Joe Godsy Division
Parkview Scorpions 7 1 .875 131 61
McCarren Hotel Titans 7 1 .875 110 66
St. Anselm 3 4 .429 76 57
Turkey's Nest AT 2 6 .250 61 82
Parkview Suzies 6 1 .857 71 48
The Bedford Yetis 4 4 .500 73 109
Pete's Candy Store 2 6 .250 81 102
Turkey's Nest 0 8 .000 26 130
Joe Fashion Division
Gibson 6 2 .750 102 60
Roebling Sports Club 6 2 .750 115 73
Clems 4 3 .571 81 67
The Gutter 86ers 1 6 .143 42 103
Kilo Bravo 5 2 .714 84 43
Echo Bravo 5 2 .714 94 52
Loggers 2 6 .250 68 94
Carmine's Bombers 1 7 .125 50 118



Last Week's Results

Week 08 - May 22
Parkview Scorpions16 @ Gibson 13
Loggers10 @ The Bedford Yetis 11
Pete's Candy Store8 @ Echo Bravo 25
Turkey's Nest6 @ Kilo Bravo 29
Carmine's Bombers6 @ Parkview Suzies 16
Turkey's Nest AT11 @ Clems 18
McCarren Hotel Titans14 @ The Gutter 86ers 6
St. Anselm3 @ Roebling Sports Club 4

Week 13- RECAP

Tue, Jul 22, 2014

Slam, Bam, Thank you, Uncle Sam. Week 13 is in the books.  Slides, Dives, and bitter high fives, and…yah, I”m done. Here”s your recaps:


Field #1: Turkey”s Teachers vs. Black Betty (Stache)

Kicking off the day on Field 1, we had the Teachers and Black Betty.  I can only imagine how many day drunks were going to emerge from this game, no matter the victor.

The Teachers looked ready to go in the 1st inning, plating 3 quick runs!  Unfortunately, those would be their only runs of the day.  Having recently dubbed the upcoming WSL off-season as “The Purge”, Teacher’s manager Haz has decided to pitch a different Teacher each inning next week.  If the “season of discontent” must go on, you might as well mix things up and see what you have, right?  Win or lose, there’s always big buds waiting back at the sponsor bar!

Pshh. Guys..I”ve been  back here LITERALLY the entire time

Black Betty had the troops marching to the orders of a newly-appointed skipper (and esteemed commish), Holland.  Leading by fear and example, H managed 4 hits of his own in this contest.  Things seemed back to normal for the Evil Empire, with Mike “Pig Pen” Camarra executing no less than 73 diving slides in the sandy McCarren dirt.  None was more epic than when Mike tagged up from 1B on a pop-up to the catcher, which resulted in a flurry of dusty errors and ended with a run in the scorebook.  I can’t be certain, but “Green Light” Kevin Belz was more than likely involved in the coaching portion of this play.

The action on the field was distinctly one-sided for the Bettys, who had to fill out their last spot in the lineup with birthday boy Adam Caccavale from R Bar.  I heard stories of a Becker and Adriana sighting, too.  Those current Missouri residents materialized in the park like a scene from Field of Dreams.  I don’t know if they actually laced ‘em up, but their presence seemed to bring comfort to the scuffling Black Betty season.  I hope it was a one-time only appearance though, since my squad has to face off with them next Sunday!

( Turkey”s Teachers- 3 / Black Betty- 16 )

Field #2: Loggers vs. Good Company (Shortz)

Continuity is my middle name, so I will also tell the recap in the world of Sweeney Todd.

Good Company

Loggers drank heavily on the evening prior,

With a full squad the next day they”d be on fire,

3 Pisnellis feautred in Sunday’s line up,

But their would-be win had one hiccup-

Good Company,

Due to their early season peak

Good Company,

Ended Shamkin”s batting streak

Though the Loggers came close, Hoo, hoo!

Winner was Good Company.


Though Loggers Al, Pisanelli and Craig went deep

They were outdone by likes of Tedesco and Tommy,

Let’s not forget, 10-ifer, who was sick at short,

All dreams to get on base she”d thwart.

Good Company,

Victorious winners

Good Company,

Eating Chicken dinners

With a side of Fingers (game), Hoo, hoo!

That’s Good Company.

( Loggers- 13 / Good Company- 18 )


Field #1: R Bar vs. Turkey”s Nest (WSL SUPER FAN)

Chicks dig America

I”m pretty sure I told you that this was the Marquee matchup, and it lived up to it.  Turkey’s Nest, sporting more patriotic accessories than Uncle Sam wrapped in 6 American flags, welcomed the return of their Mitchell “The Dream” Jones, who sat out last week with “a serious headache, plus I stayed up all night dropping Washingtons on the ladies”.

They fought back the whole game after going down 5-0 early to a barrage of RBar singles by Adam and Pete Shafer led the way for the Nest with his usual quiet dignity, pulling each Turk aside to let them know that they should contribute and just do their best. With Shafer, Jake and Mike leading the way, the Nest briefly grabbed the lead in the 8th. Chasing 4 in the top of the ninth, R Bar plated another 5 to take a 1 run lead, the go ahead run on a Jason Merhaut slide that got in just under the tag.

Turkey’s showed that they still had fight left in the bottom of the inning, pushing a run across with two outs to force extra innings. R Bar would not be denied, however, with Bobby leading off the 10th with a triple and Mikey Black scoring after an overthrow. Bubbs locked it down in the bottom of the inning and RBar stole the #1 overall seed from the Nest.

( RBar- 12 / Turkey”s Nest: 10 )

Field #2: Crown Vic 86ers vs. Brooklyn Bowl (Stryker)

I got it!

The Battle for Wythe Ave. has been decided! Crown Victoria was victorious in this match-up to see who had the better arena (not counting McCarren park obviously) for drinking and game playing.

The Bowlers were throwing gutter ball after gutter ball in the field, much like an 8 year old trying to throw the 20lb ball down the lane.  Their normally stout defense was not there this day, as the Rollers made a ton of bad throws and miscues in the field.

The 86-ers came out hard and fast and wouldn”t let up on BB, as their aggressive hitting and base running kept the Bowlers on their toes the whole game.  MalloryVP channeled that aggressive offense on the defensive side and made a ton of amazing plays at Short look as easy Derek Jeter (he”s such a slut).  The key to the game was a 5 run 4th inning for the 86ers that was powered by Soda, Q (who had a 2 run bomb), and Barnes. Crown Vic scored 3 in the 5th, as well, taking a 10-4 lead going into the 6th.

The Bowlers battled back to make it 10-7 in the 6th with nice hitting from Pat Snajder, Chad Ostrom and Jeff Carroll, who went 3 for 4 in the game. The Bowlers also got some support from Christian “I hate Sammy Hagar” Ver Halen, who went 3-5 with a double and Pete “Hassle the” Hoffman going 2-4 with 4 RBI”s. BKB got it to within two, but just couldn”t break through. The 86ers held on to this one and would get the W, even though BB scored 9 runs again (yep just made another 9 reference. I do it for the annoyance level now.)

( Crown Vic- 12 / Brookyln Bowl- 9 )


Field #1: Spike Hill vs. Gibson (Stryker)

The Lead-off Hustle!

“We hit a lot. I think we had 6 or 7 homers.  Alex, Doug, and Bobby smoked the ball. Good defense all around too. Gibson was down a couple players and could have played better, but I think we hit pretty well. They really didn”t after the first inning.”  -O”Malley

For the Gibbers, LA filled in for the vacationing Ado at 2nd and combined with Zach at 3rd for an awesome run down out. We call that a pickle in the biz.  Another key player for Gibson, Todd, was out with a mystery ailment that left the Gibson D scrambling in the outfield. Adrian had to lead-off and found a new respect for the spot as he had to hustle and slide his way around the bases all day, leaving him bruised and battered but earning him a 3-4 day at the plate.

I hated this game. I didn”t watch it, but I still hated it. It was at the same time as we played, so we had to stop several times because Spike Hill couldn”t do a better job at aiming their home runs and kept hitting it to the pitcher”s mound on casino our field.  I”m taking that personally.

Soooo… I guess I”ll talk about the other game that happened Sunday night, instead.  As Cujo and I got progressively drunker (maybe aggressively is a better word) after our delightful win against Shortz, we ran into two of our favorite WSL All-Stars, The Mitches from Turkeys Nest (I saw two of him). I was in a very “confused” state and must apologize to Mitch because I couldn”t come up with his name.  Alas, he forgave me and invite us to play pool at The Midway.  We went and it was the worst game of pool anyone could ever hope not to watch.  Then I went and got pizza. Not Soft Spot Pizza, just regular pizza. I will never forget our night together Mitch. I have also tattooed your name somewhere on my body so I will be sure never to make the same mistake again.

( Spike Hill- 30 / Gibson- 2 )

Field #2: Reel2Reel vs. Clemerica (Shortz)

The Reelers were feeling like their old selves again in the early stages of this match-up. At the dish, Hogan was oppo-basing like a boss (eventually going 5-6). Our new best friend, Julie was roping hit after hit (eventually matching Hogan’s OBP). And Sir Hits A Lot Millard, was going for the cycle (which he missed by a double but went 4-5 w/ a sac, 5 RBIs and a sexually charged tag-out at home with Stryker). The score was 12-5 us going into the 6th inning.

But then…

THE ENERGY CHANGED. Scholars will surmise it occured when Sam got severely injured sliding in to second, but we Reelers know the troof. As we retired to our permit-designated dugout after 5 innings of butt kicking, we noticed a man and his two boys sitting on our bench. When it was realized they didn’t know anyone on our team and the man was “just explaining how baseball works on this public bench”, they were kindly asked to leave our bench. The Father glared at Hogan for a moment too long and stormed off. Then Sam went down. Then we started sucking ass. That jerk cursed us.

We gave them 6 in the 6th and 10 in the 8th, thanks to stupid timely hits from DBA (4-5 W/ 2HRs), Handsome Harris (4-5) and Breeze (3-5), and our inability to field or throw the ball (mainly the latter). As we readied ourselves for a depressing top of the 9th, we slowly got our offensive groove back. Ryan scored. Then Hogan. Then Shawn. Then Julie. Then Tyler. With Phil at 3rd and Yours Truly on first, we saw a glimmer of hope. What followed was a fly out to RC, and the dashing of our hopes.

We bought a round for Clem’s after the game, but since they declined our invitation to guzzle beers at The Gibson (okay, only Stryker who told me to eat a dick…or maybe I told him that), we drank it ourselves.

( Reel2Reel- 18 / Clemerica-23 )


Field #1: 3 Kings vs. Soft Spot (Stache)

It paid off even more than usual to be lefty on Field 1 this week. Photo Op!

The late contest on Field 1 saw a couple of very evenly matched teams lock up.  The Yetis from Soft Spot and the crew from 3 Kings split their season series in 2013.  Both games last year were tight and all signs pointed to another great game here in 2014.  Would the WSL get treated some late-inning heroics again?  No doubt!

Soft Spot kicked off the scoring in the bottom of the first, after a big 2 out error opened the door for a flurry of base hits from Pizza & Co (Anthony and his nephews, Joey & Nicky).  The Yetis defense was stifling early, ending the first 2 innings with Dietz/Annie/Clemente double plays.  3Ks finally answered back with 3 of their own in the 4th inning, fueled by a Vinny Rossi solo shot and a couple of Chris Valerio RBIs.

Soft Spot took advantage of the 3Ks defense again in the 5th, to the tune of 4 runs.  After tacking on a few more, Soft Spot held a 10-4 lead heading into the 8th inning.  That’s when the Kings bats finally woke up, plating 6 to tie the score up at 10 on the back of Vinny’s second HR of the day.  Yeti skipper, Zak, quickly broke that deadlock in the bottom half of the inning with a 2-run, opposite field scorcher that the Kings would not have an answer for in the 9th.

Both teams now sit at 6-7 on the season, although heading in different directions.  The Kings haven’t tasted victory in over a month, while the Yetis are riding a 3 game winning streak.  Soft Spot looks to add to their winning ways against the struggling Teachers next week, while 3Ks is staring down at a Black Betty squad, fresh off a slumpbuster.  Tune in for Week 14 of WSL action, it never disappoints!

( 3 Kings- 10 / Soft Spot- 12 )

Field #2: AT United vs. Pete”s Candy Store (WSL SUPER FAN)


AT took on the legendary Pete’s Candy Store, with venerable veterans Matthew “The Brit”, Dom “The Godfather”, and Sam “The Beard” expecting to roll with their newly discovered hitting stroke and the return of Jimmy “Two Strikes” to the lineup (I made this up – no bullets were provided by either squad). 

AT was ready to small ball the Candy Store into the loss column, but Sam and crew were having none of it. In a tight match-up that Gerald used an off color metaphor to describe, AT and Pete’s battled to an almost stand still, with key plays by Billy and Justin on the AT side that were matched by Ian and Ed for Pete”s.  Neither side wanted to give in, but Pete’s pushed across the lead runner late and held on for a 1 run victory, giving a fitting farewell to Matthew and leaving all of us wondering who will be our “British friend” in the weeks ahead, because everyone should have to have one of those.

UPDATE: We finally got some points of interest from Coach Blue”s Clues, who was too busy jet-setting to meet our pesky deadline. He commented, “Pete”s scored 4 in each of the first 2 innings and then promptly put the game on cruise control. While Pete”s was asleep at the wheel, AT snuck back into the game. every single player on Pete”s made at least two fielding plays and (probably) had a hit – a true team effort.”


( ATU- 8 / Pete”s- 9 )

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