Joe Godsy Division
Parkview Scorpions 6 1 .857 115 48
McCarren Hotel Titans 6 1 .857 96 60
St. Anselm 3 3 .500 73 53
Turkey's Nest AT 2 5 .286 50 64
Parkview Suzies 5 1 .833 55 42
The Bedford Yetis 3 4 .429 62 99
Pete's Candy Store 2 5 .286 73 77
Turkey's Nest 0 7 .000 20 101
Joe Fashion Division
Gibson 6 1 .857 89 44
Roebling Sports Club 5 2 .714 111 70
Clems 3 3 .500 63 56
The Gutter 86ers 1 5 .167 36 89
Kilo Bravo 4 2 .667 55 37
Echo Bravo 4 2 .667 69 44
Loggers 2 5 .286 58 83
Carmine's Bombers 1 6 .143 44 102



Last Week's Results

Week 08 - May 22
Parkview Scorpions0 @ Gibson 0
Loggers0 @ The Bedford Yetis 0
Pete's Candy Store0 @ Echo Bravo 0
Turkey's Nest0 @ Kilo Bravo 0
Carmine's Bombers0 @ Parkview Suzies 0
Turkey's Nest AT0 @ Clems 0
McCarren Hotel Titans0 @ The Gutter 86ers 0
St. Anselm0 @ Roebling Sports Club 0


Tue, Apr 8, 2014

Out? Safe? Or just Awkward?

Legs no move…hurts sides to laugh….amirite? Time to take a break from tending to your sore muscles and accidental sunburns while we round up the highlights and lowlights of week 1. Sunday marked victorious day for away teams, holes in a couple of league rules, and being hungover by nightfall.

11 AM

Field #1: Spike Hill vs. RBar (‘Stache)

New uniforms pending

In what was predicted to be a barn-burner by both teams, the Bums went ahead and torched the defending champs from Spike Hill to the tune of 19-12. Rally inning after rally inning kept the score jumping the entire game, but the momentum kept finding it’s way back to blue. From what I hear, the newly christened Spike Nil (too soon?) did their best to live up to their lofty team goal of 0-18 in 2014.  Everyone makes the playoffs, right? When reached for comment, the always colorful Morgan exclaimed, “We’re so rusty, the only thing we gave RBar was tetanus!”  (I am such a big fan of self-deprecating humor!)

One person who wasn’t rusty was Steve “Bubbs” Connors, making his debut at 3B for the RBar.  Dude went off, dropping bombs all over the yard and ended the day with at least a hundred RBIs.  Cat’s out of the bag, Bums!  The “Bar” has been set in the Godsy North Division…and it has a big R stamped on it. Can’t wait to see the week 18 rematch of the…DUN Dun duh…CONSPIRACY SERIES! 

( Spike Hill 12 / RBar 19 )

Field #2: Reel 2 Reel vs. Crown Victoria (Shortz)

Slaters gonna Slate, Reelers gonna Reel

With six rookies starting, it seemed like name tags were needed in the Reeler dugout. But the unfamiliarity dissipated as soon we hit the field, resulting in Reel2Reel’s first opening day win since Saved by the Bell went off the air. The Reelers racked up 16 runs, 31 hits and 0 errors whilst playing (gasp!) 3 girls. Veteran shortstop Ope went 4-5, and our 5-5 rookies were Jaime Gerace and Shawn Andrew. He hit a 2-run blast a was a triple short of the cycle. Not good enough, Mr. London.

On the 86ers side, RF Justin Tesa hit a bomb and Mayor Buttah robbed Andrew Sir-Hits-A-Lot of a home run on the eve of his birthday (ya jerk). I’m just joshing with you, Eleven. It was a great game against a worthy opponent. We almost forgive you for trying to poach two of our former players…almost.

( Reel2Reel 16 / Crown Victoria 6 )


Field #1: AT United vs. 3 Kings (‘Stache)

An homage to the team’s new pee colored uniforms?

Writing your own recaps after a loss is the ultimate knife twist, especially when relying on G Slack to send you his side of the story.

With both squads donning some fresh threads, it was a perfect way to open up play in the Fashion South Division.   3 Kings showed up ready to go, putting together a huge 5 run inning in the bottom of the 1st.  Joe Tomeo led the early attack with a 3 run shot to left and 5 RBIs on the day, while SS Francesca Romano continued to dazzle with the glove for the Kings.  The Drunk Tankers came on late and grabbed a 2-run lead with 6 tallied in the top of the 8th.  In a 6 run inning, it’s safe to say everyone in yellow contributed, right?  Not to be outdone, 3 Kings snatched the lead back with a 4 run effort in the bottom half of the inning.  Down by 2 heading into the 9th, the ATs amassed another 5 spot and the Kings just didn’t have an answer to end the game.  No doubt 3Ks started strong, but AT United really finished, with homeruns from both Justin and G.  Apparently there’s some late-inning magic in that cooler?  Can’t ask for a better divisional battle than that on opening day!

( AT United 17 / 3 Kings 13 )
Field #2: Loggers vs. Turkey’s Teachers (Decker)

The Mean Green Logging Machine

TNT is dedicating the 2014 season to teammate, friend and pitcher extraordinaire, Matty “Mudd” McCabe, who lost a two-year battle with the big “C” two weeks before the season started, may he rest in peace.

The much improved Brooklyn Loggers rallied from behind to win 16-9 against divisional foe, Turkey’s Teachers, on the backs of ace Tony “rhymes with fusilli” Basile and sluggers Jeff X (2-4, 3 RBIs) and R.A. Dickey lookalike Jay Mort, Jr. (3-5, 4 RBIs).  The Pisanelli siblings, Brian and Kristen (Jen 10 who?) gave the Loggers stalwart defense and timely hitting.  TNT was lead by Shane “the architect” Neufeld, who hit his first home run of the season, and Miguel Yanez, who went 4-4 with two runs scored.  Miguel “the rook” Flores made his WSL debut for TNT and showed off his arm when he launched a throw from deep in the outfield well over the backstop. Kid’s got promise.

Down 8-4 in the bottom of the 4th, the Teachers plated 5 to take a 9-8 lead.  The score would stay that way until the top of the 9th when Mike Saris scared every passerby with his primal ‘splovies scream.  The newly motivated Loggers batted around adding 8 more runs to emerge victorious!

( Loggers 16 / Teachers 9 )


Field #1: Black Betty vs. Good Company (Decker)

Ladies and Gents- the 1st nap of the season

Black Betty toppled Good Co. with a great team effort and a little help from the trees.  The Betties got homeruns from JB “Lizard King” $, “Lumber” Jake Levine, Andrew “AK” Killian (x 2), and a grand slam from “Nice Guy” KevBelz that was preceded by a clutch 2-out line drive by GF, Chelsey (Get a room you two).

The aforementioned Lizard King pitched a stellar game, limiting the Pinks to only 8 runs.  Cesar “Cap’n Calfs” showed off his Plinko skills catching two balls that ricocheted off the tree in right field, each inciting a different rules interpretation. The ensuing challenges were handled masterfully by umpire Petemo, earning him at least one nomination as Ump of the Week. Wally’s play behind the dirt hill after the ball hit off the light post was easily the play of the game, but it wasn’t enough to take down the Mighty Blacks on opening day.

( Black Betty 16 / Good Company 8 )

Field #2: Soft Spot vs. Pete’s Candy Store (Stryker)

Sam turning his 1st of many triple plays this year

This game got off to a late start thanks to Coach Sam who came strolling across the fields carrying a tall boy (beer, not child) and wearing the tiniest cape I’ve ever seen.  He was trying to blame his tardiness on the game he was umping or something stupid, but I digress.

The Yetis kicked things off with a riveting rendition of the National Anthem, giving them fuel to jump to an 8-2 lead. Candy defector, Lynch-Mob smoked an RBI single in his first at-bat as a Yeti. “Casmere Pride” Dietz played exceptionally, as per the usual. And with WSL veteran pitcher Pizza on the mound, Pete’s never had a chance. Fran got the game ball for baking cupcakes, fueling the Yetis for next week.

As for Pete’s Highlights, I defer to the email exchange between myself and the Man With the Sweet tooth, Coach Sam.

Sam: Despite what you write about my game, I know what really happened. I started at Short, moved to left center and finished at Short, securing my position as the most, no – greatest – average player in the league.

Stryker: I’d like to point out this typo, Sam. You also played third at some point, a real triple threat you are.

Sam: Back to me. I knocked everything down and turned most every ball hit my way into an out. For three innings, every out went through my God graced hands (ladies, pay attention).  I wasn’t amazing, I was transcendent . . . transcendent.

Now when do I get to write for the site?

Stryker: You just did, Sam.

(Soft Spot 13 / Pete’s 6)


Field #1: Turkey’s Nest vs. Brooklyn Bowl (Shortz)

PB & J

I abandoned this game for a delicious cheeseburger from Two Doors Tavern, but I assure you all that it made my dreams come true.

This good old-fashioned slugfest remained even keeled until the 8th when the Nester’s tacked 5 runs onto a tied score of 18-18. It was rumored Coach Jordan Disco paired a triple with an English Professorial Tartan Scarf, causing quite a stir.

Clutch Bowl hitters Chad Ostrom, Sean Manning, Joel Duverge and Pat Snajder could not repeat their earlier inning magic. And despite some wacky cut-off maneuvers and base running by JL and Shafer’s side click, Peanut Butter & Jelly, the Nester’s prevailed.

Adding injury to insult, Bowler Pat Snajder had a nasty run in with a tree in LF. Tree : 1, Snajder : 0.

(Turkey’s Nest 23 / Brooklyn Bowl 18)

Field #2: Gibson vs. Clemerica (Stryker)

When reached for further comment, Clemerica had this to collectively say to the Press

Twas a beautiful opening day indeed!  I woke from my peaceful slumber early like a child on Christmas morn.  My presents? Coffee- 5 cups.  In my stocking? Coal, in the form of a 5pm game! Although the battleship requested the 11am spot, the scheduling gods did not comply.  Decided to kill some time and the caffeine jitters by grabbing lunch (a nice glass of white and yes, the fettuccini carbonara sounds perfect). And for dessert? A large marg, of course.  As I approached the park I could just smell the thick musk of the WSL.  Only 2 1/2 hours til game time.  As 5pm approached and The Gibsonites started gathering, the caffeine jitters were replaced by an uneasy anxiousness.  Is this the year of The Gibson?  New players,  new attitude,  new leadership in the form “A-Dos” Franco as co-captain while coach Graham is out of town
…we’re going to lose.  Gibson was bringing the thunder during BP and so was my stomach.  Maybe a heavy pasta dish with cream sauce was a bad choice?  Decided it would be best to numb all of these feelings with a 2nd large marg.

Clemerica started in the field and had a perfect game going thru 1 1/3 innings…and no longer.  The Battleship would fire the cannons first and went up 3-0.  The Gibson, however, would not be sunk without a fight and scored two.  Both defenses were stellar, with no errors coming from either infield.  Clems tacked on two more then 1 for the Gibber to make it 5-3.  Then it was Battleship full steam ahead for the rest of the day.

Breeze, in his first game back from blowing out his ACL rigging the mainsail, was 5 for 5,  legging out 5 infield singles.  It was like watching lightning in slow motion. Deckswabber DBA came out of retirement and went 5 for 5 with a homer and Tom Petty’s daughter Leia had 5 RBI’s.  Stryker’s core went yard (and also struck out horribly on 3 straight pitches) and Markow…… was walked 4 “unintentional” times. Some notable play from the new Gibson additions including Homers from Greg and Joe and all around great play from BostonShaun “Don’t call me Tina but Ill accept Ted” Turner struck out an unheard of 4 Clemericans!! What a day for him, great pitching!!! Two double plays turned by Dave “the Govna” Kovner and another 2 run homer from Alec.

Unfortunately The Gibson wouldn’t get their first win this day…but surely one day…

(Clemerica 17  / Gibson 5)

Great seeing old friends and old rivals this weekend. Let’s do it all again next week!


The New New Additions




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