Joe Godsy Division
R Bar 15 5 .750 256 183
Gibson 12 7 .632 222 171
The Bedford Yetis 11 9 .550 224 181
Turkey's Teachers 5 14 .263 195 283
The Craic 13 7 .650 234 181
St. Anselm 14 6 .700 227 171
The Gutter 86ers 10 9 .526 216 211
AT All-Stars 2 17 .105 143 256
Joe Fashion Division
Loggers 10 9 .526 214 194
Turkey's Nest 12 8 .600 213 203
Clems 7 12 .368 175 246
Carmine's Bombers 3 17 .150 131 324
Parkview Scorpions 13 6 .684 258 155
Roebling Sports Club 13 6 .684 228 166
Kilo Bravo 9 11 .450 236 221
Pete's Candy Store 7 13 .350 196 222


Championship Sunday - Sep 22
11:00 Kilo Bravo @ Turkey's Nest 1
St. Anselm @ R Bar 2

Last Week's Results

Championship Sunday - Sep 22
Kilo Bravo0 @ Turkey's Nest 0
St. Anselm0 @ R Bar 0

Your 2013 WSL All-Star Selections

Wed, Sep 18, 2013

Nothing says “weekend warrior” like a masked man…on a Vespa…with an inflatable ax.

Many of you thought that your Sunday softballing was over. That you had played your 20 or so games this season, gave it your all and had already submitted to the hallow solace of watching football and downing countless pitchers of beer.

Like many other times in your lives, YOU THOUGHT WRONG! That’s right, WSL. Between the 11am Semi-Finals and the 3pm Championship Game, we are happy to announce the first ever ‘WSL All-Star Game’!

North Division vs. South Division.

This marks your last chance to come to park and root for your team and their representatives. What is at stake during this game? Absolutely nothing, but fun times are guaranteed!  I mean, only assholes don’t like All-Star games, and it’s another opportunity to play or root for your team one last time before the cold winds and terrible winter weather comes?

Thanks to WSL patriarch Vinny, there will be a sound system in place for announcing and commentating during the game.  Your commentators will be none other than your favorite people on earth, The New Additions! All-star selections were made by team managers and submitted to the Commish. We have interviewed ex-lovers, disgruntled family members, and arch enemies of every single All-Star selection listed below. We got the dirt on most of you, so do not only gear up to play, please bring a layer of extra skin. (Okay, maybe we didn’t go that far, but feel free to submit stats and funny info on yourselves or, as you know, we’ll just make it up!)


Ladies and Germs, we present your 2013 WSL All-Stars!!!

North Division All-Stars

Spike Hill- Doug, Finnigan, Mridul

AT All Stars – Dana John, Billy “Jeanz” Manning , Jimmy Two Strikes Kanter

Brooklyn Bowl –  Palma Blank, Pat Snajder

Clemerica –  Markow, Stryker, Leia

Turkey’s Nest  – Daniel Shafer, Trish, Korhauser

2nd Chance – Mallory Nomack, Nat Murray, Jeff Gutowski

duckduck – David Babkow, Lauck Blake, Mike Hogan

Gibson –  Alec, Leigh Ann, Todd


South Division All-Stars

R Bar – Nate, D-Lo, Matt S.

Pete’s – Ed Carroll, Ian Fenger, Matt Abbott

Black Betty –  Holland Cowger, Mike Camarra, Jody Camarra

Good Co. – Stacy Rowe, Sam Turner, Drew Teresco

3 Kings  – Joe Tomeo, Francesca Romano, Mike McNelis

Soft Spot – Zak, Baby Boy, April

Turkey’s Teachers – Shane Neufeld, Kristen Wulf, Andres Rodriquez

Loggers – Mike Saris, Tony Basile, Jen (Jen 10) Hughes

Special Guest Ump: Rebecca Hofherr


We’ll see you out there.


The New Additions



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