Joe Godsy Division
Parkview Scorpions 11 1 .917 196 82
McCarren Hotel Titans 7 5 .583 135 112
St. Anselm 6 5 .545 131 95
Turkey's Nest AT 4 8 .333 106 116
Parkview Suzies 10 1 .909 111 81
The Bedford Yetis 6 6 .500 119 173
Pete's Candy Store 5 7 .417 129 132
Turkey's Nest 1 11 .083 57 168
Joe Fashion Division
Gibson 9 3 .750 151 97
Roebling Sports Club 7 5 .583 145 116
Clems 5 6 .455 110 110
The Gutter 86ers 1 10 .091 75 179
Kilo Bravo 8 3 .727 133 76
Echo Bravo 8 3 .727 137 75
Loggers 4 8 .333 107 127
Carmine's Bombers 1 11 .083 82 185


Week 13 - Jul 10
11:00 Carmine's Bombers @ St. Anselm 1
Echo Bravo @ Parkview Scorpions 2
1:00 Turkey's Nest AT @ Kilo Bravo 1
Loggers @ McCarren Hotel Titans 2
3:00 The Gutter 86ers @ Turkey's Nest 1
Gibson @ Parkview Suzies 2
5:00 Clems @ Pete's Candy Store 1
Roebling Sports Club @ The Bedford Yetis 2

Last Week's Results

Week 12 - Jun 26
The Bedford Yetis19 @ The Gutter 86ers 13
Pete's Candy Store16 @ Roebling Sports Club 6
Turkey's Nest9 @ Gibson 10
Parkview Scorpions21 @ Carmine's Bombers 5
McCarren Hotel Titans10 @ Echo Bravo 11
Kilo Bravo15 @ St. Anselm 14
Parkview Suzies14 @ Clems 13
Turkey's Nest AT4 @ Loggers 9

Week 10 – Preview

Thu, Jun 21, 2012

We’ve officially made it to the half-point mark on our 2012 season and have been lucky enough to have only ¾’s  of a rainout. It looks like we might be okay again and have this heatwave washed out on Friday and then dried out on Saturday before we hit the fields again for Week#10!

Yes, even in Bratislava, riding a segway makes you look gay. Godsy, Louis, Kornhauser and the dead guy from "Weekend At Bernie's" enjoying their honeymoon.


Pete’s is on a roll as they try for their 5th straight this weekend. And for those of you who think they don’t score a lot of runs, they are averaging 12-13 per game in this stretch. However, they are facing off with the Turkey’s Nest who are averaging 16 runs per game on the season. The Nest is looking a little slim this Sunday, though, with their RCF Private Eye-soaring off with the current and previous HR leaders for his last hurrah in places unknown, to participate in only Godsy knows what. Congrats to Shafe on his last single status season. Man, that Cyclone Field birthday surprise really paid off!! Way to work it, soon to be Mrs. Shafer!

The Gibson hates to lose to Soft Spot probably the least of all the other teams even though Pizza only shares his beers with Mitchalicious. I’m thinking an old school little BBQ after this one to talk about old times.Whattaya say?? That’ll make this the POST-Game of the Week! Gibson brings the foods and Yeti’s bring the booze. Let’s cuddle.

Five time WSL Champ, JB$ is back!!


The 86ers are back from their wedding trip and hopefully they got a practice in because they got ‘Doza this week. Mendoza Line is trying to stay above .500 and in contention for 3rd place, while 2nd chance is trying to surprise someone this season. Mia Butter is out until the play-offs, but they’re automatically in this year and it looks like, at this point, the 86ers and Gibson are just trying for any W so as not have a probable first round spot with the defending champs. If you are wondering who you might face, don’t forget to check out the “If the season ended today” page.

Black Betty has their feet back on the ground and is looking at the 3Kings this Sunday.  3K is in a bit of trouble…this is their chance to start the 2nd half of the season off with a bang! Let’s see if they can step up to the challenge! Meanwhile, the Betty is beginning to get hot thanks to JB$ making his grand return. The sights are set high for the Betty, let’s hope they can live up to them!

Separated at birth...??


Spike Hill tries to stay perfect against a struggling Loggers. No more talk of the “shift” for this one. The BL have a new sponsor…and deserve our help with new team names! My submission is “The Brooklyn Green Lanterns!” Top that, Mike V’s bearded look-a-like!

Good Co get their shot against the Turkey’ Teachers and bumped down to the 3PM Slot.  The pinks are looking for their 5th straight win and these clubs both average about 12 runs a game if you don’t count their Gibson masquers. This is going to be a really great watch! I’m predicting a very close game. We know a lot of you have been out of your minds with curiosity as to what was blocked from Sam’s recap…so here it is.

Yup. She's all his, ladies and gentlemen.


If Reel 2 Reelers Shortz and Andrew are IN for this weekend it will be the first game of the rest of their lives as Mr. and Mrs. Millard. Go on over and give them a nice, big group hug!  These two might have met on the Saturday League…but they joined forces on R2R and haven’t looked back! Good luck to them in Italy when they make their grand vows for their family and friends! Meanwhile, Clems is still searching for a Northside win.

I know what you're thinking: Why is he not smiling?!

On field two, the Bums show if a comeback is in the works against the blazing All Stars. AT is averaging almost 14 runs per game, but only scored 7 total in their two losses. Let’s face it, not to be a debbie downer, but AT has been most gifted in the schedule department. The next two weeks will be their biggest test…starting with RBar. No pressure, but this match-up is HUGE for these two clubs. Sunday we see who’s got what it takes!

Can you believe those standings? Some surprise have really popped up this season and it’s great to see how competitive this league has become! Teams are really starting to step-up! The second half of 2012 looks like it will be very interesting indeed!

I’m seriously getting a disposable BBQ for the Gibon/Soft Spot game.

Oh, and Gambol wanted to share one of her favorite cartoon clips for your viewing pleasure (it even kinda looks like him. Nice work, dude!)

– Carly

Holland’s 2 Cents:

Not much to say this week other than make sure you get your HR’s to Cesar. We’re still missing a few and if you want the glory at the end of the year, you have to send them over to Cesar.

Also, came across this Dire Straits video. Can someone with mad editing skillz put together a video of the WSL players with this song so we can look back one day when we’re all old and shit and have a good laugh?? Love this video. Plus, seeing Air Jordan @ 3:15 mark gives me chills.


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