Joe Godsy Division
Spike Hill 11 6 .647 216 185
Roebling Sports Club 9 7 .563 182 143
Turkey's Nest 8 7 .533 155 169
AT All-Stars 4 12 .250 126 180
Gibson 13 3 .813 202 143
St. Anselm 12 5 .706 197 128
R Bar 7 10 .412 165 232
A Bar Runaways 4 13 .235 116 163
Joe Fashion Division
Clems 11 6 .647 186 164
The Bedford Yetis 10 7 .588 193 192
The Gutter 86ers 7 10 .412 180 177
Loggers 7 10 .412 153 143
Kilo Bravo 12 4 .750 214 150
Parkview Scorpions 9 8 .529 187 165
Turkey's Teachers 0 17 .000 131 302
- 0 0 .000 0 0


Revenge Sunday! - Aug 26
11:00 Kilo Bravo @ Spike Hill 2
1:00 Gibson @ Parkview Scorpions 1
Loggers @ Roebling Sports Club 2
3:00 The Bedford Yetis @ Turkey's Teachers 1
AT All-Stars @ A Bar Runaways 2

Last Week's Results

Week 18 - Aug 19
WSL Women's League0 @ WSL Women's League 0
Kilo Bravo0 @ Roebling Sports Club 0
Roebling Sports Club5 @ Spike Hill 9
Turkey's Teachers13 @ Kilo Bravo 24
AT All-Stars0 @ Turkey's Nest 0
Clems4 @ The Gutter 86ers 9
The Bedford Yetis3 @ Loggers 7
Gibson0 @ Turkey's Nest 0
R Bar14 @ A Bar Runaways 11
Gibson5 @ St. Anselm 24

Week 10- Preview

Thu, Jun 6, 2013

The Interleague Week #2 train is pulling into the station this weekend and it promises to bring another solid slate of competitive games. Even though the divisions split last week’s match-ups going 4-4, the Northerns established a slight dominance with their top four seeds going 3-1. The season’s 9th week brings a rematch of the last two championships, the warpath of 3 Kings, a battle of Turkeys and The Gibson’s season long search for that damn win! What else? Let’s see….


Field #1: Good Co. vs  AT All Stars

Almost there…

Good Co. showed plenty of heart and chutzpah last week by almost completing the comeback vs. Spike Hill. Despite the loss, the Pinks are feelin’ pretty suave and are confident they have a great chance this week. Meanwhile, the Allstars are flying high after smoking Pete’s and subsequently smoking a few joints in AT tent afterwards.  Justin “The Stick” Moench will lead the offense attack vs the league’s 4th best defense.  Can Wally finish his black top game in time to help hand AT’s their first loss of the season? Will AT continue their scorching hot start? Just how rowdy and drunk will they be by the 5pm game?

And in the strangest tie breaker ever proposed,  Gerald challenges Cesar to a penis push-up contest in the event the game is tied after 9 innings. Do you accept Captain Calf?

Field #2: 3 Kings vs. Clemerica 

Stryker’s Grandma holds that pose for days!

Since I’m too lazy to write my first 3 Kings preview in ye old English (I promise to give it a go for the recap), I figured, “Clemerica has those pirate-esque flags”, why not throw preview into Talk Like a Pirate…You’re welcome.

T’ battle be on t’ see if 3K pitchin’ extraordinaire, Johnny Franzese, can match Stryker pause for pause. Tho’ many a Kin’ shall be missin’ this Sunday mornin’, noble bunch be arduously workin’ on thar boom box playlist. T’ league waits with breath that be baited for t’ see if their royal tunes be enough t’ sink that battleship, or if they’ll actually have t’ put forth some efforrrrt.  Talkin’ wagerrrs, Stache was goin’ t’ propose a “loser shaves” bet…but C’ptain Breezy has yet t’ return his phone calls.


Field 1: Black Betty  vs. Spike Hill

This looks painful for all parties involved.

Thank you parity schedule, because you make it possible to have this awesome match-up now and not have to wait for the championship.  Like who wants to see THAT for a third year in a row? Just kidding (but not really). The Betty are 1-1 in their last two games vs. Spike Hill, both championship games. Another fun fact is that Black Betty has only beaten The Spike Hillians once…ever!  And without flying in support from fan favorite, Andy Becker for this game, Holland decided to horrifyingly summon him straight through his forehead, much to the dismay and disgust of Coach O’Malley. Let’s see how this strategy works out for them. With the best defense in the league, Spike Hill is the cream of the crop so far this season.  JB$ vs O’Malley, Kane vs Holland. Betty looks to start another winning streak while Spike Hill will continue to sharpen up for another title run.

Field #2: duckduck vs. Pete’s Candy Store

We rollin’, They hatin’

I’d be down to talk copious amounts of smack about Pete’s from the safety of my locked apartment, but since I play with half their team on Saturdays, doing so would be the equivalent of giving them the finger and getting stuck at a red light. If I’m not mistaken, we haven’t played the Candyfolk since before O’Malley left us to create the dark side.

Both squads lost by at least a touchdown last week, so we’ll all be chomping at the bit to be back on top. Although we’re once again looking at a skeleton crew for Sunday, I’m praying to the “old gods and new” that my team doesn’t engage in post-game depression drinking for the third week straight.


Field #1: Brooklyn Bowl vs. R Bar

These two clubs are “so hot right now” after last week’s wins.  But they can only savor the flavor of their 4 and 2 record for a few days more before one team bounces the other. It looks both squads have been watching a little too much Oprah on their downtime and have sent us their very own “dream boards” for the season. I repeat- these vision boards are 100% authentic. We did NOT make them.



Field #2: Gibson vs. Soft Spot

The streets will run red with the blood of thine enemies

With these two next-door neighbor bars facing off, I’m declaring this game an official WSL derby, (or for the 95% of you that don’t watch English soccer), the “BATTLE OF BEDFORD”. I can see it now- fans beating the snot out of each other while lighting flares on the sidelines. We may need to create a neutral section for those who don’t want to get bludgeoned.

As for the teams, maybe we’ll see some spikes up coming into second? Or “accidently” trip the runner rounding first? Some loose jersey tugs?

It might get a little dark out there. But that’s just how they roll on Bedford.


Field #1: Turkey’s Nest vs. Turkey’s Teachers

Get your “gobble” on!

It’s the battle of the Turkey franchises!!! With both teams scraping the near-bottom of the standings, they’re looking to get out of the relegation zone FAST! (imagine if we did that?) Manager Haz will be making some alternative assessments on the coaching curriculum to so he can get his team back on the tenure track. And Disco…he’s getting hitched this Saturday (Marcy Projects at sundown- they’ll be 4 hours late), so it’ll be up to the Boys of Summer to pull out a “W”.

Field #2: Loggers vs. 2nd Chance

Finish Him!

The Loggers should be 100 % with their veterans with Big Al plus Jeff and Jen (aka Mr. & Mrs X) back in the fold. Coach Brenner indicated that the Loggers have brushed up on BP and are eager for their second win. Did you hear that Mayor Buttah? “Batting Practice!” Are you gonna let Brenner talk that shit to you?!

Second Chance is just trying to keep their winning streak of late alive. Coach Al indicated that they really like the Loggers as people, so it’ll be fun, regardless. Did you hear that, Loggers? “Like you as people!” Are you gonna let Al talk that shit to you?!




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