness! Also, teams have a tendency to come out swinging after games against the Kings so we shall see if the run production is up and if my theory that a spankin’ by the painted ones inspires teams to score more runs the following weekend.

As for the Bedfordians, they toyed with RSC last week and eventually Doug’s production took over the book and the squiggly lines all got filled in with runs. They even broke the fingers of the other team to show how business they were. O’Malley, after making a stink with his sweaty t-shirt, was informed that the rest of his team was given the wick-away sweat friendly kind at the start of the season and that he alone was stuck with the t shirt prototype. UnderArmour has since contacted Morgan who had MO’M flown out to Ireland for a fitting and through some league reps we hear he’ll be outfitted in UA’s finest sweat control gear for his next start on the hill.

Field #2: Roebling Sports Club @ 3 Kings (Shortz)

This week the Remy’s face off against my partner in writing crime, . After years of seldom playing each other, we faced of last season and the result was dismal…for us. (Cue video recap:

The Kings have been ruling the Godsy North so far this season, not losing a single game since week 1. The Remy’s, on the other hand, have been circling the drain of the Godsy South, like serfs begging for scraps. Okay, it’s not that bad, but we happen to be in a tough division now that Crown Vic has decided to make an effort.

In order to reverse our fortune this season, I need to think of something wild so I can go mano-a-mano with the exuberant Nick Price, but what? Facepaint is out as a lady never wants blemishes. Donning a wrestler persona is out as it brutality traumatized me in my youth until I finally realized it was staged…at 18. Sick tunes? I could play Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” on repeat, but really no one wins in that situation. Mark my words, Tomeo– I WILL THINK OF SOMETHING…MAYBE!


Field #1: The Runaways @ Enids (Shortz)

Last time these two met, the game was very close and was rife with injury. And even though Enid’s “looked like you were more ready to throw down a weed-scented afghan and sleep off your team’s collective hangover. It’s 5pm!”, they still managed to win.

This season Enid’s was on a tear, until they were issued their first ‘L’ against the rambunctious and possibly should-be-committed AT-eamsters. They are now extra rested from their 2 weeks off since they abandoned the league a fortnight ago to watch Mike V and 10-ifer get hitched. Now everyone’s going to cry “wedding” every time they can’t field a team (I kid- congrats you two!).

The “Runs” on the other hand, have been on a road trip through “Loserville” since their week 1 victory, but also aren’t still full from wedding cake. Plus if Sam’s team actually shows up on time and bring cleats for both feet, this could be and exciting game to watch.

Game day prediction? Sorry Sam, but this is going to be Enid’s game. I think losing to ATU was embarrassment enough and the Pinks will be coming out swinging, with an air of determination…and weed.

Field #2: Loggers @ R Bar (Homer Wadsworth)

Are we doing HomeRun totals still? Because if we are I think RBar would have like 4 guys in the running. Rich’s not-so-secret-when-he-hits-4-dingers-per-game-guy (John) probably has like 13 HRs at this point, and it seems no one in the OF has any clue this dude is about to put it over their heads. I think there’s some disbelief that a lineup that already includes Bobby, Bubbs and Josh has another spot like a land mine pitchers aren’t seeing and walking right over without a clue being blown up by runs. You can’t walk everyone, as Richie pointed out last weekend.

The Loggers have had some ups and downs this season, but in my opinion have been keeping up to the standard they left out on the field last season after their playoff run. The team has had 2 weekends off and we all know how hard it is to get back into softball after long breaks like this. I’m just kidding. It’s slow pitch softball. You’ll be fine. Craig sent into the league an awesome recap of the wedding that had its own WSL table (of course!) and during our last minute recap meeting, the senior editor on staff that night tossed the headline MIKE V WINS for the one that was eventually selected, HELLO I’M SUING YOU as a nod to the makers of the dangerous sumo wrestling getups and marriages everywhere.

Expect RBar to come out swinging and the Loggers to find their footing around the 4th inning as they put together a comeback of their own to make the middle innings close. RBar is cruising as they wait for the fallen HR champ, Bubbs, to get back on his feet and back out on the court—-err—-diamond. Get better Champ! Just not before my team plays you! OK? Cool.


Field #1: Clemerica @ AT United (Shortz)

Dreams can come true

This is going to be one crazy-ass game between two boisterous teams. There’ll be flags waving, Vuvuzelas blaring, plus we get to see Clemerica’s new GF, Condon get pitted against his ex-girlfriends, ATU (I’ll bring the wigs).

ATU is feeling pretty awesome after crushing the undefeated Pink Ladies, and are gearing up to rip the Battleship a new one. But guess what? Clemerica has also knocked out some heavy weights, including defending champs, Turkey’s Nest, so THEY’LL be gearing up to rip ATU a new one. Talk about a holy game!

Homer keeps whining about bringing back the “game of the week”. Well this is it! Not so much because it’s two powerhouses or fierce rivals, but because these kind of games remind us what the league used to be like before becoming an arms race.

Field #2: Gibson @ Turkey’s Nest ()

Did I just read that correctly? The defending WSL champs haven’t won in over a month? That has to be a mistake, right? The once stingy Nest defense seems to have gone missing recently, giving up 44 runs in the last couple of weeks. They are now sitting at a pedestrian 3-3 record on the season, staring directly at the upstart Gibson squad this weekend.

The Gibbys have been competitive most weeks, working their way to a 2-4 record on the year. Their defense is surrendering what seems like half as many runs as they were at this point in 2014. Consistency has been the issue, as the bats seem to show up on the same schedule as the G Train. They will look to put it all together on Sunday to take down the champs.

This has all the makings of a “worst beats first” story from an ABC After School Special. Sure it’s been a year since they were respectively first and worst, but just cut me some slack and go with it.

(Editors note: Grambo’s dad is in a very delicate state of health after a horrible motorcycle accident a few weeks ago. We ask anyone who can donate to please help by visiting this link:


Field #1: Berry Park @ Impose ()

It’s the final week of Godsy North vs Godsy South and Godsy himself will look to keep his Impose team atop his namesake division. The former Bowlers are backing up their strong showing in 2014 with an equally impressive 4-2 start to the 2015 season. Berry Park, on the other hand, has not looked too good out of the gate. Those lovable Yetis are 1-5 and haven’t won since opening day!

We all know about that league-best Impose defense, who are holding opponents under 7 runs per game. How about those bats, though? They seem to be hitting some sort of mid-season stride, winning by double digits in each of their last two games.

With Berry Park struggling to put runs on the board, this might not be the week that they break out of their season-long slump. Lord knows they could use it, after putting up a lone run in their last game. I certainly wouldn’t count them out though, as I have seen them heat up in a hurry…first hand! You should definitely stick around the park to drink more Big Buds and watch this late action on Field 1!

Field #2: Turkey’s Teachers @ Black Betty (Homer Wadsworth)

Usually around Memorial Day, Haz and Co are looking forward to cleaning out lockers, the summer days ahead playing, and not having to work on Mondays. Unless there still is summer school. They still have summer school? My editor asked: ‘can you quit it with the rhetoricals!?!?’ but I kinda wanna know. If they do, does everyone still think of Mark Harmon and Kirstie Ally and how fun it could be if you had to go hang out with them for a summer? I think this question is more pressing than the game on Sunday.

The Teachers have allowed a total amount of 128 runs this season so far. At this rate, they will have allowed 384 runs by years end and will easily make the playoffs.

They aren’t thinking playoffs right now but could use every incentive out there to feel better about themselves and their dismal 0-6 record. The Teachers did put together a close one against the 86ers only to have Jeff’s filthy walk-off hit end their dreams of win number one. Don’t say they don’t have anything to play for because they do…..Black Betty beware.

The Betty, on the other hand, felt a strong pimp hand against the Yetis last week and hit more HR’s in one game than they have all year. Chelsey Fitz (POTW#7) is out to show everyone in the league she means business and will do what she can to break the dreaded POTW curse like Doug has done every week since claiming the honor. Expect a lot of runs!

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