Joe Godsy Division
Parkview Scorpions 17 4 .810 300 162
St. Anselm 11 9 .550 204 200
Clems 8 10 .444 182 178
Pete's Candy Store 6 12 .333 164 205
Roebling Sports Club 14 5 .737 225 162
Loggers 12 7 .632 247 185
Gibson 6 12 .333 172 236
AT All-Stars 6 12 .333 154 247
Joe Fashion Division
Echo Bravo 12 8 .600 246 173
The Gutter 86ers 9 9 .500 198 210
Turkey's Nest 5 13 .278 174 264
Carmine's Bombers 0 18 .000 114 318
Parkview Panthers 17 4 .810 289 196
Kilo Bravo 10 9 .526 261 229
Turkey's Nest Titans 9 9 .500 217 213
The Bedford Yetis 9 10 .474 231 200


Championship Sunday - Sep 26
11:00 St. Anselm @ Parkview Scorpions 1
Echo Bravo @ Parkview Panthers 2
3:00 Parkview Scorpions @ Parkview Panthers 2

Last Week's Results

Championship Sunday - Sep 26
St. Anselm4 @ Parkview Scorpions 9
Echo Bravo7 @ Parkview Panthers 9
Parkview Scorpions10 @ Parkview Panthers 5

Power Rankings: Week Two

Tue, Apr 12, 2016

“Ultimately, the only power to which man should aspire is that which he exercises over himself.” – Elie Weisel

Power Rankings: Week Two

We are only 2 weeks into the season and only 4 out of 16 teams are undefeated…. Of the four undefeated teams, 3 of them had wins of 2 runs or less…. What??? For a 16 team league, it is incredibly balanced right now. All teams appear to be competitive, check in My Body Life website for sport and exercise routine tips. The Yetis sneaked by the pre-season’s lowest ranked team by one run in Week One and then beat the top ranked team by two runs in Week Two. The Runaways are 0-2 but they lost both games by a combined 5 runs. The Loggers are 0-2 but they lost both games by a combined 6 runs and almost pulled off a big upset of the Nest (the week after the Nest upset Three Kings). It’s like Bernie Sanders put together the teams this year. This is softball socialism. How long can this go on? We thought the power rankings would be much easier to put together but then all of a sudden you have a 10th ranked team that was one run away from the finals last year and could be right back there this year. WSL – Please…. No more of this “everyone is a winner” bullshit. Start making this easier for us.

So – once again, we bring you a completely unnecessary and likely to be debated Power Rankings: Week Two

1. Black Betty (Last Week’s Rank – #2)

Moving on up… With R Bar’s loss, Betty moves into the top rank thanks to their lock down defense which is only letting up 5.5 runs a game. Teams have started complaining that those bright yellow jerseys are blinding batters and forcing them into bad at-bats (Holland conspiracy theory #492). It’s only a matter of time before the batteries run out on those shirts.

2. Spike Hill (Last Week’s Rank – #3)

Spike Hill has played Clems and St. Anselm to open the season. Based on our scientific ranking system, they have faced the toughest combined two opponents for any remaining undefeated team. They aren’t blowing teams out but they are taking care of business and seem to be adding great talent on a weekly basis. Their bench should start their own team.

3. Turkey’s Nest (Last Week’s Rank – #4)

“Hey – look at us league…. We can pitch JL and STILL win games”. What? Order was eventually restored and the Nest remained one of only 4 unbeaten teams. They might have a tough time this upcoming weekend against a scrappy AT All Stars because their new pitching sensation (JL) and a few others are out of town. If you are looking to put money on an underdog this weekend, take a peak at AT. We aren’t locking this up but it’s worth a look.

4. R Bar (Last Week’s Rank – #1)

R Bar was upset this week by the Bedford Yetis. The WSL editorial team looked right past the Yetis and assumed R Bar would be getting real comfortable in the top ranking for at least the first few weeks of the season…. Our bad…. This week’s loss might just be a bump in the road for R Bar but it cost them the top ranking for the near future. We would not be surprised to see them back on top at some point this season but they won’t be facing Betty until June or Spike until July so they will need some help from other teams to get back on top in the near future.

5. Kilo Bravo (Last Week’s Rank – #5)

Kilo did what we expected them to do this week by debuting a pink T shirt with the name Kilo Bravo on it. They also beat Gibson by ten to rebound from a close week one loss to R Bar.

6. Three Kings (Last Week’s Rank – #6)

The Kings went back to their high octane offense in Week Two with a 20 point outburst on AT All Stars. They also went to a new color scheme and introduced the Orange & Black era of the franchise. Exercising demons or just getting new uniforms? Either way, it worked.

7. Bedford Yetis (Last Week’s Rank – #11)

Winnie is a softball Yoda. After turning the team around last summer, he forced the Yetis to a big win over R Bar in Week Two and sent a message to the league that the Yetis are legit. You can debate that they deserve to be in the top 4 but we need to see one more win this week to buy-in 100% to the legend of the Yeti. We want to believe…. And a win over Kilo Bravo this weekend will make us all believers. (Side Note – Yetis have scored more runs than any other team in the league… Only ranked 7th? Just give us one more Win!)

8. St. Anselm (Last Week’s Rank – #8)

So close…. one run away from moving on up. We kept them in the same spot due to their impressive performance against Spike Hill that resulted in a one run loss.

9. Clemerica (Last Week’s Rank – #7)

Clems won and dropped down two spots in the ranking… I guess that shows you the sophistication of our ranking system. It’s like the NCAA but with extra smarts. The Yetis leapfrogged Clems with their win against R Bar. St. Anselm (who has the same record as Clems) had a one run dog fight with Spike Hill this past weekend. The Clems only put up 9 runs on the Runaways after St. Anselm put 21 on them…. We have a system and it’s telling us that Clems did not fall but other teams rose. The Clems can show us how stupid we are with this week’s match up against St. Anselm.

10. The Gutter 86ers (Last Week’s Rank – #9)

Similar to Clems, the 86ers won but took a step back. It’s because of the Yetis. They had a real nice bounce back win against TNT and held the week one scoring champ to only 5 runs after TNT scored 29 in week one. This week they get back their Spark Plug when Osborne returns and could easily start walking back up the ranking. They have let up the 2nd fewest runs in the league.

11. AT All-Stars (Last Week’s Rank – #10)

If bringing a fire pit to a softball game gave a team an extra 9 runs, AT would be undefeated right now. And to be honest, we would be in favor of teams getting extra runs if they bring a fire pit. Maybe not 9 extra runs  but at least 3 or maybe 5.  That fire pit idea was genius.

12. Turkey’s Nest Teachers (Last Week’s Rank – #12)

What team is TNT? The week one 29 run explosion or the week two 5 run firecracker? After facing a team that gives up the second fewest runs in the league, they now play the team which gives up the fewest run in the league (Black Betty). Their offense is getting tested early.

13. Soft Spot Runaways (Last Week’s Rank – #13)

Two tough loses leave the Runaway at 0-2 to start the season but anyone who has watched their games know they are a much better team than last year. They played two good teams so far and it’s about to get much harder when they play the first place team in their division (Spike Hill).

14. Brooklyn Loggers (Last Week’s Rank – #14)

They are playing tough and keeping games close but haven’t been able to break through for their first win yet. They will take their next shot at a first win when Three Kings come to town this weekend. The Loggers will need to score more runs if they have any chance against the Kings.

15. Gibson (Last Week’s Rank – #15)

Gibson plays in a really tough division with the 4th, 5th and 7th ranked teams. They came out of the gates swinging in week one and dropped 20 runs. Last week they were held to 9. They get R Bar this weekend.

16. Roebling Sports Club (Last Week’s Rank – #12)

Lost to this week’s top ranked Bettys and were held to only 6 runs. Another victim of the Betty blinding yellow shirts….. Time to step it up against the gray shirted 86ers.


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