Joe Godsy Division
Turkey's Nest 7 5 .583 118 117
Spike Hill 7 5 .583 143 145
Roebling Sports Club 6 6 .500 130 113
AT All-Stars 3 9 .250 101 133
Gibson 9 3 .750 147 108
St. Anselm 7 5 .583 114 89
R Bar 5 8 .385 127 190
A Bar Runaways 3 10 .231 80 136
Joe Fashion Division
The Bedford Yetis 8 5 .615 144 144
Clems 7 5 .583 125 117
The Gutter 86ers 5 8 .385 153 158
Loggers 5 8 .385 119 133
3 Kings 11 1 .917 220 76
Kilo Bravo 8 4 .667 150 119
Parkview Scorpions 8 5 .615 149 116
Turkey's Teachers 0 12 .000 92 218


Week 14 - Jul 22
11:00 St. Anselm @ The Bedford Yetis 1
Parkview Scorpions @ AT All-Stars 2
1:00 Turkey's Teachers @ Turkey's Nest 2
3:00 Clems @ R Bar 1
The Gutter 86ers @ Gibson 2
5:00 A Bar Runaways @ Loggers 1
Kilo Bravo @ Roebling Sports Club 2

Last Week's Results

Week 13 - Jul 15
WSL Women's League0 @ WSL Women's League 0
Loggers13 @ R Bar 7
Clems3 @ St. Anselm 8
A Bar Runaways6 @ The Gutter 86ers 4
The Bedford Yetis3 @ Gibson 10
Turkey's Teachers7 @ AT All-Stars 14
A Bar Runaways9 @ Roebling Sports Club 6
Kilo Bravo15 @ Spike Hill 16
Parkview Scorpions4 @ Turkey's Nest 13


Wed, Sep 26, 2012

End of Season Party – Click to view flier!

Yes, the WSL End of Season Party is here!! It’s time to have all the ladies in the league to come down, wear white t-shirts, get sprayed with water and beer for the annual WSL Wet T-Shirt Contest!! WOO HOO! Yes!!! Wait…what?? That’s not gonna happen?? Damn!

Anyway, the WSL End of Season Party has finally been announced!

This Sunday, after the Final Four AND the Championship Game, the End of Season Party will be held at Good Co. at 10 Hope St. beginning EXACTLY at 5pm and going to…well, I guess it depends on who wins.

Our very own BBQ Master, Breeze, from Clems, will be working his Clamagic and Clawhipping up some Clamazing food. There is a suggested donation of $5 for the food, so please throw some cash in the bucket when you see it so you don’t look like a cheap Claprick.

Oh! There will also be games! Did someone say pinatas?! Cornhole?! Arm wrestling?! Wet t-shirt contests?! (I never give up!) YESS!!

And drinks Specials! $5 beers and shot specials.

There will be league business we’d like to get to. Godsy will present the winning team with the Gold Leafed plate, we are planning to announce the winner of the bracket, we are hoping to have a slide show and holy crap it’s going to be awesome!

In addition to all this fun stuff, this is also the last official fiesta in honor of our Commish, Joe Godsy, before he heads off into the sunset. This guy has put countless hours into this league so that you, me, all of us, can have a home away from home each and every Sunday every summer for the past decade. Your best buddy? You met him in the WSL because Godsy. That girl in the WSL you’re banging? Godsy made that happen. Give a shout out to him next time you’re in bed with her. In any case, you know where I’m going with this. Let’s come down and buy this guy a beer or 100 to thank him for all his hard work and if we get him drunk enough, we just might get him back for one more season!

So, please come down, tell all your teammates, your friends, your neighbors and the hotdog lady.

Additional details are still amassing, so as we gather them up, we’ll let you know.

The one thing we do want to ask is if you want to help, and you know who you are, please contact Carly as there is a LOT of things that need to be done to have this go off without a hitch, so please, feel free to shoot her an email so we can get some assistance because this shit doesn’t go on a resume and it’s hard work, so let’s help out.

Other than that, good luck this weekend, we’ll see you at the field and the party!!


– H


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