Joe Godsy Division
Turkey's Nest 3 0 1.000 36 26
Roebling Sports Club 2 1 .667 27 20
Spike Hill 1 2 .333 41 49
AT All-Stars 0 3 .000 31 40
Gibson 3 0 1.000 47 34
St. Anselm 2 1 .667 36 17
R Bar 1 2 .333 20 35
A Bar Runaways 0 3 .000 17 34
Joe Fashion Division
The Bedford Yetis 2 1 .667 41 47
Clems 2 1 .667 29 26
Loggers 2 1 .667 35 25
The Gutter 86ers 0 3 .000 36 43
3 Kings 2 1 .667 59 26
Kilo Bravo 2 1 .667 41 33
Parkview Scorpions 2 1 .667 37 40
Turkey's Teachers 0 3 .000 31 69


Week 4 - Apr 29
11:00 Roebling Sports Club @ R Bar 1
Turkey's Nest @ St. Anselm 2
1:00 AT All-Stars @ Gibson 1
Loggers @ Turkey's Teachers 2
3:00 Spike Hill @ A Bar Runaways 1
The Bedford Yetis @ Kilo Bravo 2
5:00 Clems @ Parkview Scorpions 1
The Gutter 86ers @ 3 Kings 2

Last Week's Results

Week 3 - Apr 22
The Gutter 86ers4 @ Loggers 5
Spike Hill16 @ AT All-Stars 14
Clems5 @ The Bedford Yetis 6
Parkview Scorpions6 @ 3 Kings 21
Kilo Bravo22 @ Turkey's Teachers 11
Roebling Sports Club1 @ Turkey's Nest 3
A Bar Runaways11 @ Gibson 12
R Bar2 @ St. Anselm 9


 I.              Hall of Fame Committee

Each team will send one person to the Hall of Fame Committee (HOFC). This person must have been in the league ten years or more. If a team doesn’t have a member who has ten years of experience, the team must send the most senior member that is willing to do it. Each team can choose themselves how they pick which person represents them on the Committee. The Commissioner of the league will also have a seat and vote on the Committee. There will also be a non-voting HOFC Chairperson assigned by the Commissioner.  This person will be in charge of the logistics of the committee, as well as administer and count the HOFC’s ballots.

II.            Nomination and Voting Process

1.     Each team will have the option to nominate up to two people to be in the Hall of Fame. How they do this is up to each individual team—i.e. a vote amongst members, the manager chooses, the HOFC member chooses, etc. They also have the option to not nominate anyone. Anyone is eligible to be nominated in this manner, be it a past or current player, team sponsor, Steve from Turkey’s, etc. The nominee does not have to be from their own team. Each team should include a short pitch that the HOFC may consider when casting their votes.

2.     The Commissioner of the league may also nominate up to three people to the Hall of Fame each year.  The Commissioner is bound by the qualifications below when choosing his or her nominations.

3.     The nominees are then shared with the 17 members of the HOFC who will vote by secret ballot. They can vote for up to five of the nominees. Any person receiving 13 (out of the 17 members—over the 75% threshold) votes will be inducted into the HOF.

III.           Hall of Fame Qualifications For HOFC to Consider

1.     The HOFC should use the below qualifications to assess nominees, not necessarily in this order. Each inductee should have two or more of these qualities to be included on a HOFC member’s ballot, and as a Commissioner nominee:

a.   On the field prowess

b.    Universal beloved-ness

c.     Contributions and innovations to the play, language, or culture of the WSL

IV.           Hall of Fame Ceremony and Location

1.     The HOFC will work with the Commissioner’s office and the Social Coordinator to determine the date and structure of the ceremony.

2.   The HOFC will also work on a permanent/semi-permanent home for the HOF, online and physical, as well as what that will look like.