Joe Godsy Division
Parkview Scorpions 7 1 .875 131 61
McCarren Hotel Titans 7 1 .875 110 66
St. Anselm 3 4 .429 76 57
Turkey's Nest AT 2 6 .250 61 82
Parkview Suzies 6 1 .857 71 48
The Bedford Yetis 4 4 .500 73 109
Pete's Candy Store 2 6 .250 81 102
Turkey's Nest 0 8 .000 26 130
Joe Fashion Division
Gibson 6 2 .750 102 60
Roebling Sports Club 6 2 .750 115 73
Clems 4 3 .571 81 67
The Gutter 86ers 1 6 .143 42 103
Kilo Bravo 5 2 .714 84 43
Echo Bravo 5 2 .714 94 52
Loggers 2 6 .250 68 94
Carmine's Bombers 1 7 .125 50 118



Last Week's Results

Week 08 - May 22
Parkview Scorpions16 @ Gibson 13
Loggers10 @ The Bedford Yetis 11
Pete's Candy Store8 @ Echo Bravo 25
Turkey's Nest6 @ Kilo Bravo 29
Carmine's Bombers6 @ Parkview Suzies 16
Turkey's Nest AT11 @ Clems 18
McCarren Hotel Titans14 @ The Gutter 86ers 6
St. Anselm3 @ Roebling Sports Club 4

Week 8 – Preview

Fri, Jun 8, 2012

"Hi, I'm new to these parts...can I buy you ladies a drink?"

If you haven’t noticed yet…there’s a new little link on the WSL website. It’s right there under Godsy’s twitter feed and I want to send a special thank you to Erik, who is one heck of a permanent addition to the WSL. Erik comes down every week and takes some really great action shots and makes us all look a ton better than we really are. You know, after that I sat back and just took a real good look at the site and I have to say, I think we all owe Holland a little round of applause for keeping it up. I know sometimes we’re late with updates, but when it’s all said and done… Wow! *Clap, Clap, Clap*  Okay, that’s enough. We don’t want his head to outgrow his new gold hat.


Spike Hill swept the Northside division and start their Southside run with a fat goose egg in the loss column. They face last season’s Championship challenger Black Betty in a rematch that is the Game of the Week! Spike Hill has only allowed 34 runs heading into to week #8. You’re going to want to wake up early for this one. Also if you are on Rbar, please wake up early as well because you are playing Reel 2 Reel on the other field. R2R is on a 3 game winning streak after a slow start. Both clubs are looking to go one game over .500.

Baby Boy making a tough catch look cool!


Turkeys Nest vs Mendoza….I can only imagine. I’m not even going to miss batting practice for this crowd pleaser. Turkey’s Nest is just crushing it in 2012. They have batted in One Hundred and Nine runs, contract the current HR Leader,  and only awarded 39 runs, second in the league. They only lost the opener to Spike Hill and have scorched through their last 5 straight. This is Mendoza’s toughest Northside match-up this year. A W here could really get The Line the momentum they’ll need to get past the rest of their Northside competitors. On Field 2 we’ve got Good Co. vs The Soft Spot Yeti’s. The Yeti’s need to eat their pregame Wheaties this Sunday.


The Gibson go back to back weeks with division leaders and have a brutal Southside schedule this season. BUT they might surprise you this week. They’re bringing someone out of retirement for their face-off with the Turkey’s Teachers and just in time for their Southside run…if he doesn’t oversleep, that is. On the other side, The Loggers are looking to get back on track after dropping their last two, they are struggling with their new SS on the DL. 3 Kings lost a heart-breaker last week. They’re both desperate for a win which will make this game pretty intense. Well except for Brenner…who’ll just still be Brenner.

5PM already? I better have heard the Italy story by now. It’s my personal goal for the weekend.

Breeze: 1 Baby Shark: 0

The AT All Stars get their first shot at Clems since their restructuring project. Clems is taking this game very seriously, they have spent the week building up to it by, wait…going on a fishing trip?? Aye dios mio. It’s Rockabilly against Latino Lovers.  How is Bravo not on Clem’s yet?  After all the talk last week, Pete’s will be looking to show up the 86ers. 2nd Chance is warming up on the season and have had some seriously strong outtings in the last few weeks, but this is going to be a tough day for them. But if there’s one thing I learned in my 10 years on the WSL, it’s hey…yeah, you kinda know.

Mike V finally gets to second base...hand holding. Click for more!

Mike V is reaching out for some Summer Lovin’…no not that kind, he is IN A RELATIONSHIP! He’s also the #1 go-to-guy if you want him to run, bike, swim, get muddy, help you move, save your life, or just plain ole pound beers for some charity. Please visit his post and show your love!

Let’s not forget that we have the Party at Pete’s Candy Store starting at 5PM! Pete’s has a spacious back yard so you can still enjoy the rest of the day while having some BBQ and Beers and help raise $$ for our league! Remember Brooklyn & Yuenglings equal WSL dollars!! You can see the post here!


Holland’s 2 Cents:

Alright, we’ve updated the HR Leader Board, the Season Ended Today and added the link to Erik’s great photography! Don’t forget to check out the post for the BBQ Fundraiser and the 2012 FDNY Rumble to the Rockies. Both are very important that need the support of all of us, as well as any friends and family, so feel free to send them all the links. Thanks, and have a great weekend!!


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