Joe Godsy Division
Spike Hill 11 6 .647 216 185
Roebling Sports Club 9 7 .563 182 143
Turkey's Nest 8 7 .533 155 169
AT All-Stars 4 12 .250 126 180
Gibson 13 3 .813 202 143
St. Anselm 12 5 .706 197 128
R Bar 7 10 .412 165 232
A Bar Runaways 4 13 .235 116 163
Joe Fashion Division
Clems 11 6 .647 186 164
The Bedford Yetis 10 7 .588 193 192
The Gutter 86ers 7 10 .412 180 177
Loggers 7 10 .412 153 143
Kilo Bravo 12 4 .750 214 150
Parkview Scorpions 9 8 .529 187 165
Turkey's Teachers 0 17 .000 131 302
- 0 0 .000 0 0


Revenge Sunday! - Aug 26
11:00 Kilo Bravo @ Spike Hill 2
1:00 Gibson @ Parkview Scorpions 1
Loggers @ Roebling Sports Club 2
3:00 The Bedford Yetis @ Turkey's Teachers 1
AT All-Stars @ A Bar Runaways 2

Last Week's Results

Week 18 - Aug 19
WSL Women's League0 @ WSL Women's League 0
Kilo Bravo0 @ Roebling Sports Club 0
Roebling Sports Club5 @ Spike Hill 9
Turkey's Teachers13 @ Kilo Bravo 24
AT All-Stars0 @ Turkey's Nest 0
Clems4 @ The Gutter 86ers 9
The Bedford Yetis3 @ Loggers 7
Gibson0 @ Turkey's Nest 0
R Bar14 @ A Bar Runaways 11
Gibson5 @ St. Anselm 24

Week 7 – Preview

Fri, May 6, 2011

Greetings from the Dirty South, this is Andymac former Enids/Phantom whipping boy/up the middle singles guy and former friendly neighborhood umpire. The lovely Carly has given me the opportunity to write-up this week’s preview due to her mental brain fart, and like a good Southern gentleman I’m obliging. Despite the fact that I’m no longer playing or umping every game of the week, my informants are keeping me abreast and I’ve been able to listen to some of the games from the comfort of my trailer on WSL pirate radio AM 1620 down here in Atlanta. To the games…

Good Co. @ Gibson
After a couple close early season loses to The Turks and Spike Hill I think that E/P/Gco might have their shit together. Last week’s win against the Loggers seems like a good indication. Not pretty, but they got the job done. Around this time of year, someones parents would be at one of our games and we always dressed to impress with a win. Gibson, not so sure about (maybe too many Gibson’s the night before?). I certainly wouldn’t roll out of bed early for this one.  Pick: Good Co.

R2r @ 2nd Chance
How many chances can we give them? They have pulled out some early one run games against some average teams and then have had their asses handed to them by better teams. Al Buttah needs to get old school and start kicking butt. R2R has always been a tough team against E/P/Gco and I hate to see them win which is why I’m going with Chance on the upset, trotting around the baselines to “Don’t Sweat the Technique”. Pick: 2nd Chance

Teachers @ Clems
When will the Battleship right it’s course? Teacher’s look OK this year, if I were to grab a cup from the Nest to watch one of the 1 o’clock games; it would probably be this one (or the Mets game). Pick: Teachers

Spike Hill @ 3 Kings
It looks like 3 Kings has had some decent wins this year and have improved somewhat. O’Malley buys a new bat every week. Godsy built him an air-tight chamber for them in his apartment off-season and it’s showing with 108 runs scored thus far. The injections of winning! tiger blood are paying off as is the new bats every inning approach. Pick: Spike Hill

Black Betty @ Soft Spot
Is Betty going to get the pick-6 this year? Soft Spot seems pretty tough so far despite the loss last week.
Terrorist Cat Game of the Week (see below)

Turks @ Loggers
The Nest usually starts off slow but pick up steam and make the playoffs, do they seem on par thus far. What’s going on Loggers? Why hasn’t El-Train brought the “darkness approaching”? Has Cesar’s lefty bat gone limp? Will Jordan’s “folksy” managing style prevail this week? If the Loggers bring a team this week, it maybe close. Pick: Loggers (in a squeaker)

Doza @ Pete’s
Another tight game as two teams sitting at 3 and 2 battle it out. As I sit and write this I’m wearing the “Al” stenciled hat from last season waxing nostalgic and flipping back to the photo of Godsy with his “D*ck in a Pie”. Will there be pie in Mudville Sunday? Only if the Doza bats show up and Pete’s reverts to it’s old ways. Pick: Doza

RBar @ AT
Word has it is that AT did a total team makeover off-season and by the looks in the standings, it’s paying off somewhat. Nice to see that one of the founding teams is no longer in turmoil. But I also heard that the team is comprised of jacked-up homeless midgets found on “Casual Encounters” who are forced to wear XXXL Unsane t-shirts that look like pajama tops. RBar of course is always dangerous, comprised of an entire left handed hitting team. I’m calling a pick em’ on this one. Pick: Pick em’

Terrorist Cat Game of the Week:

Black Betty @ Soft Spot
While the bearded one was awoken in his tunic by a gun shot to the head this week, terrorist cat was busy on my front porch organizing her grifter sleeper cell. Shown a photo of Winston earlier she knows why they have changed their name to Soft Spot. She also inquired about whether or not the newest addition to the Camarra clan is batting clean-up yet. As she laid on my back porch yesterday, a red tailed hawk that lives in one of my trees kept swooping down and attacking her. She escaped un-scathed and has decide that “luck be a lady tonight” Soft Spot for the win and Hawk Pie on the house…

– Andy Mac (contributing writer from the Dirty South)


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