Joe Godsy Division
Parkview Scorpions 17 4 .810 300 162
St. Anselm 11 9 .550 204 200
Clems 8 10 .444 182 178
Pete's Candy Store 6 12 .333 164 205
Roebling Sports Club 14 5 .737 225 162
Loggers 12 7 .632 247 185
Gibson 6 12 .333 172 236
AT All-Stars 6 12 .333 154 247
Joe Fashion Division
Echo Bravo 12 8 .600 246 173
The Gutter 86ers 9 9 .500 198 210
Turkey's Nest 5 13 .278 174 264
Carmine's Bombers 0 18 .000 114 318
Parkview Panthers 17 4 .810 289 196
Kilo Bravo 10 9 .526 261 229
Turkey's Nest Titans 9 9 .500 217 213
The Bedford Yetis 9 10 .474 231 200


Championship Sunday - Sep 26
11:00 St. Anselm @ Parkview Scorpions 1
Echo Bravo @ Parkview Panthers 2
3:00 Parkview Scorpions @ Parkview Panthers 2

Last Week's Results

Championship Sunday - Sep 26
St. Anselm4 @ Parkview Scorpions 9
Echo Bravo7 @ Parkview Panthers 9
Parkview Scorpions10 @ Parkview Panthers 5

Week 10 – Recap

Wed, Jun 27, 2012

Throw Back Jersey Day!!


It was throw-back weekend as the Field 2 teams tried to pay homage to their sponsors of yore. Pourhouse vs. Union Pool! Unfortunately, the Gibson doesn’t check their email before noon, but thanks to the Yetis for really showing their support of the idea. Soft Spot took an early lead with some opposite field action right from the start, and kept it. The Gibson tacked on a few to get within 4 runs mid game with help from a line drive crushed to right  by Todd that got through everybody for a 4 bagger. But in the end the Gibson just couldn’t break through the brick wall that was Jason Dietz and Baby-boy on the left side. Dietz has his puddle play down to science. It didn’t help that Winston had a hell of a day, short only a HR to hit for the cycle.

Field 1 got rolling first with Pete’s vs the Turkey’s Nest. Let’s give Sam the Recap of the Week spot since this just cracks me up! “Both teams were missing some of their best players; so, it came down to the regular joe’s to decide this game.  As things turned out, it was the regular ‘josey’s’ (or whatever the feminine of joe is) who decided this game.  The pete’s ladies (Polly and Christine) combined for four hits, three runs and four RBI’s in route to a 14 – 8 victory. Other things happened as well, but that’s the story i think you should run with.” Pete’s is tearing through the North and just one game out of first place in the south!


The throw back BBQ was just getting underway when Mendoza and 2nd Chance hit field one! This turned out to be a real nail biter, grinding to a fifth inning 1-1 tie. The 86ers broke it with a run in the 6th, only to have The Line steal it right back in the bottom to go up 3-2. 2nd Chance scored two more to lead in the7th, but then ran out of gas as Mendoza pulled off a strong final innings finish to take it 10-5.

Betty vs 3K – Heather Heat pitched again for Three Kings bringing the heat. Sponge Bob Becker went deep again and led the charge for the Betty. Both teams played well, but Black Betty was able to prevail 16-8. That’s all we remember.

So, this picture is only AMAZING!


The Loggers stepped right up to the Spike Hill challenge on field one scoring 5 runs in the first. Including a McCarren hop homer for Brian. SH, of course, had to bounce right back with another HR for Jake, an O’Malley triple, and the first of 6 RBI’s for Annie. Tied to end the 2nd, Spike Hill separated themselves from there on out. Highlights include Leo coming up with a laser from from BL Al near the right field pole to double up the runner back at 1B and another lady-bomb for Annie!

Good Co. Celebrating Their Victory!

Good Co! hand the southside leaders their first loss since week #7. Joe Fashion had this to say! “We loved this game. EJ back on the scene with solid 1B play. Sam on base all day. David and I solid. 10 RBI’s from the 3/4 hole, wally, joel, Rich coming through. 8(!) walks… Mike V with another pivotal HR. We had lots of production up and down the order.  And Shane had a wicked bare-handed grab at 3b.” Then they decided to sneak off to one of their awesome BBQ’s for some team bonding. Then got sick of each other and tried texting us all to come too late! They sent us an awesome party pic to really rub it in…even mini-Mike V (redundant?) was there! Also, you can thank that dude for filling in with the field work this past Sunday.

Clem's needs a win next week against the 3 Kings to avoid getting swept by the South!


Clems jumped out to an early two run lead to kick-off the 5PM play, but GTodd and old timer Watty went yard to take it right back early and kept widening it. Petemos 2 run dinger in the 6th gave R2R a comfortable lead until the top of the 8th, where Clems showed some life, with a HR of their own to cut it down to 9-6. But Clems hopes were dashed in the bottom of the inning with a laser show of base hits to put R2R up by 7. JD ‘Kidd’ Martinsen held the Battleship for the rest of the afternoon in his pitching debut with no walks, but Striker XXX from Clemmerica broke the WSL League record today for the longest “hang-time” pitch to date!! As he cocked back on his third pitch, Lauke was able to make a quick little trip to the throwback BBQ for a turkey burger and get back in the box just before the clincher left Strikers grip. Golden Glove for the day for the Clemmericans was Leih with a diving save and 2 doubles!

da boyz of Rbah!

Starting out a little late on Field 2, it wasn’t in the stars for AT this weekend. The RBar scored 4 in the top of the 1st. AT cut the lead in half with a two run homer by #18 Justin “The Stick” Moench, who went 5-5 on the day, to bottom out the inning. The Bums increased their lead to 8-2 in the 3rd with run-scoring singles by Bobby & Merhaut, only to have the All Stars again cut it in half. RBar then brought down the axe in the 5th with 5 more runs capped by Bobby’s 5th long ball of the season. Pitcher Teddy Browne and the Bum D also had a great day highlighted by Nate’s sweet double play and a diving stab by Merhaut. The Bums look to be in midseason form winning 5 of their last 6.

So, no games this weekend, but the commish is looking to get some of those rain-outs from Week#2 scheduled in. So, if you’re interested make sure you hurry up to get the best midday spots on your favorite field before AT reserves it for pick-up against the Hasids…Hahaha, that just never gets old! Speaking of AT, Gerald has been awarded the Guest Recap Duty for the July 8th games! So his is the ass to kiss if you want to be made fun of and/or embarrassed again on the site! You can send everything to me as normal and I will forward it to Gerald, since I send a lot of your HR leader board entries to Cesar, even though he never updates it.

That’s a rap.


Holland’s 2 Cents:

And now, I’m proud to bring you the game that is sweeping…no, SWIFFERING the Nation! Guess That Nipple!! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it’s the game where YOU at home, have the opportunity to guess the following nipples that made their appearance this Sunday. As many of you know, most players in the league have a tendency to flash nip after a few beers and we were lucky enough to be there for the exposure. We are hoping to continue this game well into the season or until this site become NSFW.

For our first contestant, this man (we can only hope it’s a male) shows us a one eyed beast that no woman would ever want to see approaching in the bedroom. Notice how the hair resembles a spider web as it wraps itself angrily around the udder. That’s wonderful! Who is sole owner of this teat?

Who does this Angry Nipple belong to??

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Our next contestant (unlike our previous one) sports a clean shaven, washed and lice free nipple that is not only perfectly symmetrical, it has been adorned with a piercing for both his and her pleasure. Who owns this happy nip?

Guess the owner of this happy nipple!

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We’ll reveal the owners later on this week and I’m sure we’ll have more to display in the future!! Thanks for playing, everyone!!


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