Parkview Scorpions

Captains: Holland Cowger
Motto: There’s Only One Black Betty!
Championships: 2021, 2012, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006

Black Betty was one of the original teams of the Williamsburg Softball League when it was formed back in 2000. During its first years, the team did not have much success.
In the off-season of 2005, Mike Camarra and Dave Pretto were named Co-Managers of the team and went about building what would soon become a dynasty in the WSL.
They added JB$, along with a couple more key additions like H, Belz and Becker, and from that point the team has shrouded the league in Blackness. With lockdown defense, timely hitting, passionate playing and managing, Black Betty has won the last five championships in a row beginning in 2006.
As the league has gotten better and better, 2011 turned out to be the year for Spike Hill, who rose up and vanquished the champions.
However, Black Betty was able to storm back and recapture their glory, defeating Spike Hill in the championship in 2012 and once again regain their title as WSL Champs.
Order has been restored…until a new order was formed. One that was meant to defeat the defenders of righteousness and justice. Over the course of 2006 – 2016 they went to the Championship 10 times, but won only six. Since 2017 the Betty had not even gotten out of the second round and times were tough.
Until a veil was lifted and a new era was born. The Black Betty had now been transformed into The Scorpions and a resurgence began. 
They took 2021 by storm and won the championship!


Schedule & Results

Week 01 Mar 27@ McCarren Hotel Titans1:00 PM Field 1 W 18 - 3
Week 02 Apr 03@ Turkey's Nest AT5:00 PM Field 1 W 16 - 7
Week 03 Apr 10St. Anselm3:00 PM Field 2 W 15 - 11
Week 04 Apr 24Pete's Candy Store11:00 AM Field 2 W 7 - 6
Week 05 May 01@ Parkview Suzies11:00 AM Field 1 L 10 - 14
Week 06 May 08@ Turkey's Nest5:00 PM Field 1 W 23 - 5
Week 07 May 15The Bedford Yetis3:00 PM Field 2 W 26 - 2
Week 08 May 22@ Gibson11:00 AM Field 1
Week 09 Jun 05Roebling Sports Club11:00 AM Field 1
Week 10 Jun 12The Gutter 86ers5:00 PM Field 2
Week 11 Jun 19@ Clems11:00 AM Field 2
Week 12 Jun 26@ Carmine's Bombers1:00 PM Field 2
Week 13 Jul 10Echo Bravo11:00 AM Field 2
Week 14 Jul 17@ Loggers11:00 AM Field 1
Week 15 Jul 24Kilo Bravo1:00 PM Field 2
Week 16 Jul 31@ St. Anselm11:00 AM Field 1
Week 17 Aug 07Turkey's Nest AT1:00 PM Field 2
Week 18 Aug 14McCarren Hotel Titans5:00 PM Field 1