Joe Godsy Division
Parkview Scorpions 6 1 .857 115 48
McCarren Hotel Titans 6 1 .857 96 60
St. Anselm 3 3 .500 73 53
Turkey's Nest AT 2 5 .286 50 64
Parkview Suzies 5 1 .833 55 42
The Bedford Yetis 3 4 .429 62 99
Pete's Candy Store 2 5 .286 73 77
Turkey's Nest 0 7 .000 20 101
Joe Fashion Division
Gibson 6 1 .857 89 44
Roebling Sports Club 5 2 .714 111 70
Clems 3 3 .500 63 56
The Gutter 86ers 1 5 .167 36 89
Kilo Bravo 4 2 .667 55 37
Echo Bravo 4 2 .667 69 44
Loggers 2 5 .286 58 83
Carmine's Bombers 1 6 .143 44 102


Week 08 - May 22
11:00 Parkview Scorpions @ Gibson 1
Loggers @ The Bedford Yetis 2
1:00 Pete's Candy Store @ Echo Bravo 1
Turkey's Nest @ Kilo Bravo 2
3:00 Carmine's Bombers @ Parkview Suzies 1
Turkey's Nest AT @ Clems 2
5:00 McCarren Hotel Titans @ The Gutter 86ers 1
St. Anselm @ Roebling Sports Club 2

Last Week's Results

Week 07 - May 15
Pete's Candy Store14 @ Turkey's Nest AT 11
Echo Bravo10 @ Roebling Sports Club 5
Loggers11 @ The Gutter 86ers 6
Carmine's Bombers5 @ Clems 12
Parkview Suzies7 @ McCarren Hotel Titans 17
The Bedford Yetis2 @ Parkview Scorpions 26
Kilo Bravo8 @ Gibson 9
Turkey's Nest0 @ St. Anselm 11

Week One – Recap

Wed, Apr 18, 2012

Have you seen this turkey?

By: Carly Kaminski

I honestly don’t remember a single Opening Day with weather as sweet as we had this Sunday, but let’s get to the question we all really wanted answered after this weekend…Where the Hell is JORDISCO?? We’ve found his old Wednesday Night Lights tee-shirt and John Louis has sniffed it out and he, Godsy and Shafer are hot on his trail. We’ll get him back, people! Stay tuned for update tweets from those three on Shafer’s new iPad!!

11AM (sorta)
Good Co. showed they aint messin’ around this season and took the opener away from

Fashion tallying up rookie RBI’s.*Insert maniacal laugh.

Reel 2 Reel with an impressive outing from both their new rookies! Cesar went 4-for-4 with 6 RBIs – including a massive 3 run bomb to earn his first entry onto the WSL 2012 HR Leader Board, before Wally promptly traded that bat. But lets not fail to mention the other new pinkie Shane who hit a home run into right-center in his first ever WSL at bat, which he nearly missed while on a bodega run for the senior members of the team who needed “refreshments” to focus. The rest of the Co. banged out a shitload of singles. Joe F played a fancy 2B, and Sam T put the lefties in their place in Right. Up 12-4 in the bottom of the 9th, R2R gave Good Co. a scare with a legit 5 run rally, bringing the game tying run to the plate, but Good Co. managed to hold ‘em and walk away with the win… all the way to the big tree.

Wiggins had his 1st 2012 HR stolen by a light post and had to settle for a triple

Over on field one Clems drops Logs and lands in first place in the South for the first time ever! AND it looks like SS Markowski batted in two HR’s to take control of the Home Run Leader board in his first start off the DL in 3 his past 5 seasons in the league!

The new A/T All Stars make their 2nd year debut by outshining the Gibson in a close game on field two. The Gibson out hit AT, but AT played seriously solid defense and kept it close to record their first W with 16 runs scored giving them the first seat in their new division. Shout out to K2 of the Gibson who had a strong outing at short and went 4 for 5, and to GStar (formerly GBlack) who earned two doubles and a sac at his 5 at bats.

As soon as Winnie catches his breath we’ll deliver his statement on this opening day feat

Flipping back to field one, The Yeti’s came out sizzling against a newly shuffled RBar team, with big home runs from a couple of old timers. Toolan enters the HR leader board in week one this year along with Muentez…but if you’re thinking Baby-Boy you better check yourself, ‘cause his Pop’s Winston blasted a “C-YA!” deep to LF to make me retract that retirement joke in my opening statements. RBar got it together and locked it down after the 5th only allowing one run the rest of the day, as usual RBar starts the season lite on Offense, but watch out once they get to mid-season form.

DLo lands at RBar in biggest off-season deal since Toolan went to UP


Mendoza had a strong outing in the 3PM slot against the Black Betty Clan with 4 HR’s to lead the new HR Team Contest for team bragging rights in 2012! The ‘Doza boys racked up an amazing 4HR’s to kick off the season. Unfortunately, the first injury of the season goes to Black Betty-Boy JB$, one of the top players on the league hands down. JB has pitched more winning games than you’ve probably played games, and we hope that he makes a speedy recovery. He’s listed as week-to-week. The Commish also had a big scare with a teammate in search of a fly ball that took him down, but

The Commish finished the game, but after x-rays lands on the 15-day DL.

not out and Mendoza still stole the opening day from Black Betty for the 2nd year straight.

Over on field one, The Champs rallied back to the park to face the Nest and took a nice 5 run lead by the 4th, but had to have a pitcher change to get O’Malley out of trouble with the bases loaded in the 5th. Then Powell snagged a line drive and hosed the tag-up at the plate for the double-play of the week! The Nest rallied and finished the 7th inning just two down on Spike Hill. Shafer and Zak had clutch days at the plate and racked up some RBI’s, but the Champs roll!.

You’d think that we’d be talking about who’s got game and predictions on what’s going down this season at this point, but as the 5O’Clock clubs rolled in all we could gush on about was the opening of that Guru Burger place on Berry that has some blue cheese shit going on and the new little stuffed pretzel stand at the park entrance. Lucky for you all, I got so many good pictures, that I don’t have to use the ones of you embarrassingly shoving these items into your face!

In the last games of the day, Team Manager, Hazman of TNT get’s the recap of the week spot for sharing a beer with me at The Nest before a big win against Petes. (and kinda because, who the hell are these people?) “Trailing the whole time team TNT finally tied the game 7-7 in the bottom of the 8th. Led by Trish Pjufer and Kristen Wulf, who both singled to start a 3 run rally. In the ninth, team manager Haz Khawaja(ME!), came into pitch and held PCS scoreless allowing Andre Rivera to win the game for The Teachers in the bottom of the ninth driving in Tristan Schwartzman from third on a sac fly to right. 8-7 Final.” Sounds like the TNT ladies deserve a big round of applause! Also, Sam from Pete’s earned UMP of the week in the previous game, with a shout-out from O’Malley for his consistency on strike zone calls. Sam wanted to add that Matt Abbott, the Sweet Candystore Pitcher, took at least five come-backers off his body in this 5PM game against TNT! You think you’re sore…

Over on Field 1, Three Kings and Second Chance faced off in an intense opener that went into extra innings. Three Kings had their bats going with four returning members of the 2011 Home Run leader board making appearances at the plate, but the 86ers outfielders kept appearing under the ball! The further Kings hit it…the more effort they saw from the Second Chance outfielders. After going two scoreless extra innings, Jeff Bucky hit the game winning run in with runners on first and third and 2nd Chance has an opportunity to live up to their name next weekend.

So there we have it. Week #1 is in the books and…hold on…we just got word…Shafer left his iPad on the G train and not only do we have no idea where Jordan might be, but now we’ve lost the location of the trackers!! Last heard they were riding a lead that Jordan may be trying to retire with his beard and cut-offs on Coney Island…Oh man, I hope they don’t have a beer garden. Let’s hope for the L train to be running this weekend to get the boys all back in time for Week#2 to do the lines!

– Carly


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