Joe Godsy Division
R Bar 15 5 .750 256 183
Gibson 12 7 .632 222 171
The Bedford Yetis 11 9 .550 224 181
Turkey's Teachers 5 14 .263 195 283
The Craic 13 7 .650 234 181
St. Anselm 14 6 .700 227 171
The Gutter 86ers 10 9 .526 216 211
AT All-Stars 2 17 .105 143 256
Joe Fashion Division
Loggers 10 9 .526 214 194
Turkey's Nest 12 8 .600 213 203
Clems 7 12 .368 175 246
Carmine's Bombers 3 17 .150 131 324
Parkview Scorpions 13 6 .684 258 155
Roebling Sports Club 13 6 .684 228 166
Kilo Bravo 9 11 .450 236 221
Pete's Candy Store 7 13 .350 196 222


Championship Sunday - Sep 22
11:00 Kilo Bravo @ Turkey's Nest 1
St. Anselm @ R Bar 2

Last Week's Results

Championship Sunday - Sep 22
Kilo Bravo0 @ Turkey's Nest 0
St. Anselm0 @ R Bar 0

Week 17 – Preview

Fri, Aug 17, 2012

O’Malley and the infamous “Bat Rack,” which has been the cause of many of the world’s greatest wars. It assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand, it bombed Pearl Harbor, and most recently was involved in the “Great Clem’s Standoff,” over which team could be more douchey and not relinquish the third base bench.

Man, that last recap was a huge success! Sorry, if I got your panties in a bunch , but thanks for all the attention that one got. My goodness! O’Malley was so jealous he started commenting with his own bat jokes! We’ve been going about this all wrong. We should NOT make fun of Spike Hill…hahaha….YEAHRIGHT!


Pizza bring the lasagna because the Yeti’s lost a bet with Clems in week #6 and it’s time to pay up! Soft Spot has moved into 4th place with a couple of wins and is hot on Mendoza’s tail. The Yeti’s could make it 4 straight this week to finish the season strong with only one game left against Loggers. Breeze, get a damn photo for your team bio on the site!

A/T has the unenviable task of beating Spike Hill for the first time this season.

Spike Hill has officially clinched 1st place and the number one seed for the play-offs as they come closer and closer to going undefeated. But, all jokes aside, AT has really made their mark this season and with a 11-6 record are proving they are real contenders. Ladies let’s be on time for this one, and I want all you All Stars to just picture how delicious that 12 pack of Atlanta’s Sweetwater Brewery Beer will look on-ice in the Drunk tank. This is AT’s last regular season game…go out with a Bang!!


It’s the Game of the Week! Holy crap, I completely dropped the ball on that!! Well this week is worthy of bringing it back! Betty snatched first place of the South from the TNT last Sunday, but here’s the Teachers chance to snatch it right back. Last time these squads met Kristin The Wolf and Trish were explosive and will need to bring that back this week if they want to put an end to Betty’s nine game streak and lift their team back on top.

The Gibson is in even more trouble with key players on the DL finishing out the season and word on the street is that The Nest is missing a ton of players this month. But in their continuing effort to get cameo’s on the website. I’m sure someone will show up to be sure they field a team.

Henry on the bench!! I have a feeling we’re going to be playing against this kid in a few years. Yikes.


Mendoza only snuck by the Petes by a run last time these clubs met so this is anyone’s game. Godsy will be looking to rake in the HR’s to catch-up on the leaderboard. Pete’s should give him a first base bag for each dinger he can get against them! God, I’m a genius! The Candystore needs. This. W.

2nd Chance might have dropped their last one, but Good Co is flailing after a loss to AT and the 86ers played a close one with the Pink in week#6.  The top of the North division is a mess, but Good Co is still holding onto 2nd place there. I promise I’ll be at this game to record all highlights and not disappoint EJ like last time these guys battled it out.


Who is this bearded man??

The Bums have a losing record, but ton of games to make up. DLo will be heckled to all hell in the field one closer. She faces her old club for the first time since defecting to the RBar. I think the Philly Hat made its final appearance last week, but you never know! Who you rootin’ for Cesar?

The buzz around the park is definitely all about that new mysterious pitcher for 3 Kings and whether or not he is playoff eligible. He definitely will be good to go for this week to try and silence the Reel 2 Reel bats. Wait, word has just came in that he was grandfathered into the league as one of the original members but

Not only is Shafer deliciously handsome, a talented actor and a great ballplayer, he’s also a Cheeze-Whiz artist!

did an extra stint in the clink being the teammate that shot his coach in the crotch. Also, Billy from 3 Kings is a total sweetheart! Please don’t beat us up Joyce from Queens! Reel to Reel is looking for their third straight.

Having a bad week? Well if you are maybe you are in need of a CheeseWhiz Cheer-Me-Up…Dan Shafer has happily provided it for you here.


– Carly



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