Joe Godsy Division
Parkview Scorpions 17 4 .810 300 162
St. Anselm 11 9 .550 204 200
Clems 8 10 .444 182 178
Pete's Candy Store 6 12 .333 164 205
Roebling Sports Club 14 5 .737 225 162
Loggers 12 7 .632 247 185
Gibson 6 12 .333 172 236
AT All-Stars 6 12 .333 154 247
Joe Fashion Division
Echo Bravo 12 8 .600 246 173
The Gutter 86ers 9 9 .500 198 210
Turkey's Nest 5 13 .278 174 264
Carmine's Bombers 0 18 .000 114 318
Parkview Panthers 17 4 .810 289 196
Kilo Bravo 10 9 .526 261 229
Turkey's Nest Titans 9 9 .500 217 213
The Bedford Yetis 9 10 .474 231 200


Week 1 - Jan 23

Last Week's Results


Week 21 – Preview

Fri, Aug 12, 2011


By Carly & Holland

Well, here we are, 21 Weeks later after the first week of games, and what a year it’s been. So much has happened, so many games have been played and next week we’ll have for you the Regular Season End of Year Wrap Up, but until then, let’s jump right into the Week 21 Preview!

So, we finally get to play our rain out teams from week#7 and… wait what was that?? 70% Chance of rain this weekend?! Figures.

The Nest is still gunning for that number one play-off spot in the North and this week they’ve got the Gibson. Both them and Spike Hill give up an average of 9 to 10 runs per game, so this should be interesting.

Pete’s, the guys we were all rooting for, are not making the play-offs this year. BOOOOOO! Black Betty is. Surprise! Surprise! (Come on, still no BBQ??) I’m sure The Candystore will give them a hell of a game anyway, well, unless it rains then just come on down and listen to Holland crying on the bench over on Field #1. (Editor’s Note: If it does rain this weekend, that means everyone’s team that didn’t make the playoffs, your season ended on August 7th… over… on the 7th of August… over a month earlier than last year… just let that marinate for a bit. Thanks.)

Mendoza needs a win to assure they stay in 2nd place, let’s see what they got against AT. AT can’t really get any higher in the standings (oh but they can always get higher!) but this should be a good game and a possible playoff preview match-up!

Over on Field 2, it’s Good Co @ 2nd Chance. Yeah… sooooo. Good Co is in 1st place for league parties!!! HOORay! And 2nd Chance is in the lead for Banana Sayings (we’re really reaching over here this week for this game). Well, not much to say about this game other than Good Co needs to work out some kinks and get into the playoffs with an over .500 record and 2nd Chance needs to see if they can keep their RA under 300 for the year. We’ll see!

If it is still not raining by 3PM, then Clems gets their shot at RBar. Let’s face it. Clem’s is the Game of The Week from now until season end, they’re just that awesome (and to show how awesome they are, here is a video of awesome things!). RBar is looking pretty solid in that 3rd place South spot, but they could move up with a win and a ‘Doza loss. RBar beat Mendoza in both of their match-ups this season, so this is a big game for the Bums.

On Field 2, get there early to see the Spike Hill rain dance, but if they do play their catcher is really going to have her work cut out for her against The Loggers.

The Turkey’s Teachers strut their stuff against the Yeti’s. Soft Spot needs to get it together, someone tell them it’s almost playoff time, please! With a Yeti win and an Rbar loss, the Yeti’s will get out of the first round and advance to the semi’s, so there’s lots of movement that can happen this week.

And Reel 2 Reel will finally get their shot at the new 3Kings, the site predicted winners of it all! With a combined 5 players on the Home Run Leader Board this should be a real bombfest. So, hide your kids and grandma’s, cause bombs are gonna be dropping all day.

I’m off this weekend! Send your recaps, including pictures or videos to H!

Good Luck!!

– Carly & H

Danielle LoVaglio (DLo) lost her arm band that she’d had since college. It’s very dear to her, heck, it’s very dear to all of us. If you happen to see it, it’s a Navy blue arm band with white lettering that says “D-Lo, #12” on it, please return it, or tell us who is wearing it so we can collectively kick their ass. Thanks!


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