Joe Godsy Division
R Bar 10 1 .909 146 90
The Bedford Yetis 6 6 .500 134 99
Gibson 6 6 .500 147 118
Turkey's Teachers 4 8 .333 109 174
The Craic 8 4 .667 142 108
St. Anselm 8 4 .667 143 113
The Gutter 86ers 6 6 .500 142 135
AT All-Stars 1 10 .091 85 154
Joe Fashion Division
Turkey's Nest 6 6 .500 120 138
Clems 5 6 .455 121 142
Loggers 5 7 .417 132 134
Carmine's Bombers 1 11 .083 68 222
Roebling Sports Club 10 1 .909 148 78
Parkview Scorpions 8 4 .667 159 106
Kilo Bravo 5 7 .417 143 129
Pete's Candy Store 5 7 .417 118 117


Week 14 - Jul 21
10:00 Loggers @ R Bar 1
Roebling Sports Club @ AT All-Stars 2
12:00 Roebling Sports Club @ Clems 1
AT All-Stars @ R Bar 2
2:00 The Bedford Yetis @ Turkey's Nest 1
Clems @ Turkey's Teachers 2
4:00 Kilo Bravo @ The Gutter 86ers 1
Pete's Candy Store @ The Craic 2
6:00 Gibson @ Carmine's Bombers 1
Parkview Scorpions @ St. Anselm 2

Last Week's Results

Week 13 - Jul 14
Parkview Scorpions16 @ The Gutter 86ers 10
Loggers5 @ The Bedford Yetis 13
Pete's Candy Store12 @ Loggers 8
The Bedford Yetis12 @ The Gutter 86ers 6
Pete's Candy Store11 @ AT All-Stars 4
Kilo Bravo20 @ St. Anselm 6
R Bar27 @ Carmine's Bombers 11
Roebling Sports Club11 @ The Craic 9
Turkey's Nest10 @ Turkey's Teachers 11
Gibson14 @ Clems 15

Week 18 – Recap

Wed, Aug 29, 2012

Man what a heartbreaker the guys played on the blacktop last Sunday! Congrats to them for 2nd place and especially to LeBron of SH who was on the winners squad. Jason Dietz of the Yeti’s =  best cheerleader EVER!

So some of us finished off their regular season this past weekend and will be taken a nice two weeks off before the playoffs begin on September 16th! I can not believe how fast this year has gone by and that I made it through another summer without getting too much heat about the blog. Thanks for keeping the whining to a minimum this year!

Very detailed recap.


Soft Spot wins their 4th straight against The Brooklyn Loggers. The Yeti’s have a make-up game against Clems on the 9th and if they can take down the Battleship they’ll make that 11-7 multi-way tie even more confusing. Oh wait…I just received a last minute recap from Logger Brian in a comment on his Facebook wall.

Old Timer’s Day for Reel2Reel!


Man, some cool shit went down over on Field 1 with the Throwback game. It was all smiles, especially for Kate Roe’s lil bouncing baby girl. Here’s Hawk with a window into the ensuing excitement! “It was OLD TIMERS DAY!!! The kids were out and the Reelers of seasons past came to battle this one out with 2nd Chance…. Not too much of a battle with a final score of 25-1. Due to the throwback jerseys, past players and present beers, R2R let loose and unleashed the fury. Big ups to Lisk, Kate Roe, Kate Watts, Cheddar, Gina, Mulcahy, and O’Malley for coming back and some current/old skool players Watty, Halling, Babkow, and Ope for taking the field and showing WSL how the veterans never lost a step. Ope led the charge with 2 GRAND SLAMS courtesy of some “McCarren Hop”s, Gina played some stellar defense with 4 or 5 putouts at 2B in just under half a game…. The big story of course was showing that O’Malley’s 0-2 day at the plate with pop ups to second base, PROVES that A) He was throwing the game, because he can’t stand seeing R2R win or B) He started his own team Spike Hill, because come on, 0-2? Reelers get benched for playing like that… Seriously, though it was a great season finale with all the usual suspects and a cast of old timey fav’s, that showed how much we all love this league. Also, in related news, R2R held their inaugural team 138 1/2 ft sprint… who won? THIS GUY! (me)(the Hawk)(Jake) and look at that showing off for the camera! Odds on Favorite, and resident speedster Lauck was out of town so his official placing was last, making him the slowest person on R2R.”

Personal Note to R2Rer Petemo: 5 shots of Jamie after our Saturday game the night before…in less than 2 hours…GREAT idea. OUCH! You can all blame that guy for the late recap…well and also DLo’s Monday night Box O’ Vino as we rated our Fantasy Football teams from the Sunday night draft at RBar. Speaking of RBar….what a day!

…and the flag was still there!

On Field 2, Rbar jumped out to an early 3-0 lead on singles by Josh, Bobby, and Sam.  They would extend the lead to six on a long two-run dinger by Bobby. The Rbar played a strong defensive game to back the stellar pitching of Amy and Teddy. The lead would expand to 11-0 in the fifth after Bobby hit a triple to left center. Clems scored one in the sixth and two in the seventh, but The Bums D would shut the door on ‘em in the last two innings. Bobby went 4-4 and inched up that HR Leaderboard on first place holder JL who was busy smashing in a Grand Slam to take the second game over on the Blacktop for Repetti and tie the series 1-1 in the last inning!!

Beating the defending champs is a fun way to spend your birthday, indeed!


Rich and The Bums earn the recap of the week spot beating Spike Hill and ruining their perfect season.

“Spike Hill scored 5 runs in the first but the Rbar answered by scoring four in the bottom of the first on a three run homer by Rich.  Spike Hill would score two in the top of the second but in the bottom half Adam Cac fresh off the DL would drive in two to cut the lead again.  The Rbar tied it in the fourth on Adam’s second RBI single of the game.  Spike Hill would score two in the fifth and one in the sixth but the Rbar would chip away with Bobby hitting two solo homers and one from Ron Steele. But again, Spike Hill took the lead by scoring three in the top of the ninth with two outs.  The Rbar would come back again.  Katie lead off with her second hit of the game.  Adam and Pete would follow with singles to score Katie.  On one of the plays, it turns out that Katie would fracture her left heel putting her on the 15 day DL.  Spike Hill’s pitcher made a great play to rob Matt of game tying single.  With one out and runners on second and third, Josh would hit a deep Sac Fly to right center.  One run scored, and then Pete would score the tying run. Neither team scored in the 10th.  In the bottom of the 11th, Rich would lead off with a single and Sam would follow with a double.  Spike Hill would load the bases and with one out Ron, who pitched a great game, would hit a game winning single over the drawn in outfield.  The Rbar won 14 to 13.

Game highlights:

Bobby three for 5 with two homers and three Rbis.

Rich 3 for 5 with a  homer and three Rbis

Sam 3 for 5

Ron 3 for 5 with a homer

Adam 3 for 4 with 3 Rbis.”

AndyMac has been notified and he’s sending the goods, proud his Pink’s spotless record is not to be contested for one more year!

Bow before your 2012 HR Champ!!!

Guess who’s the new HR Leader ladies and gentlemen?! In a last ditch effort Slappy goes for broke and with Turkey’s Nest and Mendoza finishing off their season this past weekend and Jake is not in town for his final game, so barring a miracle (Like Holland actually dishing out the cash to fly Becker back for the last Betty game). Bobby Knapp is officially our 2012 Home Run Leader!! Send your congrats to the big guy all at once on his Facebook page! He LOVES that shit.


On field two, TNT had over 20 hits and caught  pretty much everything within their reach, but just about every baller on Mendoza was hitting like it was playoff time.  Derek hit for the CYCLE, Godsy and Pete both went 6-for-6, with great play in the field all around, in an attempt to dispel doubts about postseason readiness! The Commish and Derek both hit homers and the Doza Club sends a special thank you to last minute catcher, Amy from R-Bar, who finished off a ridiculous 29 innings as a fill-in in this one to complete a huge triple W day!

Meanwhile we get a great recap spot from PinkyRich the Rookie over on field 2 after he stole a dinger from Shafer through the trees in the Battle for the Northside two spot. “Turks vs Pinks…. The name matchup reminded me of those Thanksgiving Pornos Uncle Touchy used to show me in his basement, except this game had fewer big bats, more gloves and was a lot more anticlimactic. Doesn’t Shaeffer look like a crazier version of that guy from There Will Be Blood?…. I know right?! But I digest… Alas, the averagely deep V-necks (I’ve seen deeper, or at least thats what Wally said, could have been out of context though) could only equate to 4 runs for the Turks vs what seemed to be the re-incarnation of Babe Ruth. Pat Sully threw a gem and smashed the feces out of the ball like those little Japanese kids vs Tennessee. Sam confirmed league suspicions and successfully batted from both sides of the plate and Good Co won 5-4. Or something like that. A 3hr delay occurred on the BQE following the game. The cause was later confirmed to be Mike V still attempting to run bases.” Good Co grabs hold of the 3rd seed in the play-offs with one helluva 2012 season. Congrats!

Pete’s getting warmed up!

Clem’s beats Petes and the Candymen drop 5 or their last six to end the season. I wasn’t here to see the end of this one…but I think someone might have had to dress up as a pirate! I’m guessing that Sam volunteered Matt and his girly tee. So Clemerica probably went back to Petes and terrorized the bar much to the orangies delight.

That sums up the Epic Week 18 and we’ll see some of you for the make-up week if you haven’t made up the rain day from week#2 yet so we can confirm our final standings for the new freakin’ playoff brackets with instructions to follow! This is going to be the best play-offs that the WSL has ever seen.



Holland’s 2Cents:
More to follow on the WSL Playoff Bracket Game. We had an overwhelming “Yes” vote for the game. The thing is: Once the brackets are set, we’ll have to move quick to ensure everyone can get in their brackets and $$ before the first game. Since we still have make-ups on the 9th, there’s still going to be a lot of movement in the standings, so once it’s done and set, we’ll need everyone that wants to play to get everything to us by Week 1 of the playoffs on Sept 16th @ 10:59am. That is your cut off.


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