The Runaways

Captain: Rio –
Championships: 2001

The Runaways have been fielding a team since the inception of the Williamsburg Softball League.  In those primordial years, before umpires, smoking bans, gentrification, sun bathing hordes and gloves became the norm, this squad played under the name, Pete’s, winning it all in 2001.  Both this team and the League have evolved from the archaic trappings of that beloved but now fossilized era.  Like the WSL, The Runaways benefit from the strength of their roots but now turn to the leaves of new growth.

Schedule & Results

Week 1 Mar 31@ Turkey's Nest3:00 PM Field 2
Week 2 Apr 07Loggers3:00 PM Field 2
Week 3 Apr 14Clems11:00 AM Field 1
Week 4 Apr 28@ Pete's Candy Store5:00 PM Field 2
Week 5 May 05Parkview Scorpions1:00 PM Field 2
Week 6 May 12@ Roebling Sports Club1:00 PM Field 2
Week 7 May 19Kilo Bravo1:00 PM Field 1
Week 8 Jun 02@ The Gutter 86ers3:00 PM Field 1
Week 9 Jun 09@ AT All-Stars3:00 PM Field 2
Week 10 Jun 16@ The Craic1:00 PM Field 1
Week 11 Jun 23@ St. Anselm11:00 AM Field 1
Week 12 Jun 30The Bedford Yetis1:00 PM Field 1
Week 13 Jul 14R Bar11:00 AM Field 1
Week 14 Jul 21Gibson5:00 PM Field 1
Week 15 Jul 28Turkey's Teachers11:00 AM Field 2
Week 16 Aug 04@ Clems5:00 PM Field 2
Week 17 Aug 11@ Loggers3:00 PM Field 2
Week 18 Aug 18Turkey's Nest3:00 PM Field 1