Joe Godsy Division
Parkview Scorpions 17 4 .810 300 162
St. Anselm 11 9 .550 204 200
Clems 8 10 .444 182 178
Pete's Candy Store 6 12 .333 164 205
Roebling Sports Club 14 5 .737 225 162
Loggers 12 7 .632 247 185
Gibson 6 12 .333 172 236
AT All-Stars 6 12 .333 154 247
Joe Fashion Division
Echo Bravo 12 8 .600 246 173
The Gutter 86ers 9 9 .500 198 210
Turkey's Nest 5 13 .278 174 264
Carmine's Bombers 0 18 .000 114 318
Parkview Panthers 17 4 .810 289 196
Kilo Bravo 10 9 .526 261 229
Turkey's Nest Titans 9 9 .500 217 213
The Bedford Yetis 9 10 .474 231 200


Week 1 - Jan 23

Last Week's Results


Week 20 – Preview

Thu, Aug 4, 2011

Welcome to the WSL... no children allowed!!

By: Carly & Holland

If you haven’t checked yet, why not take a gander at that Home Run Leader Board?? There’s a little surprise waiting there for you! That’s right!! Mike Kornhauser of the original Turkey’s Nest has taken the lead away from Bobby Knapp with a three dinger day last weekend for a total of 12!! Now, if we broke this down to 162 games a year he would hit 121 home runs!! I think that’s a record, not even Dan Schafer would hit that many. But, not to be outdone, Greg Todd of Reel 2 Reel banged out three of his own to tighten up the race and he now sits in third place. Exciting HR weekend indeed! (Unfortunately, we don’t have some people’s Facebook profile so we matched them to the closest thing that came up in Google. You’re welcome.)

On with the Week 20 Preview! We’re coming down the homestretch with only 2 more weeks to go. Then we roar into the playoff’s and hopefully get it finished before summer ends, since we’ve voted to spend the next 7 months not playing softball, hanging out, or drinking Big Buds, because God forbid if we play a couple games in September and end the season in the scaaaary month of October (because as everyone knows playoff baseball should NEVER be played in October) then everyone’s vacation plans of antiquing in the Berkshires will be ruined. Awesome! We passed the Debt Limit and now aren’t playing in October! Crisis averted, America!!

To the preview!!

First-up it’s the Yetis vs the Betties. There has been a correction in the standings for Soft Spot. Since they beat RBar both times they played this season, Soft Spot moves into third place with the tie breaker. Black Betty beat them 20-7 in Week 7. Both are looking to rebound after tough losses last week.

The best part of the Gibson/Good Co match up will be the Good Co BBQ when it’s over! One thing I can promise you is that you guys CANNOT beat The Gibson in Cornhole!! We rock that shit! Good luck to Mike V, who thinks Triathlons are more important than Gibson games. Whatever.

Reel 2 Reel needs a win here if they want to get back into first place contention in the North. There are many questions to be asked about this game. Will Reel 2 Reel be able to leapfrog both Spike Hill and Turkey’s Nest with a win? Where the heck is 86Xer Mia Buttah?? Can Greg Todd (I love people with 2 first names in their name, like Bob Fred or David Mark) hit 3 more HR’s and tie for the lead?? We’ll wait with baited breath until Sunday!

Down South it’s Clem’s @ TNT! Let’s face it…Nobody wants to land in last place.

Clemmerica is puffing out their chests after taking out the defending champs last weekend, but the Turkey’s Teachers only lost to them by a run in week seven. Desperation heats this one up and it could be a real crowd pleaser!!

AT beat RBar in their last meeting and need a win this weekend more than ever! In the Game of the Week, AT is looking to stay ahead of Pete’s for that last playoff spot in the South. Gerald “The Situation” better have his All Stars ready and he may be in luck because the Bums seem to lose to the same teams and have only split games with TNT in 2011. This is not the game you want to miss! Slappy needs a home run to regain control of the leader board!

Pete’s is one of Mendoza’s 5 losses and they need to beat ’em again. Essentially, Pete’s needs AT to lose their next two and Pete’s needs to win their next two for the final, last, and much coveted playoff spot. A Pete’s loss and an AT win, seals the deal in the South for all the teams. How cool would it be if Pete’s got that last spot, went into the playoff’s, went all the way, won the championship, then made a trophy out of hemp and smoked it?? I’m rooting for these kids!!

3 Kings and Spike Hill square off in this match of HR Hitters. Both teams have a combined 6 players on the HR Leader Board, so balls are sure to be flying around like this is a Chelsea League. Where’s JB$??

And finally, it’s Turkey’s Nest against the Loggers. Cesar, don’t miss your opportunity to get the potential HR champs autograph when you play Turkey’s Nest this weekend! We’ll provide markers, you provide the bombs.

Finally, as most of us are sitting around thinking about softball, I am sure you’ve wondered if your team makes the playoff’s, who would you play?? Or when? Or any number of questions. So, if you click that button it’ll take you to the 2011 WSL Championship Playoff grid if the league were to end today. Please note, this can still change, so by no means is it set as there are still two weeks to go, but, it’s something to talk about and kinda fun. Enjoy!

Well, Carly is off to The Gibson for a lobster roll and Holland is off to watch some Family Guy. See you out there this Sunday, I hope!

– Carly & Holland


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