Joe Godsy Division
Parkview Scorpions 7 1 .875 131 61
McCarren Hotel Titans 7 1 .875 110 66
St. Anselm 3 4 .429 76 57
Turkey's Nest AT 2 6 .250 61 82
Parkview Suzies 6 1 .857 71 48
The Bedford Yetis 4 4 .500 73 109
Pete's Candy Store 2 6 .250 81 102
Turkey's Nest 0 8 .000 26 130
Joe Fashion Division
Gibson 6 2 .750 102 60
Roebling Sports Club 6 2 .750 115 73
Clems 4 3 .571 81 67
The Gutter 86ers 1 6 .143 42 103
Kilo Bravo 5 2 .714 84 43
Echo Bravo 5 2 .714 94 52
Loggers 2 6 .250 68 94
Carmine's Bombers 1 7 .125 50 118



Last Week's Results

Week 08 - May 22
Parkview Scorpions16 @ Gibson 13
Loggers10 @ The Bedford Yetis 11
Pete's Candy Store8 @ Echo Bravo 25
Turkey's Nest6 @ Kilo Bravo 29
Carmine's Bombers6 @ Parkview Suzies 16
Turkey's Nest AT11 @ Clems 18
McCarren Hotel Titans14 @ The Gutter 86ers 6
St. Anselm3 @ Roebling Sports Club 4

Week 14- PREVIEW

Thu, Jul 24, 2014

MLB RainBallSome crazy squalls may be on the horizon this Sunday…weather and softball related.





Field #1: Gibson vs. R Bar (SUPERFAN)

First on the docket is an epic showdown between a resurgent Gibson squad and the never say die league leading R Bar bums, who are coming off an big win against the Turkey’s Nest. Gibson was fortunate enough to draw R Bar on Field 1, with its 120 foot Right Field “tree porch” so expect R Bar’s gaggle of sinister (i.e. left handed) hitters to leave no leaf un-rustled, while Gibson hopes to bounce back this week with the return of Todd “My Tummy Huwwwts” Kovner, who apparently had a tummy ache last Sunday so he got some ice cream, but only after he cleaned his plate of Momma’s Home Fried Gruel (actually, Todd probably was deathly sick last week, so please realize that this was just imagineering at work, in the great tradition of Grass Valley Greg, who invented the delete key) – TOFUTTI BREAK!!!!

My sources tell me that R Bar was a bit banged up last week in their extra inning win, but the Bums have a deep bench and an even deeper resolve to make this their year. Meanwhile, Gibson has stocked up this year and Graham has the team rallied around the cry “BEEEER”. Will Gibson shock the world or will R Bar move one step closer to setting a rematch with the Gibby in Round 1 of the playoffs. Speaking of rallied around a cause, shouldn’t the Make a Wish Foundation really be the Make Another Wish Foundation? Because we all know what the first wish is, so go ahead and make another one. I think we know what yours is Gibson – now let’s see if you can make it a reality.

Field #2: Crown Vic 86ers vs. Clemerica (Stryker)

If there’s one thing the Battleship hates, it’s politicians! Always making rules about how old you have to be to buy guns, smokes and booze. Always spreading their lousy propaganda and lies just to get some extra runs…I mean votes. Well, we’re comin’ for ya Mayor Buttah! Clem’s is coming off a really strong win vs. those movie rental moguls Reel2Reel, and are really coming together as a team in preparation for the playoffs. Crown Vic officially owns Wythe Avenue after last week’s somewhat impressive win against the Bowlers, and have started putting up signs all over everyone’s front lawns as the prepare for Mayor Al’s run at the Governors office in September. The Battleship will pull out all the stops on this one, and are willing to bring down the Mayor’s run by slingin’ mud and putting up some very unfavorable commercials highlighting Mayor Al’s off field “lifestyle.” This is gonna be a tough game for both sides unless the Mayor’s staffers all get consciences and quit the Crown Vic political monster after realizing that Al’s main goal in office is to cut down all the trees and puppies in order to make more “affordable” housing for hipsters.


Field #1: Soft Spot vs. Turkey’s Teachers (Shortz)

Sure, these 2 two clubs are in the same division but is there a deeper connection? Well I combed through the interwebz (again), and found this tidbit. I came across an organization out in Japan that helps with foreign community living, made up of mainly teachers. Okay, not so remarkable, teacher associations are everywhere. But what do they call themselves? Yamanashi English Teachers International, or Y.E.T.I.

So I dug a little deeper and it turns out that after The Yetis lost to the Teachers last season (due to a controversial schedule change), both squads joined forces and relocated to Yamanashi in the off-season. Away from the grueling pace of the WSL schedule, they frequented Buddhist temple, Seihaku-ji, for reflection and started calling themselves “yetizens”. When they wanted to get their party on, they’d hook up with local professional wrestler, Jumbo Tsuruta- The Terror of Yamanashi. Those nights were WILD.

Slowly they returned to “the States” but with a calmer sense of self. This Japanese Zen proved troublesome for both squads as their respective seasons got off to a “not so Zen” start. Sadly, the Yeti’s cracked under the losing pressure and broke away from their Yetizen doctrine, (as indicated by their 3-week winning streak).

So let me tell you straight up- this game will be awkward. You’ll be able to cut through the tension with a Kyocera.

Field #2: Pete’s Candy Store vs. Loggers (Stache)

Logger Candy

Sounds Delicious!

If you’re looking at the schedule this week and circled the Pete’s vs. Loggers matchup, you’re probably playing on one of their teams…or you’re me, because I was assigned the game. I have a lot of love for both squads, but this one doesn’t have a whole lot of excitement surrounding it. I really searched for some story-lines, but nothing materialized.

After everyone disappeared in Week 12, Pete’s eventually found their way back to McCarren Park last Sunday. Well-rested and ready to rumble, they came away victorious against AT United in a nail-biter. Conversely, the Loggers faced off against a hot Good Co team and suffered another defeat, albeit by only a respectable 5 runs. This has been a tough season for the team in green, who are still searching for their 3rd win on the season.

Who is going to step up for this one? Pete’s rookie phenoms, Megan and Chad? Or Loggers vets, Tony and Al? Will it be an Orange Crush or a Double Axe Handle? I’ll be sitting on the sidelines watching this game, so please stop by and bring snacks!


Field #1: Black Betty vs. 3 Kings (Stache)

This game has its own logo.

One might’ve thought a late-season Black Betty vs. 3 Kings matchup would have a little more cachet? Both teams started the season strong, but it’s been a real struggle over the past month or so. The Bettys pulled themselves out of their own…ahem…black hole last week against the Teachers, while 3Ks lost another close one to the Yetis.

Regardless of record or current WSL standings, Black Betty publicist “Green Light” Belz is “Looking forward to the match-up with 3Ks.” He went on to add, “The Bettys have some revenge to exact from last season.” Mr. Belz is referring to Week 18 of the 2013 campaign, when 3Ks pulled off an 8-5 victory over the (then) defending champs to close out the regular season. During the ensuing Kings celebration, you know Mike Camarra had to throw some cold water on the moment. He emphatically shouted, “Now you have to do it in the playoffs!” Not phased, 3Ks “Mouth of the South” Nick Tomeo responded, “Never gonna happen…but we just beat you today!”

Word is that all of the Black Betty teammates are combining frequent flier miles to bring back Andy Becker once more for this contest, since he “Misses the WSL somethin’ fierce.” Apparently Missouri has made an impact on his dialect, as well as his WSL playoff eligibility?

Field #2: Good Co vs. AT United (Stryker)

Gone but not forgotten.United CoAT Good? Yes, yes it is. A united coat is always better than an un-united coat, and way better than a turncoat. I had a sweet coat when I was younger. It was a full zip Philadelphia Flyers starter jacket. Now mind you this is when the starter pullovers were all the rage, not full zips. I was way ahead of my time back then (it’s a shame that my fashion sense never progressed past that time period). I loved that jacket so much. One day, being the awesome son that I am, I accompanied my mother to the food store to help her with the groceries. I placed my jacket out of sight in the back of the car while we went inside. When we came back out of the store and opened the back of the car I was horrified to see that my precious starter jacket had been stolen!!! Nothing else in the car was touched, only my jacket. I have been scarred for life by that incident and have never found a coat that I loved as much as that one. Oh yeah, this game…should be a good one?


Field #1: Brooklyn Bowl vs. Spike Hill (SUPERFAN)

Morgan is noticeably absent #worstgraphicsever

Finishing up the day is Brooklyn Bowl who looks to take down Spike Hill for the first time at 5PM on Field 1. Spike Hill may have found their hitting stroke last week against the Gibson, but the suffocating defense of Brooklyn Bowl won’t give up runs so easy. If this ends up being a high scoring affair, Brooklyn Bowl will need to pull out the thunder sticks, which is also what Godsy calls his… never mind – forgot this is a family friendly site. Spike Hill will be without Morgan and apparently O’Malley (not that that matters, just an additional tidbit), so they may be ripe for the picking. But rumor has it that a chartered plane has just landed from the DR, so expect a lot of pre-game introductions and a team cheer of “Ganar en la cuenta de tres! Ganar!!!!!!” from the Spike Hill bench (just kidding O’Malley – everyone knows you guys are three deep at every position). Will the wily pitching styles of Pete “Funky Fresh Petey Pete” Hoffman baffle the Hillians and bring Bowl on step closer to the 3 seed, or will Silverman’s squad prevail? You know you will be drinking big buds at McCarren, so why not stick around and find out – this is the marquee matchup of the day.

Field #2: Turkey’s Nest vs. Reel2Reel (Shortz)

Regardless of Turkey’s stunning record of 10-3 (compared to our “garbage people” record of 5-8), WSL history indicates two evenly matched teams:

2011: Turkey’s Nest beats Reel2Reel in the elite 8 (then gets pummeled in the semis by Spike Hill).

2012: Reel2Reel beats Turkey’s nest in the elite 8 (then gets pummeled in the semis by Spike Hill).

2013: Reel2Reel beats Turkey’s Nest in regular season play (then gets pummeled the following week by Turkey’s Nest).

Pretty even, right? Well this Sunday will either confirm my theory of parity, or blow it completely out of the water. Here’s what I can predict: both teams will pummel many, many, many beers post-match at The Gibson.


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