Joe Godsy Division
R Bar 11 9 .550 243 225
St. Anselm 9 10 .474 194 249
Clems 7 12 .368 181 237
AT All-Stars 3 16 .158 158 291
3 Kings 19 2 .905 338 166
Turkey's Nest 13 7 .650 223 229
The Bedford Yetis 10 10 .500 244 244
Gibson 2 17 .105 198 298
Joe Fashion Division
A Bar Runaways 14 6 .700 234 145
Black Betty 11 8 .579 224 170
Kilo Bravo 11 9 .550 277 220
Loggers 6 13 .316 172 274
The Gutter 86ers 16 4 .800 263 177
Spike Hill 15 6 .714 321 184
Roebling Sports Club 7 12 .368 214 272
Turkey's Teachers 3 16 .158 172 275


Championship Sunday - Sep 24
11:00 Kilo Bravo @ Spike Hill 1
Turkey's Nest @ 3 Kings 2
1:00 North All-Stars @ South All-Stars 2
2:30 Spike Hill @ 3 Kings 2

Last Week's Results

Championship Sunday - Sep 24
Kilo Bravo0 @ Spike Hill 0
Turkey's Nest0 @ 3 Kings 0
North All-Stars10 @ South All-Stars 11
Spike Hill10 @ 3 Kings 11

The WSL Memorial Day Softball Tournament

Wed, May 31, 2017

Helloooo Players, Fans, Friends, Lovers and Creepers of the WSL!!

Wow! What a Sunday, everyone! I am still riding high on how much fun we all had.

The WSL Memorial Day Softball Tournament, I think, was a huge success.

First off, I’d like to thank Uncle Lou Giagrande for organizing, putting this together from top to bottom. Literally it was his idea, he posted on Facebook, created the teams (and btw how perfectly even were the teams?!), he worked with Leo to get the umps together, scheduled it out, worked with Kilo to host our after party, and all of that good stuff. So, next time you see him this Sunday, remember to buy him a beer for all his efforts!!

Chances are, if we get him drunk enough, he just might organize another tournament later this season. Stay tuned!!

Second, thanks to the managers Graham, Moira, Clinchy and Petemo. I know it’s not easy to manage a team of 13-14 players, especially to get through 4 games, but you did it and everyone had a damn good time. Congrats to Major Grahambo and his team for getting the win!

Third, to the grounds crew who showed up early Sunday to get the fields ready. Who knew there would be a big ass ocean?! Thanks to Bramley, Graham, Moira for the coffee and donuts, Richard Romano, Joe Tallent and everyone else who lent a hand!!

Fourth, thanks to the two umps Bramley and Gerald for umping all the games. I have to say it was very smooth, they did a great job, the games moved smoothly, there were no arguments or fights and overall I know everyone was very happy with them. Good job, guys!!

Well, this is where I reminisce about how fun this league is and how much I love it. Just a bunch of fantastic people letting softball get in the way of our drinking habits, and I think it’s wonderful!!

I truly hope you all had a great time, and good luck the rest of the way in the WSL!!!

–          H


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