Joe Godsy Division
R Bar 11 9 .550 243 225
St. Anselm 9 10 .474 194 249
Clems 7 12 .368 181 237
AT All-Stars 3 16 .158 158 291
3 Kings 19 2 .905 338 166
Turkey's Nest 13 7 .650 223 229
The Bedford Yetis 10 10 .500 244 244
Gibson 2 17 .105 198 298
Joe Fashion Division
A Bar Runaways 14 6 .700 234 145
Black Betty 11 8 .579 224 170
Kilo Bravo 11 9 .550 277 220
Loggers 6 13 .316 172 274
The Gutter 86ers 16 4 .800 263 177
Spike Hill 15 6 .714 321 184
Roebling Sports Club 7 12 .368 214 272
Turkey's Teachers 3 16 .158 172 275


Championship Sunday - Sep 24
11:00 Kilo Bravo @ Spike Hill 1
Turkey's Nest @ 3 Kings 2
1:00 North All-Stars @ South All-Stars 2
2:30 Spike Hill @ 3 Kings 2

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Week 9 – Preview

Thu, May 19, 2011

I once heard an old, wise man on my block say: “If I could do it all over again…I’d come back as a weather man…You Never have to be right!!” True Story! Screwed by those dudes again, we all had to take a bye this past Sunday and miss capping off the first round of our division play. This creates a little confusion as to the standings, but it is what it is. Now we’re all playing half of the teams in our opposing divisions in the next four weeks. This is an exciting stretch for the league since we get to spend some time with peeps that we don’t get to see that often. Jokes aside, let’s get on with it!

Reel 2 Reel will be rolling out of bed early to see what those Turkey’s Teachers are all about in their first ever match-up. Hopefully the Teachers have brushed off that tough loss to Clem’s and fully recuperated in their week off. They need a win here to avoid a three game losing streak and a .285 record. I said it once and I’ll say it again…you gotta be ready for anything against these Reel 2 Reelers.

Over on Field 2 Clem’s will be welcoming Good Co., a team they still have yet to reign victorious against. Clem’s needs wins anyway they can get ’em, but Good Co, still pissed about falling short to Spike Hill by one, haven’t lost a game since.

Let’s hope the 4D Loggers hit the cages in their week off ’cause they have the lowest runs scored on the season and we know that Pete’s is still playing some solid D. I even need to retract Godsy’s home run (Cesar, please note) from my Week#7 recap, as it was actually a sac fly; I stand corrected. Also, Pete’s has a new little baller that they’ll be looking to impress! Congrats to Darren & Ursla on their brand-new baby boy #2!!

Back to Field B, 2nd Chance have allowed the most runs this season: One Hundred and Thirty-Six. They gotta put a end to that if they want to beat Black Betty (Period).

The 3PM slot with Mendoza vs 3 Kings will be one for the Home Run Contest. ‘Doza is looking to move above .500 and the Kings are trying to bounce back after a couple of tough division losses. Meanwhile, on Field II Soft Spot vs Turkey’s Nest! They both have the same record and are eyeing the top spot’s in their respective divisions. This will be a great game between two tough, but fun loving, clubs. See you there!

R-Bar is in their favorite slot this Sunday. Greg will still be late, of course, but at least they’ll all be on good rest to battle it out with the undefeated Spike Hill. Let’s see who shows-up. Across the way on Field Dos, The Gibson will be desperately seeking their second W. But AT is bringing the heat on a two game streak and looking to reinstate their “New & Improved” status. Bring beer.

Now here’s some news!!! The first ever WSL Home Run Contest has officially kicked into gear! If you haven’t sent your stat’s over to Cesar than get up on that, yo! He’s already got a leader board put together and he’s declared Friday, May 27th the deadline for ALL participants. You miss it…you miss out! The winner will receive a TShirt, designed & donated by me personally, to forever be honored on their efforts. It will even be in your team colors, champ!

If you play better hung-over you might want to check out Yeti Julissa’s Big Bday Bash on the Saturday night before the games. We’ll ALL be at The Gibson to celebrate her FORTIETH!

Love & Missyous,

– Carly


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