Joe Godsy Division
R Bar 11 9 .550 243 225
St. Anselm 9 10 .474 194 249
Clems 7 12 .368 181 237
AT All-Stars 3 16 .158 158 291
3 Kings 19 2 .905 338 166
Turkey's Nest 13 7 .650 223 229
The Bedford Yetis 10 10 .500 244 244
Gibson 2 17 .105 198 298
Joe Fashion Division
A Bar Runaways 14 6 .700 234 145
Black Betty 11 8 .579 224 170
Kilo Bravo 11 9 .550 277 220
Loggers 6 13 .316 172 274
The Gutter 86ers 16 4 .800 263 177
Spike Hill 15 6 .714 321 184
Roebling Sports Club 7 12 .368 214 272
Turkey's Teachers 3 16 .158 172 275


Championship Sunday - Sep 24
11:00 Kilo Bravo @ Spike Hill 1
Turkey's Nest @ 3 Kings 2
1:00 North All-Stars @ South All-Stars 2
2:30 Spike Hill @ 3 Kings 2

Last Week's Results


Pre-Season Wrap-up Report: Fashion South

Fri, Apr 1, 2016

The collective mental health of Fashion South will need to be monitored as the season evolves. The way this Division came together is further proof that the softball gods have a great sense of humor.


Three Kings

We don’t need to recap how the Three Kings season ended last year anymore than it’s already been discussed. We know Three Kings is a solid team and they will be one of the top regular season teams in 2016. Three Kings owner Matt Marcus has taken over managerial duties this year with a little help from Nick Tomeo. It should be a loud season from 3 Kings.

Players Lost: Tommy Kosak (Kids) and Kenny Colors

Key Additions: Undisclosed… They have been recruiting from the local penal leagues and found a few players to bring in.

Player to watch: You need to watch out for all of them… Plus – they are good ball players too.

Pre-season Power Rankings: #4

2016 prediction: The Kings should win Fashion South and lock in a 2 seed in the Fashion division playoffs. If the softball gods are friendly to us this year, they will make sure there is an R Bar vs 3 Kings playoff game in our future.


Turkey’s Next

Turkey’s Nest starts 2016 missing their leader and captain Jordan Heller. He has retired from softball and handed off the managerial duties to Sean Manning and Daniel Shafer. “We will miss his jeans and vintage Bolle’ sunglasses as much as his clutch hitting and managerial skills” said Manning, “Jordan’s jeans need to be the first piece of memorabilia in the WSL Hall of Fame”. The Nest won the championship in 2014 and the core of that team is still part of the 2016 roster so they can’t be overlooked as a potential title contender in 2016.

Players Lost: Jordan Heller (Baby) and Glenn Mobley (Injury)

Key Additions: Still in negotiations…

Player to watch: The ladies… Trish Harnetiaux, Laura Kornhauser and Holly Colcagno are going to “rip the shit out of the ball” per manager Manning.

Pre-season Power Rankings: #7

2016 prediction: 2nd in Fashion South and 4th in the playoff seeding.


AT All Stars

This interview was a tough assignment for the WSL editorial team. We had two different writers (at two different times) start the interview and then coming running back to the WSL headquarters throwing up and shaking from their encounter with AT All Star Co-Manager Gerald Marquez (aka G Black). We are not sure what he did or said to them since they have still not spoken to anyone about their encounter. They just stare out the window like someone who is looking for answers to questions unknown. We were finally able to complete the interview via email once we promised Gerald we would just print exactly what he emailed us…. If anything mentioned below is offensive to anyone, please accept our apologies.

“We are the AT All-stars and for those who are Stupid the A stands for Alzheimer’s, the T stands for Tourettes… Why? So we can forget about our uncontrollable involuntary pelvic thrusts” said Gerald.

Players Lost: “We lost three key players… We traded Shelly to Clems for a coupon for free unlimited brisket in 2016. PeteMo and his twin Lauck are on Spike Hill now due to anunfortunate game of gay chicken with O’Malley… it’s not a game to him” – Gerald

Key Additions: “We have 6-time WSL champ, Asian Sensation, Toking Tornado, Super Dave. We also have singles hitting machine Jonathan Metzl” – Gerald

Player(s) to watch: “Breakout player will be Vinny because he has a new fiberglass cane”. – Gerald

Pre-season Power Rankings: #11

2016 prediction: “If you come to our tent for free food and drink, make sure you are not a secretly hated league asshole” and “We are switching our NA and AA meetings from Thursday nights to never” – Gerald


Brooklyn Loggers

Manager Brian Pisanelli and second in command Craig Heitzman lead the Brooklyn Loggers into the 2016 season with several new additions to the league that are unknown to the league. Ringers? Friends? Drinking partners? Time will tell but at least they can still utilize the jerseys they introduced to the league last season. There was a slight scare early in the pre-season that the Logger Unis we have grown to love would be replaced due to a new sponsorship agreement being worked out with Over the Eight. Those negotiations are still ongoing so they will enter the season retaining the name (and uniforms) of the Brooklyn Loggers

Players Lost: Jeff & Jenn (Baby / Boston)

Key Additions: John Condon (Free Agent from Clems),  Stephanie Erwin, Alex Fraczak, Dan Sykers and Erica Baier

Player to watch: Jake Cahill – CF

Pre-season Power Rankings: #13

2016 prediction: We haven’t seen anything to accurately predict what we are going to get from the Loggers this season….. so we are going to guess they go undefeated and see what happens.


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