Joe Godsy Division
Spike Hill 13 6 .684 243 194
Roebling Sports Club 11 8 .579 220 177
Turkey's Nest 9 9 .500 178 199
AT All-Stars 4 14 .222 138 203
Gibson 15 4 .789 238 169
St. Anselm 13 6 .684 214 151
R Bar 7 11 .389 175 244
A Bar Runaways 4 14 .222 120 178
Joe Fashion Division
Clems 13 6 .684 223 171
The Bedford Yetis 10 8 .556 205 207
Loggers 7 11 .389 158 166
The Gutter 86ers 8 11 .421 201 216
Kilo Bravo 13 5 .722 233 165
Parkview Scorpions 11 8 .579 215 174
Turkey's Teachers 0 18 .000 132 312
- 1 1 .500 10 17


Championship Sunday - Sep 23
11:00 Parkview Scorpions @ Clems 1
Roebling Sports Club @ Spike Hill 2
2:00 North Champion @ South Champion 2

Last Week's Results

Championship Sunday - Sep 23
Parkview Scorpions0 @ Clems 0
Roebling Sports Club0 @ Spike Hill 0
North Champion0 @ South Champion 0

Week 4 – Preview

Thu, May 3, 2012


Starting out on Field 2, The 3 Kings face their favorite team, The Gibson! 2 of the Kings losses come from the clubs in the top three seats in the Northside division, so I wouldn’t count them out yet! They’ll be looking to make a statement on the HR Leader Board this week, but the Gibson had a rough game #3 and won’t be looking like that anytime soon. Pete’s @ Loggers – Field 2: Pete’s will be unveiling their new uniforms, finally, 4 weeks into the season…maybe. If PCS doesn’t record a win this week, we may have to test them for performance anti-enhancing drugs.

Smilin' Mickey Rosegrady - The Soul and Smile of AT


AT has really made their mark in the North and go up against The Saloon who are still struggling for their first 2012 victory. The All Stars are still on top thanks to some key hitting from their boy Mickey Rosegrady who must be batting like .900, but they have allowed a lot of runs so the 86ers stand a Chance. On Field Two Clems took a tough loss last week against a hot hitting ‘Doza. TNT refreshed with new uniforms to steal a big win from the Bums. This is anyone’s game!


Has Reel 2 Reel lost their swagger? We’ll find out this week when they face these Turkeys. I wonder how much Shafer is going to offer Steve for that sweet Turkey’s Nest letterman jacket? After all, it matches his white glove! Big game on field 2, Mendoza Line ended RBar’s play-off run when these two Southside rivals last met. The Bums are going to need their full squad this week if they want to stop the hard-hitting ‘Doza boys who have already racked up 34 runs this season, 8 of which went yard. Did Jay Silver retire or something?? Say it aint so!!

Yes...we know. You two are incredibly good looking. We get it already.


We all, and by all I mean just the people at that going away party @ Good Co last season, wondered how this team would fare this year without the most underrated player in the history of the WSL, Matt Herman, who moved to Fiji or something. But the Co. made some great off-season deals and are really lighting it up in twenty-twelve, which they are dedicating to Herman’s softball memories. (I made that up, but it’s a good idea right??) They got Spike Hill this week and are all the fuck riled up. Well, except for Stacy and Wally who are too busy posting cutesy-cuddly pics of themselves in various neighborhood establishments on FB.

This is what Andy Becker looks like after a few Big Buds and he takes his shirt off.

Over to field two! Soft Spot has only allowed 6 runs on the season and that is looking pretty spectacular since the rest of us are giving up double digits. This week we’ll see what they got against Black Betty who’ve knocked in 44, the second most in the league. Becker has his team back on course and with a win this Sunday they could move up into a more comfortable top spot in the Southside division. This is sure to be the game of the week since SpongeBeck already has accumulated quite a fan club! (Join the Andy Becker fan club @!)

Aight, that’s it, except for one more thing…

Could anything be any better than this pic of Kelly Southerland of Spike Hill and Matty No Times of Three Kings?? I think not. By the way, all these ridiculously awesome shots of us all playing out are final glorious softball moments are for sale at reasonable prices from Erik Pendzich!

– Carly

P.S. And if this freakin’ league couldn’t get any more exciting. The Home Run Leader Board is now up and Live! Also, you’ll notice a little banner to the right asking “If the season ended today, who would you play?” Click that and it’ll take you to our 2012 WSL Play-off format. Obviously, this will change MANY times over the course of the season, but it’s something fun to look at and think about. Remember, all teams are thrown into a big pool and ranked 1-16 depending upon number of wins, winning pct. then Runs For. So, if the season ended today…who would you play??


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