Joe Godsy Division
Spike Hill 13 6 .684 243 194
Roebling Sports Club 11 8 .579 220 177
Turkey's Nest 9 9 .500 178 199
AT All-Stars 4 14 .222 138 203
Gibson 15 4 .789 238 169
St. Anselm 13 6 .684 214 151
R Bar 7 11 .389 175 244
A Bar Runaways 4 14 .222 120 178
Joe Fashion Division
Clems 13 6 .684 223 171
The Bedford Yetis 10 8 .556 205 207
Loggers 7 11 .389 158 166
The Gutter 86ers 8 11 .421 201 216
Kilo Bravo 13 5 .722 233 165
Parkview Scorpions 11 8 .579 215 174
Turkey's Teachers 0 18 .000 132 312
- 1 1 .500 10 17


Championship Sunday - Sep 23
11:00 Parkview Scorpions @ Clems 1
Roebling Sports Club @ Spike Hill 2
2:00 North Champion @ South Champion 2

Last Week's Results

Championship Sunday - Sep 23
Parkview Scorpions0 @ Clems 0
Roebling Sports Club0 @ Spike Hill 0
North Champion0 @ South Champion 0

2012 Vote Results Are In…!!

Thu, Apr 19, 2012

Our 2012 WSL HR Champion!!

Well, you voted, we counted, and we spent half our day trying to figure out how to use Excel to make pie charts on our fancy new computers at work that we didn’t do crap the rest of the day! Oops!

Anyway, on with the tallying!

So, we put up a few votes for you and I am sure none of you will be surprised of their results! We have for you below the results of our completely unscientifically correct voting results for 2012. Many of you voted, some of you didn’t, but I think you’ll find the results fun. Uh, or not.

We asked you who would win the North and it was no surprise that defending champ Spike Hill won the vote with 29%, followed by Turkey’s Nest with 16% and last years pre-season vote winners 3 Kings with 16%. Then we had Phantom with 10% and then Gibson with 8% and then everyone else is too small to read! But, no worries! These votes don’t mean a thing! I think the biggest team overlooked here is A/T who only got 4% of the vote. I just heard they were out scrimmaging the Girl Scout Softball Team right now! I tell ya, those guys will play anyone. Up next, they have a cribbage game against the ladies at the Greenpoint Seniors Club.

Our second vote was What Team Is Going to win the South? For this vote it looks like you chose Black Betty and Rbar to run away with it, giving BB 36% and RBar 30%. Then you have current-first-place-first-time-ever Clems taking 13% of the vote followed by Mendoza with 9%, the Teachers with 8%, Pete’s with 4% and unfortunately Union Pool (apparently We at the WSL did not update the survey reflect their name as the mighty Yetti’s of Soft Spot. My apologies!!! Won’t happen again!) and the Loggers both got 0%. That’s bulletin board material right there…except we don’t have bulletin boards. So, maybe it’s scratchings on the side of a Turkey’s Nest big bud cup material…I don’t know. But, look out for those two teams after what the league thinks of them!

Next we voted on What Team was going to win the whole Freakin’ Thing! It looks like here the BIG WINNER is RBAR! Who won 18% of the vote! Congratulations! Up next is Spike Hill, the defending champs with 16%, followed by last years pre-season voting champs 3 Kings with 14%. My biggest question is how can Union Pool (Soft Spot!!) get ZERO votes to win their division, yet 5% of the vote to win it all??? Gotta give it up to the brilliant minds of the WSL.

And finally, we put up an open ended question that called for YOU to fill out who you think would win the HR Derby contest for the 2012 Season. Initially, we thought this was a good idea, and as the first few votes came rolling in, well, we thought we were geniuses over here the WSL Website. Then…you all decided to get cute. Way to go! So…the winner of the WSL Home Run Contest will be Mr. T!! Congrats to Clubber Lang!! Vote winners are all below. Slappy actually got the most votes of a player that actually plays in the WSL, followed by a bunch of guys from 3 Kings who all have nicknames. Coming in 2nd was “Not Cesar” followed by “Cesar.” There were even a few “Not Gerald’s” in there as well. There were lots of “Me’s,” oh and it looks like Pizza won the vote for who will GIVE UP the most HR’s, even though that wasn’t really the question. But, the crazy thing is…not ONE vote for the Commish?? Hmmm…could he be Mr. T?!?!

Thanks to all those who voted and played!! Now let’s get out there and play ball!!!

– H


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