Joe Godsy Division
Parkview Scorpions 7 1 .875 131 61
McCarren Hotel Titans 7 1 .875 110 66
St. Anselm 3 4 .429 76 57
Turkey's Nest AT 2 6 .250 61 82
Parkview Suzies 6 1 .857 71 48
The Bedford Yetis 4 4 .500 73 109
Pete's Candy Store 2 6 .250 81 102
Turkey's Nest 0 8 .000 26 130
Joe Fashion Division
Gibson 6 2 .750 102 60
Roebling Sports Club 6 2 .750 115 73
Clems 4 3 .571 81 67
The Gutter 86ers 1 6 .143 42 103
Kilo Bravo 5 2 .714 84 43
Echo Bravo 5 2 .714 94 52
Loggers 2 6 .250 68 94
Carmine's Bombers 1 7 .125 50 118



Last Week's Results

Week 08 - May 22
Parkview Scorpions16 @ Gibson 13
Loggers10 @ The Bedford Yetis 11
Pete's Candy Store8 @ Echo Bravo 25
Turkey's Nest6 @ Kilo Bravo 29
Carmine's Bombers6 @ Parkview Suzies 16
Turkey's Nest AT11 @ Clems 18
McCarren Hotel Titans14 @ The Gutter 86ers 6
St. Anselm3 @ Roebling Sports Club 4

Week 19 – Recap

Tue, Aug 2, 2011

Reunion Day for Pete's

To extend or not to extend that was the question. 70+ email’s later the extension doesn’t matter and the playoff schedule is back to the original format. BOOOOO! No rain-out make-ups and the championship finishes up on the 28th of August. Godsy, thanks for all of your battling with the park’s department and all of us, to try and make as many of us happy as possible once again this season!! You are irreplaceable!! Holland is busy creating a cool playoff schedule for Thursday’s preview!

11AM Southside match-ups.
Pete’s jumped out early on a HR by Sam, but The Rbar would go on to tie the game on homers by Mikey Black and Slappy Knapp’s 11th homer of the year!!  In the bottom of the fourth, Pete’s took the lead and held it through the 8th, until The Bums rallied in the top of the ninth to take a one run lead. Pete’s, not wanting to get off the field as usual, tied it up with a two out single hogging the field with extra innings once again! After a quiet 10th, RBar led off the 11th with three runs scored, highlighted by Nate and Slappy’s third hit of the game. Bum Teddy Browne then retired the first three Candymen to bump RBar up to 4th place in the South!

On Field 2 The All Stars really shined over The Turkey’s Teachers and they have a one game lead over Pete’s in the race for the last South Side play-off spot. 30-7 Final. Ouch.

1PM Northside match-ups
Reel 2 Reel and two guys in camo played the Gibson…yeah we saw you! The Gibson give up another one 19-11. Hey! That’s respectable!! Reel 2 Reel stands firm in 3rd place in the North. You know, we should give out a prize for last place in this league, too! I’ll get started on a managers email to vote on it.

On Field one, Good Co recruits the new, less bizarre, AndyMac and sends a buzz across the park. After being instructed to call everyone a “douche bag” and to always, under any circumstance, swing on the first pitch he settled right into his pinky place! Next week look for him hanging out on the Logger’s bench after umping the Gibson game. Could he be their new lucky charm? The Pinks beat the Loggers by three and close in on 3 Kings for that #4 spot.

The Nest over 3 Kings 22-6. The recap is lost somewhere in Jordan’s beard.

This brings us to the Game of the Week! It was close the whole way…in fact, it was 9-6 for what seemed like forever and that’s how it ended. Soft Spot’s 4 game division winning streak once again gets cut short by ‘Doza this season and the Yeti’s fall to 4th place in a tie with RBar in the South. Shout outs go to Ape who was all over the right side of the infield for the Yeti’s, including two amazing line drive catches, not to mention, a ribby! For Mendoza, Pat had a huge day in right field with even a catch ON the worst placed park bench in history on field 1, and Jay and Nate both had a hellofaday at the plate! Melissa wins best girl-sub of the game with a sneaky pop-up scoop at catcher helping ‘Doza hold onto that one game lead in the 2 spot!

Spike Hill was no joke in their 22 run win over 2nd Chance.

They Pulled It Off!!

But then…yes…you heard it correctly, Clems confused the hell out of The Betties and the rest of us as we were constantly unsure of the score, the inning, and everything else. We were all confused until hands were being slapped, that is! But we all know the outcome by now and it’s: “Our Name Ain’t The ClemeriCant’s” 21 – Black “Mother F***in'” Betty 20! Wow. Breeze earns the Recap of the Week spot:

“Clemerica wins one for Dez!!! The battleship sailed off into the sunset and docked back home at Clems with champagne and the victory ball!!! Wiggans and T.Drake both hit grand salamis to help sink the Betty’s boat. Even the Ted Williams shift couldn’t stop Breeze, after a swinging strike-out, that is (never got a postgame handshake for that either)… Everyone run home quick! The Clemericans victory pillage is about to begin!”

Hope Jesse Ballgame feels better, he took two balls in the mouth! (Haha…i made a joke!)

– Carly


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