Joe Godsy Division
R Bar 15 5 .750 256 183
Gibson 12 7 .632 222 171
The Bedford Yetis 11 9 .550 224 181
Turkey's Teachers 5 14 .263 195 283
The Craic 13 7 .650 234 181
St. Anselm 14 6 .700 227 171
The Gutter 86ers 10 9 .526 216 211
AT All-Stars 2 17 .105 143 256
Joe Fashion Division
Loggers 10 9 .526 214 194
Turkey's Nest 12 8 .600 213 203
Clems 7 12 .368 175 246
Carmine's Bombers 3 17 .150 131 324
Parkview Scorpions 13 6 .684 258 155
Roebling Sports Club 13 6 .684 228 166
Kilo Bravo 9 11 .450 236 221
Pete's Candy Store 7 13 .350 196 222


Championship Sunday - Sep 22
11:00 Kilo Bravo @ Turkey's Nest 1
St. Anselm @ R Bar 2

Last Week's Results

Championship Sunday - Sep 22
Kilo Bravo0 @ Turkey's Nest 0
St. Anselm0 @ R Bar 0

Week 20 – Recap

Wed, Aug 10, 2011

A shirtless shot to Matt Herman for putting up with the Pink for 5 long years!

By Carly & Holland

The rain held off and we got all our games in during another drop-dead heat wave this Sunday! The playoff spots are all sealed up and now it’s just placements to worry about as the 2011 season comes down to the wire. Here’s how the second to last weekend of the regular scheduled games went down:

Good Co wins their second straight against the Gibson by (well, to be honest we all lost track). The Pinks then rallied back to their bar to get drunk and naked with one another at Matt Herman’s farewell BBQ! Good Co has tied it up with 3Kings and moved into 4th place in the North. Rumor on the street was the after party was amazing and everyone had a great time!!

JB$ and the Black Betty Girls, getting jiggy! Click to watch the Exclusive Music Video!

Holland’s back and he get’s the Recap of the Week spot! Black Betty and the Yetis faced off in an early 11am game. Both teams had something to play for, the Betty was looking to exact a little revenge from the previous week when they lost to Clems and the Yetis needed a win to keep the #3 slot and not have to play the first round of the playoffs to advance. The Betty came out strong and never let up, getting a big win over their rivals. In celebration JB$ got down with the Betty girls!

Greg Todd (I’m rooting for the double named dude!!) of Reel 2 Reel blasts out another TWO HOMERS to tie Bobby Knapp and close in on the Home Run leader Mike Kornhauser! Reel 2 Reel keeps their firm hold on third place in the North. The HR Board is seriously heating up and with one week to go it’s anyone’s to win and of course, the winner gets the big prize!!

The Battleship was firing on all cylinders this Sunday!  Stryker put the hammer down, while T.Drake, Breeze, Slow-mo, and Splinter held down the battlefield! Wiggins’ hit a cannonball that damn near landed in the dog run, and the pillaging has resumed in Clemerica! TNT had a tough time with the end of this season, but lord know’s they ain’t the only ones!

3PM Southside Vengence!
The Rbar, looking to avenge an earlier loss to AT and earn a chance to move up into the standings, did just that. This was a pitcher’s duel that featured some strong defense by both teams. Rbar scored three runs in three different innings on sac flies.  Leading three zip in the seventh, The Bums defense made another big play when Adam Caccavale threw out a runner at second to extinguish an AT rally attempt. In the bottom half Teddy Browne hit his fifth homer of the season to extend the lead. Pitcher Amy Tucker and the Bums held AT to only fives hits and allowed only one runner to reach third base to shut-out the All Stars. If we are not mistaken, it is the first and ONLY shut out of the season, congratulations!! At the end of the day, however, both the All Stars and the Bums will make the play-offs anyway! Congrats to them and maybe they’ll meet up in the playoffs for a rematch!

Mendoza follows suit and avenges their May 7th loss to The Candystore by beating them 11 to 10, but not before Pete’s took the game once again into the bottom of the 11th in extra innings, but Pat & Jay of Mendoza got on base 9 out of ten times, and a walk-off home run (that only officially counts as a rbi single) by the Commish seals the W for ‘Doza, as well as Pete’s post-season fate as they miss the cut for the playoffs. Strong hitting by both teams, and decent pitching by both teams’ back-up pitchers made for a classic Old School match-up.

Spike Hill went up 12-0 on Three Kings early, but the Kings put a couple runs up here and there to make it 12 to 5. They finish off strong scoring 7 more, but Spike Hill still steals it by 3. The Game ended on a circus catch behind the first base bench on Field 2 by Leo. Spike Hill is still holding on to the top spot in the North.

Logger’s vs The Nest! The Nest wins and we all hope that veteran baller Trish is doing okay!! The Loggers only sent their concerns as their recap. Trish is a long time WSL Player and a great person, please visit her Facebook page and send her a note and wish her a speedy recovery! The Nest is just two RA’s out of 1st place!!

Looks like we’ve got one week to go before we head into the playoffs!


– Carly & Holland


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