Joe Godsy Division
R Bar 10 8 .556 222 206
St. Anselm 9 9 .500 183 232
Clems 7 11 .389 173 223
AT All-Stars 3 15 .167 147 277
3 Kings 16 2 .889 287 149
Turkey's Nest 11 7 .611 201 214
The Bedford Yetis 9 9 .500 225 210
Gibson 2 16 .111 193 281
Joe Fashion Division
A Bar Runaways 13 5 .722 210 123
Black Betty 11 7 .611 205 145
Kilo Bravo 9 9 .500 230 183
Loggers 6 12 .333 166 255
The Gutter 86ers 15 3 .833 232 152
Spike Hill 13 5 .722 275 159
Roebling Sports Club 7 11 .389 205 252
Turkey's Teachers 3 15 .167 169 262


MakeUp Week - Aug 27

Last Week's Results

Week 18 - Aug 20
Roebling Sports Club9 @ Spike Hill 12
Turkey's Teachers2 @ The Gutter 86ers 26
AT All-Stars13 @ Clems 2
Kilo Bravo15 @ Black Betty 3
A Bar Runaways14 @ Loggers 6
St. Anselm17 @ R Bar 9
Gibson17 @ The Bedford Yetis 14
Turkey's Nest8 @ 3 Kings 14

Rashional Observations – Episode 7

Wed, Jun 21, 2017



The funny thing about talking shit…. It always seems like a good idea when you are doing it and you never worry about the consequences. For example, you wear a shirt and proclaim to be someone’s daddy and then they hit a HR on you in their first at-bat. Yes – it was like a 200ft fly ball that hits a tree as your right fielder is camped out underneath it but still…. that guy hit a HR. At that point you think back about your shirt selection and wonder if it was worth it…. And the answer is always “Yes” because why else are we doing this on a weekly basis? My only regret was the camera guy not catching me saying “Thank you Son” after I was wished a happy fathers day. Oh – and the other regret was losing the fucking game because Breezy figured out some BBQ Voodoo shit on our team for the past 3 years and now Bobby can continue repeating the only stat he knows about his days in the WSL. I could pretend like the loss doesn’t bother me but that would be like Vinny pretending he got out of the way of Steve Mina on that double play attempt in the 13th inning of the 3 Kings / Spike Hill game. No one is going to believe it. Plus – I’m pretty sure I’m going to win a lot of money from Bobby in our next poker game so I’m sure it will all balance out. I have this “All-in on the first hand” strategy that seems to work well.

This week’s Rashional Observations is a more cerebral video compared to his past work. He really dives deep into the psychology of the WSL. It might not be his funniest video but it will likely stay with you longer and make you reflect on your personal life a little more. I think…. I’m not sure. I didn’t watch it past the Bobby HR. I assume there is a dick in it somewhere. Likely around the 6:30 mark….. Enjoy…

Rashional Observations Episode 7 from Williamsburg Softball League on Vimeo.





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