Joe Godsy Division
Parkview Scorpions 17 4 .810 300 162
St. Anselm 11 9 .550 204 200
Clems 8 10 .444 182 178
Pete's Candy Store 6 12 .333 164 205
Roebling Sports Club 14 5 .737 225 162
Loggers 12 7 .632 247 185
Gibson 6 12 .333 172 236
AT All-Stars 6 12 .333 154 247
Joe Fashion Division
Echo Bravo 12 8 .600 246 173
The Gutter 86ers 9 9 .500 198 210
Turkey's Nest 5 13 .278 174 264
Carmine's Bombers 0 18 .000 114 318
Parkview Panthers 17 4 .810 289 196
Kilo Bravo 10 9 .526 261 229
Turkey's Nest Titans 9 9 .500 217 213
The Bedford Yetis 9 10 .474 231 200


Week 1 - Jan 23

Last Week's Results


2017 WSL – Managers Meeting Recap

Sat, Mar 11, 2017

2017 WSL – Managers Meeting Recap


The next installment of the WSL is fast approaching. We are 4 weeks away and everything is starting to take shape. One of the first big milestones of any season is the first (and often only) Managers meeting. The foundation of every season is set at this meeting and for the past two years the gathering has felt more like a school reunion party than a serious business meeting but it seems to get the job done. These meetings look like a WSL Justice League gathering minus the superpowers & morality. I’m glad this network of people exist because it makes the league unique and it shows how deep the level of support runs for this league but make no mistake…. This is the WSL Deep State. It’s a Deep State with the best of intentions and run by good people so it’s like a lovable Deep State but it’s still a Deep State….

Of course I’m joking… This isn’t a Deep State… Let’s go back to the recap…. We can start with the new rules from the “RULES COMMITTEE”. (#Resist)



First off, a serious thank you to the 10 people on the Rules Committee who take the time to make the adjustments needed each year. We can not identify them by their Deep State ID# but you know them as Rich, Zak, Leo, Kristen, Stephanie, Nat, Breezy, Justin, Pete and Mike. Big Props to #WSLDeepStateLegislativeBranch. Below is a recap of new rules and rules that were discussed at the meeting.

  1. POSTPONEMENTS – There are no postponements allowed this year. A team can request to shift time slots for a Sunday but they need approval from all other managers impacted by the time change. In 2016, the league experimented with allowing all teams to postpone one game and it didn’t work out. Managing both rain outs and voluntary postponements caused big problems with scheduling. The league learned their lesson and moved on. There is also only one make-up week this year so teams need to find a way to field a team when the weather is playable. Every team makes the playoffs so it’s not a big deal to throw out your C team one or two weeks.
  2. FAKE PLAYER NEWS (aka – Writing a player into the book who didn’t play) – If a manager is caught writing a player into the scorebook who didn’t play, that player is immediately INELIGIBLE for the playoffs and the Manager is suspended for 4 games. The WSL is bringing down the hammer on Fake News… Hopefully this is enough to discourage managers from faking the funk…. Although this might also give managers a creative new way to kick someone off their team if they are willing to sit out 4 games. (Side Notes – Umpires will be required to take a picture of both books at the end of each game and send to the league. If an Umpire forgets, they need to find a way to get a picture of the books before they will be allowed to ump another game)
  3. FREE AGENTS – A free agent (a player not on a roster) can play for a max of 3 teams in a season and ONLY FOR 2 GAMES PER TEAM. Once they play a 3rd game for a roster, they can not play for anyone else. We expect monogamy after the 3rd date. Is that too much to ask?
  4. PLAYOFF QUALIFICATIONS – Reminder: 9 Games for Men & 6 Games for Women. In very rare situations, managers can ask the commissioner for an exception to the playoff game qualifications and he will bring it to the Rules Committee for a decision.
  5. ROSTERS – Rosters must be submitted in Week 1 and Week 10. For Week one, there is a 25 Player max roster. By Week 10, the roster must be only 20 players. Only 20 players can be eligible for the playoffs
  6. EJECTIONS – If a player is ejected, they must leave the park… The whole park… No closer than Turkey’s Nest. If the ejected player does not leave the park, the game is forfeited, the player is banned from the league and the manager gets a 1 game suspension. If the player has 2 ejections in a season, they are banned from the league. Ultimately, the decision to ban/suspend players will rest with the Rules Committee.
  7. ZERO TOLERANCE FOR SLURS OR THREATS OF VIOLENCE – Anyone caught making racist, sexist or homophobic slurs (and even violent threats) will be ejected from the game and must leave the park.



After a terrific rookie season, the WSL has invited back Leo Otero to be the Head of Umpires. He will be hosting the Umpires meeting in two weeks. He has a stacked roster of umps but if you are interested in getting on the list, reach out to Leo or Holland.



The WSL Deep State made another exciting announcement when members of the State-Sponsored Media team (Graham Gaston and myself) announced plans for a WSL Hall of Fame and Pre-season Tournament.

The WSL will be launching the official WSL HALL OF FAME in 2017. The process will start with each WSL team recommending someone to sit on the WSL Hall of Fame Committee. We don’t just want anyone on the committee. Ideally we want people who have been in the league at least 10 years… These 16 members plus the Commissioner will vote for who gets selected into the WSL HALL OF FAME. Nominations will come via current team managers and the Commissioner. Qualifications to make the WSL HOF include On-Field Prowess, Beloved-ness, Longevity and Contributions to the WSL culture. The ceremony will take place during Championship Weekend. More details will be shared once the WSL HOF Committee is completed. Big Thanks to Graham for pulling this together. This has been discussed for many years but we finally found someone who is willing to put in the time to get this done. #WSLDeepStateMediaTeamFTW

To help raise money for the plagues and permanent HOF placements, we will be hosting the first ever WSL Hall of Fame Softball Tournament. It’s an 8 team tournament (first come / first serve) that’s only open to WSL teams. Invitations to the tournament were given during the managers’ meeting and the 8 teams that signed up were: Kilo Bravo, Three Kings, Black Betty, St. Anslem, Yetis, Gibson, Loggers and Clems. Details about the Tournament are below. Keep an eye on the WSL Facebook page for more details on this Tournament.

WHEN: Sunday March 26th, 2017  
TIME: First round games – 10:30am & 12pm, Semifinals at 1:30pm & Championship at 3:30pm  
COST: $100 plus ump fees  
PRIZES: First Prize – Trophy, Bottle of Scotch and a Season’s worth (18) of Clincher Softballs. Second Prize – Bottle of Whiskey & Box (6) of Balls
PROCEEDS: All Proceeds will go to setting up the WSL Hall of Fame which is launching in 2017

Standard WSL Rules apply with these variations: 
1. First Round games are 9 innings
2. All other games are 7 innings
3. Batters start with a 1-1 count and each batter gets one courtesy foul ball with 2 strikes before fouling out
4. Teams start with a runner at 2nd base in extra innings
5. One umpire for all games except for the finals (2)
6. Coin flip before each game decides home field team
7. Teams will be randomly assigned to fields
8. Single game elimination 



The new divisions were selected by the WSL Rules Committee based on grouping teams into similar skill levels and splitting them up into divisions (just like last year). They rated teams based on last year’s performance as well as free agent moves and put teams into tiers (Four Tier 1 teams, Four tier 2 teams, etc…). Then they randomly selected one team from each tier for each division. Here are the new divisions for 2017:


Godsy North

R Bar

St. Anslem


AT All-Stars


Godsy South

3 Kings

Turkey’s Nest




Fashion North

Black Betty

Kilo Bravo




Fashion South

Spike Hill


Roebling Sports Club

Turkey’s Teachers



Spring Training begins Sunday – 3/12

Umpire meeting is 3/23

WSL Hall of Fame Tournament – 3/26

Season Opening Party is 4/1

Opening Day is 4/2

Playoffs are currently scheduled to start on 9/10

Finals are currently scheduled for 9/24



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