Joe Godsy Division
Parkview Scorpions 6 1 .857 115 48
McCarren Hotel Titans 6 1 .857 96 60
St. Anselm 3 3 .500 73 53
Turkey's Nest AT 2 5 .286 50 64
Parkview Suzies 5 1 .833 55 42
The Bedford Yetis 3 4 .429 62 99
Pete's Candy Store 2 5 .286 73 77
Turkey's Nest 0 7 .000 20 101
Joe Fashion Division
Gibson 6 1 .857 89 44
Roebling Sports Club 5 2 .714 111 70
Clems 3 3 .500 63 56
The Gutter 86ers 1 5 .167 36 89
Kilo Bravo 4 2 .667 55 37
Echo Bravo 4 2 .667 69 44
Loggers 2 5 .286 58 83
Carmine's Bombers 1 6 .143 44 102


Week 08 - May 22
11:00 Parkview Scorpions @ Gibson 1
Loggers @ The Bedford Yetis 2
1:00 Pete's Candy Store @ Echo Bravo 1
Turkey's Nest @ Kilo Bravo 2
3:00 Carmine's Bombers @ Parkview Suzies 1
Turkey's Nest AT @ Clems 2
5:00 McCarren Hotel Titans @ The Gutter 86ers 1
St. Anselm @ Roebling Sports Club 2

Last Week's Results

Week 07 - May 15
Pete's Candy Store14 @ Turkey's Nest AT 11
Echo Bravo10 @ Roebling Sports Club 5
Loggers11 @ The Gutter 86ers 6
Carmine's Bombers5 @ Clems 12
Parkview Suzies7 @ McCarren Hotel Titans 17
The Bedford Yetis2 @ Parkview Scorpions 26
Kilo Bravo8 @ Gibson 9
Turkey's Nest0 @ St. Anselm 11

Championship Day- RECAP

Tue, Sep 30, 2014

Holy Mutha of God, the season’s over! Did you have fun? Make some friends? Break some hearts? Did you maybe drink too much and don’t remember what happened this season? Here’s the WSL End Season Video to jog your memory.


Field #1: Black Betty @ Good Co (Stache)

I blew it.

Considering Black Betty and Good Co have met in 3 consecutive WSL Semi-Finals, it was certainly feeling like déjà vu…vu all over again on Sunday. With the Bettys looking for their 9th straight trip to the WSL Championship Game, you can imagine the Pinks had to feel like a mere stepping stone on that path in years past. Would this be the year that Wally Sprinkles & Co would finally defeat the empire? It felt like the decade of darkness looming over the league and our only hope (this round) was Good Co-Bi-Wan-Kenobi.

Scheduled for an 11 AM start, a truly epic BP almost took this game into the PM. Despite the delay, Sargent Andre was still late for his umpiring duties so it wouldn’t have mattered. PeteMo doesn’t understand Andre’s “military time”, so he was punctual and held it down solo until the 2nd inning. By that time, the Bettyballers had pushed Steve Peralta across and were poised to plate another. Leading 2-0 now in the 4th inning, the Bettys would throw cold water on a potential Good Co rally with a stellar Robyn to JB$ play to cut down the tying run at the plate. JB$ ended another inning by snagging a Dom liner and doubling off the runner at 1B.

The score remained 2-1 into the top of the 6th, when Black Betty started to click. “Green Light” Kevin Belz and the Commish both got to set the table for “The Anvil” Mike Camarra who blasted a HR to center that put his squad up 5-1. A few hits later, Super Dave tripled to plate another pair and eventually scored on a JB$ single.

Good Co was in shock, staring up at a 7-run deficit. No doubt they’d be looking to answer in the bottom half of the inning. KT looked to spark the rally, as she jumped all over a pitch and drove it to the walking left side path in Field 1. Super Dave never gave up on the play and whistled a strike to cut down the mighty KT at 3B. That moment summed up the game pretty succinctly, as the Betty defense was ready to answer everything that the Pinks would throw at them.

With the game almost out of reach, Good Co never gave up the fight. They would plate a few in the bottom of the 9th inning, but fall short for the 3rd year in a row. After a shaky start to the 2014 season, Black Betty was on fire and heading back to the Finals for the 9th time in a row!

(Black Betty 10 / Good Co 5) 

Field #2: Some Team @ R Bar (Stryker- written with a Glock pointed at his head)

But can you beat us at shot gunning beers???

What a beautiful day for Championship Sunday! Unfortunately the results weren’t as legit as the weather. I was really looking forward to R Bar’s game (what I thought was surely one of two I would be seeing them play in that day). R Bar had a championship caliber season, and I thought for sure they’d be taking home that trophy. R Bar would go down by 2 early in the top of the 1st, but that wouldn’t last long as the Bums answered back with 2 of their own off RBI singles from Big Bobby and my main man Sam the Miracle Man (who had a huge day at the plate racking up 3 quality hits). The Bums would take the lead 4-2 on a clutch 2 out 2 run single by Richy Rich and I thought for sure they were never gonna look back from there. Their D was looking solid, led by Sweet D-Lo who also just had an all around stellar day. Don’t you ever get tired of being so good!? Up 4-3, R Bar had a big chance to break the game open. The Bums loaded the bases with nobody out but caught some really unlucky bounces and the other team (didn’t catch their name) was able to escape the inning with only one run scored. The Bums were still holding strong though and held a 5-3 lead going into the 5th when they caught yet another bad break. Someone on the other team (again, cannot recall their name) hit a weak line drive that took an insane sideways hop and ended up being a 2 run McCarren home run that would tie up the game. The softball gods were really unkind to the Bums this day, perhaps they feared the Godlike power of team R Bar and were trying to smite them before they took over as rulers of the WSL universe. The Bums would try to persevere and retake the lead on a huge RBI single from Nasty Natalie in the bottom of the 6th. Over the next 3 innings the other team would peck their way into the lead with some meek hits and go up 4 on the Bums. R Bar would make a valiant effort to retake the lead but the chips just weren’t falling for them and the WSL world looked on in shock and amazement as the mighty Bums were defeated. The Bums had an amazing year and really showed everyone what this league is all about- teamwork, sportsmanship, love, trust, friendship, humanity, family, and most of all–power!! Big congratulations to Bubbs on his epic HR championship and a dominant year both on the mound and at the plate. From one pitcher to another–Kudos! I hope one day to be the dominant player that you are. Great team that had a great season! Looking forward to hopefully getting the chance to team up with you in the fall league!!

(Turkey’s Nest 8 /R Bar 5…or something like that)


Field #2: North All-Stars @ South All-Stars (Holland)

Announcing from the Recycling Dumpsters where we belong.

SHORTZY’S NOTE: SUPER FAN had to attend to a super emergency, so our very own Commish stepped in to discuss “Holland’s” All-Star journey (yes, he refers to himself in the third person. On the bright side, at least this speech isn’t 20 pages long).

He was thrust into the role of Manager of the Joe “Fashion” Division. With much on his plate, The Cowman stared down his phalanx of players and realized he needed to gather them together, as one unit, one team, to take down the mighty soldiers of the Joe Godsy Division.

He brought them in a circle and each one introduced themselves. Unfortunately, The Cowman was not entirely familiar with each player in the league, so as they introduced themselves, he tried his best to come up with nicknames to remember them by.

There was D. Bramley, Esq., Francesca “Franchizzie” Romano and “Kenny Kenny Kenny” of 3 Kings, “Pistol” Petemo” Fisher, Fran “Owner of that awesome Labrador”, and Jimmy “Two Strikes”  of ATU, “Dom Diddly”, Cap’n Calves, and E.J. “This Dude Looks 21, but is really 50” and Jen “Married to that funny guy from Good Co.” Ten from Good Co, Chad “Jesus don’t stand too close to me you make me look ugly”, Mike “This Dude is Good” Gembecki of Pete’s, Megan “Glass Ceiling” Lytle of Pete’s, Cesar “All Hail” of Turkey’s Teachers, “Tool an’ the Gang” Toolan, Steph “Miss Peralta if You’re Nastay”, and Anthony “Pizzahut” Pizza of the Yetis, Justin “Stick” Moenchsheshs of AT, “Big Craig” and Kristen “Pizano” Pisanelli and Brian “Related to the funny guy from Good Co.” of the Loggers.

After they introduced one another, he had them take the field and watched as they charged out there with much aplomb. He was quite proud of all the amazing players on the field. He easily had the best girls in the league with Franchizzie, Pizano, Miss Peralta, Lytle, Jen Ten and Fran, along with a solid outfield and a great pitcher.

Immediately, his team held down their opponents in the first and when it was their time to hit they put across three runs. The Cowman thought he had the team of the century and began making defensive and offensive changes, breaking the rules that he had come up with a couple, nay, multiple times. Rotating the defense and the lineup, he was looking for that magic formula to put them over the top. However, before he knew it, his team was behind and he knew he had to take matters into his own hands to rile them up.

In the 6th inning, Kenny Kenny Kenny attempted to tag up from second base on a long fly ball from Chad. The All-Stars of the Godsy Division then appealed the tag up to Rebecca at first base, and she promptly called him out. The Cowman went out to argue that the runner was on SECOND, not on first, so how could they appeal to the wrong base? At which point Rebecca cried “Everyone is OUT!” (speaking of umping, there was also a questionable base running call made on Mo- back to the minors, you two!). The Cowman then kicked some dirt at her in hopes it would get his team fired up.

Unfortunately, it was for naught, as the All-Stars of the Fashion Division fell to the All-Stars of the Godsy Division. But, at the end of the day, he was quite proud of his team and knew if he had a few more minutes, he could have organized his team much better and gotten the win. Fortunately, since his real team, Black Betty, made it back to the finals, next season he’ll have the opportunity again to manage an All-Star Team, but this time against Jordan of the Turkey’s Nest. He looks forward to getting a victory for himself…and his team.

**Many thanks to all my All-Stars for coming down and playing hard! 

(North All-Stars 9 / South All-Stars 7) 


Field #2: Turkey’s Nest @ Black Betty (Shortz)

Minutes before the Championship game was set to begin, I bumped into J.L. at the Gibson. Not that I wasn’t rooting for both teams to win by a millions runs or anything, I blurted out, “Are you gonna win this shit? This is your game to lose, you know that, right?” (fine, I lied—Black Betty has won ten thousand of these things- get lost!) J.L. replied, “You’re absolutely right.” He then downed two shots of whatever Aimee concocted, and marched to the field to meet his destiny.

With their few first ups, Nesters Chuck, JakeB, JL, Shafer, Mitch and Korny got the party started right by plating 4 legit runs. Meanwhile, Championship phenoms Betty tested the ‘fly ball catching’ skills of the Turkey’s Nest with a multitude of pop flys.

With a few blown opportunities to get runners across the dish under their Black belts, the Betty’s started taking base running chances…and paid dearly. Notably, when Bettyballer Jake Levine hit a line drive to the other Jake with one out and Camarra on 3rd. Jake made a diving catch in Camarra tagged up to score. Now as we all know Camarra is wicked fast, but it was a LINE TO SHORT, and gone are the days where a throw to home means a run scored as the ball bounces off the fence. WSL has gotten with the times and nowadays, those acts greed are futile. I’ll explain–Jake winds up, fires the ball to my home girl Trish who snagged it like a champ and sent a shamed (and wigged) Camarra dancing desperately to avoid a tag. At that moment, god looked down at the Nesters and said, “This game is yours, my flightless feathered friends.”

Betty managed to scratch 2 across by the 6th inning leaving a 8 run hole. In softball, this usually means nothing. But against this Championship caliber D, it meant everything.

By Championship caliber D that crushed Betty’s dreams, I mean this; Mike Kornhauser turning a double play going 3rd to 1st to shut down what could have been a classic Betty rally; Sean Manning, playing flawless at first base defense; Holly making an inning saving play at 2B; Plus Mitch and Chuck running down all the aforementioned fly balls.

Their real trick was never letting Betty get into their “scary spice” mode. You know, with the chanting and rhythmic clapping which successfully lobbies the baseball gods to their side. All they could muster on Sunday was Mirsky yelling like Chewbacca, if Chewbacca could make words.

At the end of the day, the goofy wigs were no match for the true fun-ass team who chipped away until the game was indeed theirs—to win. (Sorry Betty, they’re totally more fun than you).

This celebration says it all (in gifs!):


Betty silver lining? Perhaps they’ll go for a 10-peat of Championship appearances next season.

After the game (and after H’s long-ass speech), Jordan accepted the trophy on behalf of his team the way any awesome manager should…puffing on a lit stogie.

Epilogue: I’ve made a myriad of weird nicknames for you all over the past two seasons (like, reaaallly weird), so I must say I was genuinely touched when J.L. took the trophy and demanded, “Boys of Summer, we need a group picture over by that pick up truck.”

The Boys Of Summer Curtain Call

(Turkey’s Nest 11 / Black Betty 5)


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Until next season…


-The New New Additions


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