Joe Godsy Division
Spike Hill 11 6 .647 216 185
Roebling Sports Club 9 7 .563 182 143
Turkey's Nest 8 7 .533 155 169
AT All-Stars 4 12 .250 126 180
Gibson 13 3 .813 202 143
St. Anselm 12 5 .706 197 128
R Bar 7 10 .412 165 232
A Bar Runaways 4 13 .235 116 163
Joe Fashion Division
Clems 11 6 .647 186 164
The Bedford Yetis 10 7 .588 193 192
The Gutter 86ers 7 10 .412 180 177
Loggers 7 10 .412 153 143
Kilo Bravo 12 4 .750 214 150
Parkview Scorpions 9 8 .529 187 165
Turkey's Teachers 0 17 .000 131 302
- 0 0 .000 0 0


Revenge Sunday! - Aug 26
11:00 Kilo Bravo @ Spike Hill 2
1:00 Gibson @ Parkview Scorpions 1
Loggers @ Roebling Sports Club 2
3:00 The Bedford Yetis @ Turkey's Teachers 1
AT All-Stars @ A Bar Runaways 2

Last Week's Results

Week 18 - Aug 19
WSL Women's League0 @ WSL Women's League 0
Kilo Bravo0 @ Roebling Sports Club 0
Roebling Sports Club5 @ Spike Hill 9
Turkey's Teachers13 @ Kilo Bravo 24
AT All-Stars0 @ Turkey's Nest 0
Clems4 @ The Gutter 86ers 9
The Bedford Yetis3 @ Loggers 7
Gibson0 @ Turkey's Nest 0
R Bar14 @ A Bar Runaways 11
Gibson5 @ St. Anselm 24

Week 6 – Recap

Tue, May 3, 2011

*OUCH* I think one person on the entire league remembered to bring sunblock this week…and it sure as hell wasn’t me 🙁

Sunday was a great day for the home teams, as expected, and Spike Hill remains the only team without a loss yet this season.

Here we go again:

The opening slot proved to be a little too early for the Yeti’s who took their first loss in a low scoring matchup. Soft Spot never found their bats and couldn’t keep Mendoza from tacking on a couple runs here and there to eventually steal their glory. They still remain on top of the South, but everyone else is closing in fast.

On field A 2nd chance was able to hold Spike Hill to about 7 runs through the first 3. The 86ers gave it their best and put runs up in every inning, but unfortunately Spike Hill put up more…A LOT more, with Jake going 6 for 6 and hitting for the cycle. Kat really held it down at 2B, but Spike Hill ain’t ready to relinquish their hold on the North and made sure we don’t forget it with a 33-9 blowout.

Next up Good Co played some spectacular defense and shut-out the 4th Down Loggers of McCarren Park (4DLoM) until the 7th inning or so. 4th Down gave up a huge 3 run bomb to EJ that brought tears to Cesar’s eyes. That pretty much sealed the deal and the Good Co move to 3-2.

On the other side R Bar took on Pete’s Candy Store and came out victorious in a much needed win! I have no idea how they did it since RBar is once again too late with their recap…so I’ll just guess: Bobby probably got a home run or two, they played good D, yada yada yada, and Pete’s were like “ehh whatever..oh shit what’s the score? Wait, we lost? Damn. Where the hell is that empanada guy??”

As the 3pm teams squeezed into the packed park most of the earlier peeps were still hanging around throwing-out tipsy smack talk as they got ushered under the big tree in field 2 to await their pizza deliveries. This created an unusually large crowd for the AT vs Turkey’s Teachers game since were not really sure who those Teachers are just yet.

What we do know is that they have had a tough schedule so far though, and were looking pretty good at .500. Not anymore. AT beat them by a run and knocked them down to 6th in South. Meanwhile Reel 2 Reel confused Gibson with their new guy/new position/every inning strategy and chalked up another win to close-in on the top division holders of the North.

Then the temperature dropped 15 degrees and players ran for shelter to the local watering holes as the last ballers of the day got under way. Black Betty, with Jody fresh off the PL (Paternity List), took care of Clems with ease and Turkey’s Nest did the same outplaying 3 Kings. BUT if you got taken out at the field 2 drinking fountain by a home run blast from the opposite field during this time you can blame Billy from 3 Kings. Who is that guy?? He’s beatin’ out Cesar with 4 homers on the season.

Thanks for all your help again this week with the recaps guys, let’s keep it going!! We’ve got banter from retired folk going up in the forum…and hits from allover during the break including a single hit from Moscow. MOSCOW! We’ve gone global!!

Good stuff everyone, see you in a few days!!


Editors Note: Finally, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention this pie recipe, just one last time. It seems that many people may have missed this, so we decided to post it again. But, this time, here’s a little teaser for what’s in store for ya:


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