Joe Godsy Division
Parkview Scorpions 7 1 .875 131 61
McCarren Hotel Titans 7 1 .875 110 66
St. Anselm 3 4 .429 76 57
Turkey's Nest AT 2 6 .250 61 82
Parkview Suzies 6 1 .857 71 48
The Bedford Yetis 4 4 .500 73 109
Pete's Candy Store 2 6 .250 81 102
Turkey's Nest 0 8 .000 26 130
Joe Fashion Division
Gibson 6 2 .750 102 60
Roebling Sports Club 6 2 .750 115 73
Clems 4 3 .571 81 67
The Gutter 86ers 1 6 .143 42 103
Kilo Bravo 5 2 .714 84 43
Echo Bravo 5 2 .714 94 52
Loggers 2 6 .250 68 94
Carmine's Bombers 1 7 .125 50 118



Last Week's Results

Week 08 - May 22
Parkview Scorpions16 @ Gibson 13
Loggers10 @ The Bedford Yetis 11
Pete's Candy Store8 @ Echo Bravo 25
Turkey's Nest6 @ Kilo Bravo 29
Carmine's Bombers6 @ Parkview Suzies 16
Turkey's Nest AT11 @ Clems 18
McCarren Hotel Titans14 @ The Gutter 86ers 6
St. Anselm3 @ Roebling Sports Club 4

Vote Tally and uh, More Voting!!

Wed, Aug 24, 2011

I know, it's a little extreme...

Hello Sportsfans!!

Well, you voted, they were counted and the results are in and it looks like you know the pulse of the league. We got all the votes right, except one. Not bad!! Let’s take this hot streak to Vegas, baby!

I would love to say we have a FINAL vote count, but it looks like people are still voting for games… that have already been played. Who knows?

But let’s analyze these things shall we?? This is as of 10:26am this morning.

Good Co vs. 3Kings – WRONG!
You voted that Good Co would beat 3Kings. 99 People voted and 65% went for Good Co. Unfortunately, Good Co did not hold up the vote and was the only team to get upset in the playoffs this year, losing to 3Kings 16-3.

Turkey’s Nest vs. Reel 2 Reel – RIGHT!
This was a close vote, we had a solid 100 people vote for this one with 54% voting that the Nest (not Teachers) would come out victorious over their rivals, R2R and it looks like that was correct!!

3Kings/Good Co vs. Spike Hill – RIGHT!
In our hypothetical poll (hypothetical because we didn’t know who Spike Hill would face) 74% of you voted that Spike Hill would beat either of those teams… in fact, I think Spike Hill could have beaten both of those teams COMBINED. They were on fire as they had big win against 3Kings.

A/T vs. Soft Spot – RIGHT!
With 91 people voting, 62% of you said that the Yetis would come out victorious over the A/T All-Stars and you were right.

Rbar vs. Mendoza Line – RIGHT!
In the closest vote of the whole shebang, 92 people voted that Mendoza Line would win and 51% of you were correct! The vote was just as close as the game as The Line pulled out a close victory over the Bums of RBar.

A/T All-Stars/Soft Spot vs. Black Betty – RIGHT!
In a runaway vote, with 93 people voting, 73% said the Betty would win and you were right… barely! Soft Spot and the Betties put on a classic rain-slopfest and the Betties barely pulled out a victory over their rivals 10-9.

Who Will Win The North?
96 people voted with 36% of you saying Spike Hill is going to the big dance… but now that you’ve seen Turkey’s Nest play and Spike Hill play… are you still confident that SH will make it??

Who Will Win The South?
In the Southern Division, 96 people voted with 47% stating the Betty would make it to the big dance again with RBar coming in 2nd and Mendoza only getting 12% of the vote. But now, Rbar is out, the Betty eked out a victory and Mendoza is in the Semi-Final game. What will you vote now?!

Who Will Win The 2011 WSL Championship?
A whopping 112 people voted for this one and oddly enough you voted for Turkey’s Nest to win it all at 16%! Not that it’s odd that Turkey’s would win, but it’s odd that Turkey’s didn’t even get the vote to win their division, but get the nod to win it all, which means 87% of you were drunk when you voted. Statistics never lie!!

Now, what, do you ask do all these statistics mean?? Absolutely nothing.

So, let’s do it again!!! Now that we’ve got our Semi-Final games set we only have 4 teams to vote for. Here we go!

North Semi-Final Vote:

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South Semi-Final Vote:

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2011 Williamsburg Softball League Champion Vote:

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And the weather vote!!

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Remember, this is an open vote, so you can have anyone you want to vote, just send them to the site. But, please try to vote once so we can keep this as unscientifically accurate as possible.

Well, there you have it. Hopefully the rain will hold off and we can finish up this season. If we have to push it back, who knows what’ll happen, but I’m sure we’ll vote on something.


– H


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